As a cruise director on a luxury vacation liner, Jules Monroe has heard every 70’s sitcom joke there is. Luckily for her, she has a thick skin and she totally enjoys the adventure of her job, especially making people’s lifelong dreams come true. Each sailing is a pleasure. WELL…almost each sailing.

Arron Manning is on everyone’s entertainment IT lists this year. Top Actors to Watch, Sexiest Rising Star, Most Bankable Bachelor—hold up, wind that last one back. Though the first two may be true, there’s one small hitch in the ‘bachelor’ label and that would be a certain Jules Monroe aka Manning, as in the wife that that no one knows about.

Arron has had it with Jules, his bride on the low and her hiding away from the spotlight and him as she sails from port to port. Well, there’s no ducking him this time. Not with him and the whole cast of his next movie coming aboard her ship for a 7-day cruise. This time there will be no running. Their love will either come onboard or fade out to sea… forever.

*Previously printed in “Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second-Chances Anthology”

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