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A League Of Their Own

What’s Jack up to? Wacky Jack is busy sniffing around to see what he can get into. Sometimes he’s such a toddler dog. Just what I need another child.

So it was love at first sight. I’m flipping through the December issue of Vogue and came across this piece on The Gentleman’s League. Quick cut to me with sudden heart palpitations and sweaty palms. No, I’m not talking about a secret strip club or the new super hero movie.

The Gentleman’s league in their own words: is a group of passionate New York City artists and designers, bound by their commitment to art beauty and creativity and fueled by a shared frustration with the uninspired.

Loves it! They had me at passionate and uninspired. And they were talking Bags baby!

Their first offering is a signature one of a kind bag by designer Seth Stevens with an original work of art on it created especially for you by artist Adam Razak. The bag is designed with two sides, a public and a private, to show both sides of your personalty. You go in for a consultation with the artist before the artwork begins to collaborate on your bag. Yours! Numbered and one of a kind. Sweet.

Now you all know what an accessory lover I am. This is so freakin’ cool.

J’adore! I’ll be dreaming of this one for a long time. You can check The League out here. photos thanks to



P.S. Is it really Dec 17th? Ugh! I’m so behind. Many card to still go out and I’m still knitting an “easy” (yeah right) present for a certain someone special and it’s not done yet. Eek! I was actually hoping to get one more project in before Christmas for another someone special. Am I crazy? STOP. Don’t answer that. I already know. Sigh.