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    Hello Lover- What’s your name?

    What’s Jack up to? Jack been hard at work thinking of new ways that he can steal food off folks plates when they are not looking. He sits around innocently enough, pretending to be so uninterested in you or your food. But don’t turn your head for one moment because he will pounce. Watch out. It’s Jack!

    I know I’m so fickle you’d think my name was Jason. Sorry, I had to make that bad joke. But, here’s a little bag love for a chilly Wednesday in anticipation of spring. The New Jackie Bag from Gucci. It’s delicious. It looks like a perfect bag for a city day. I just love a good hobo.

    This has me longing to stroll down 5 avenue and spend some time at the Met

    Or perhaps go uptown and take in the unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters
    then go through the gardens.

    No, this baby, is all about downtown and the galleries. Walk in and out.
    Look but don’t touch please.

    Because the artwork in already on your arm.

    Best, Kwana

    Photos thanks to Gucci and flickr

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    Let There Be Light…. please.

    Hello Tuesday. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments on Jack’s Obamicon yesterday. I hope you all had a nice President’s Day holiday.

    I got to spend a few hours alone with the DH while the Dear Teen Twins went their own ways. Sadly, it was not bliss, as on Saturday night, in the “now what else can go wrong?” category, our electricity went out in the kitchen and dining room. No, I don’t know why there is an ancient plug upstairs in the DD’s room that controls my kitchen’s power. Ask them.
    No, the electrician does not work on Sunday or a holiday. And no, I do not want to pay extra for an emergency worker that I don’t know and who does not know my old 1940’s house.

    And Yes, all I thought when I first saw it was “aww pretty,” smart huh?

    illustration by pve design

    Cut to me on Sunday throwing out bags and bags of now spoiled food. Sigh. And No, I didn’t remember there was a carton of Chocolate ice cream back there in the freezer. Eww.
    Today, I hope Mr. Electric comes by and doesn’t break the bank or a wall. All this in time for vacation week with the kids. Grrrr… way to keep it stress free.

    In another funny but really not so funny moment, cut to me again, in the neurologist office as she tells me how I’ll feel so much better and less stressed if I got in more exercise. It works for her getting it done at 5am before her children are up. Yeah, like turning over works for me at that hour. Where do these pod people come from?

    In the “keeping it light” category. Remember way back when how I was going to try and stay positive? Snort. The new Vogue comes out today with First Lady Michelle Obama. I can’t wait to get a look see! I know she will at least look calmer and way more put together than I feel today. Love her style.



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    Hello Lover 2- Fashion Amendment

    What’s Jack up to? Jack, the little Devil, has been a such sneak. Yesterday I watched, like in slow motion, as he ever so coolly lifted up on his hind legs and took a piece of chicken right off the edge of the DD’s plate and ran with it. I was just far enough away to not be able to catch him and he knew it. Grrr… Jack.

    So this is how my mind works. It’s the wacky little things that make me crazy. I was looking back on my blog and something about my Hello Lover post was just not right. I screwed up, but how? So I did some research and realized the top image is not a Birkin bag it’s a Kelly bag. Of course, I knew. Don’t ask me how I messed that up.

    See the straight edge flap and the one handle. That’s a Kelly. The Lover I’d cheat on my 1st Lover with or the other way around which ever $12,000 bag came first. Yeah right. Delusional much? So just to get it straight…

    This is a Kelly:

    This is a Birkin:

    Both are swoon worthy.

    Whew. Glad I got that fixed. Just in case The Hermes people are reading or someone needs a fashion editor on the fly.

    Now to my first love, the man I’d marry… Come to Mama!

    Boy this recession/depression has me dreaming big time. But I gotta go. Off to Target and Walmart for some reality shopping. Catch you all later.


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    Hello Lover

    In the spirit of putting it out there in the Universe…

    Hello Birkin meet Kwana.

    Kwana is a soon to be 40, ex-fashionista, now writer with a of love romance novels and all things beautiful hence, a longtime fan of you. She even wrote a story where you were a major character. Just saying. Tragic and strange, she knows, but a sure best seller if ever published. She also has two children that will be going to college soon and a home that needs improvements. Just saying that too. Birkin? Major home improvements? Le Sigh.

    Now she knows about that whole terrible mess with Lady O a while back. Very unfortunate that was. Practically unforgivable. But like a sexy bad boy with smoldering eyes, she can’t turn away from you. If loving you is wrong she don’t want to be right. Le sigh again.


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    Keep it Cool Boy

    Well, it was bound to happen. The DS (Dear Son) has gone all fashion on me. Now this is normally the DD’s aka “The Diva’s” job, but for the past two weeks it was the DS that has been bugging me to take him to the mall and for a pea coat of all things. This is the same kid that I can’t get to put on a light jacket in 15 degree weather. Color me confused, but not for long, adolescence is kicking in and I guess the whole ‘clothes make the man thing’ or at least gets you noticed is starting to become apparent with his set. Eek. Why me? I’m so not mature enough for this job.
    Well, being this late in the season it was no easy task finding a pea coat. Sell outs everywhere.

    Finally, late Saturday night success! In the store he slips the coat on, goes to the full length mirror and smiles suddenly giving me a glimpse of the young man that I’ll have to let go of very soon.

    “So what the big deal with this coat?”, I ask. “Why do you have to have it now?”

    He looks at me like I surely don’t have a brain in my head and says, “Mom I can’t go around looking like a bum with Barack Obama being president now can I?”

    I just smile. “No sweetie, surely, you can’t. Now do you have a belt on, care to pull those jeans up a bit more?”
    Yep, Change has come…

    P.S. I never posted a pic, but I did finally finish knitting the DS’s after Christmas hat right before his birthday. Here it is:
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    At Last

    Welcome President And Mrs. Obama!

    And what a welcome it was. Yesterday was all I dreamed it would be and more. A day full of joy and emotion. I was so happy to be able to share it with my family. The sweet call from the DH right before Barack took the oath made my day.

    The president’s inauguration speech was a call to arms for all of us that could not be ignored. I loved it when he said it was time to put away childish things. Amen. Time to grow up everybody. Stop being petty, put childish differences aside and do what you have to do for what is right.

    And how happy am I that fashion is BACK! Michelle hit it out of the park. I thought she was so beautiful in her Isabel Toledo walking suit. That golden color out shined everyone. And the woman can even accessorize with color well. She may even get this New Yorker in color looking that good. Maybe.

    And her white Jason Wu ball gown was ethereal.

    She was floating as they danced to At Last sung by Beyonce at the Neighborhood Ball. This had to be the most romantic presidential dance yet. A collective Aww… heard around the world. With the champagne flowing in my house I had to get up and dance too, pulling the DH and the DS to dance with me. I could not contain my glee and the Dear Son could not stop laughing at me. Oh well.

    The hard work is ahead in so many ways but I’m feeling so inspired. How about you? I hope I’m still a little giddy when I go back to regularly scheduled posts.


    P.S. What to keep the good times rolling? Check out this video thanks to Sula by Will. I. Am. Thanks Sula!

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    In my dreams…

    I’m as cool as this woman.

    Taken from here. Don’t we love The Satorialist?

    Of course to achieve this level of coolness would take a complete lifestyle change which would begin with me running away from my current life and jetting off to Paris to go underground (see yesterday’s post below). Some days that sounds like a pretty appealing idea. If only there were a mommy protection program? But freakin’ Big Brother is always watching so we can’t get escape the grid, at least not this fashionably, I’m sure.


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    A League Of Their Own

    What’s Jack up to? Wacky Jack is busy sniffing around to see what he can get into. Sometimes he’s such a toddler dog. Just what I need another child.

    So it was love at first sight. I’m flipping through the December issue of Vogue and came across this piece on The Gentleman’s League. Quick cut to me with sudden heart palpitations and sweaty palms. No, I’m not talking about a secret strip club or the new super hero movie.

    The Gentleman’s league in their own words: is a group of passionate New York City artists and designers, bound by their commitment to art beauty and creativity and fueled by a shared frustration with the uninspired.

    Loves it! They had me at passionate and uninspired. And they were talking Bags baby!

    Their first offering is a signature one of a kind bag by designer Seth Stevens with an original work of art on it created especially for you by artist Adam Razak. The bag is designed with two sides, a public and a private, to show both sides of your personalty. You go in for a consultation with the artist before the artwork begins to collaborate on your bag. Yours! Numbered and one of a kind. Sweet.

    Now you all know what an accessory lover I am. This is so freakin’ cool.

    J’adore! I’ll be dreaming of this one for a long time. You can check The League out here. photos thanks to Logoonline.com



    P.S. Is it really Dec 17th? Ugh! I’m so behind. Many card to still go out and I’m still knitting an “easy” (yeah right) present for a certain someone special and it’s not done yet. Eek! I was actually hoping to get one more project in before Christmas for another someone special. Am I crazy? STOP. Don’t answer that. I already know. Sigh.

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    Monday Musings

    I’m still floating just a bit over the surface of the ground almost a week after the election. I don’t care. I’m ever hopeful whether it’s fashionable or not.

    Anybody watch TRUE BLOOD last night? It got good and freaky. Sam suddenly turned into one of the more interesting characters on the show. Too bad it will be ending soon. Bummer.

    On the upside I got the cutest little black dress for a formal I have with the DH coming up for less than a song. I also picked up a black satin 3/4 sleeve 1 button jacket that I know I’ll get ton of wear out of for even less of a song than the dress. I love it when that happens.

    Here’s to a great week and to me making it to the gym.