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“Readers will love [these] warm, witty characters who remind us all that happiness and love come only when we’re brave enough to follow our hearts.”  —Jamie Beck, bestselling author of When You Knew


“Jackson really shines…a must-read for fans of second-chance love stories and sweet small-town romances.” —Booklist

“K.M. Jackson writes with a keen eye and smooth voice about the complexities of family and relationships. Her storytelling is as rich and inviting as a pie warm from the oven.” —Kristan Higgins, New York Times Bestselling Author

“A heartwarming story that should be read with a warm drink and a pastry, of course.”

“Jackson’s Unconventional Brides series was a clever delight, and we’re excited to read what is sure to be a witty, intelligent take on the small town romance.” —


“This story is funny, completely modern, emotional and heart wrenching at times… Bounce plays out almost like a Lifetime movie, except with more interesting characters and richer dialogue, complementing the storyline.”—RT Book Reviews

“With a sensitive touch, and an expert hand, Jackson leads the reader into a world that matches our own, into lives that could be ours, into problems that we’ve heard or experienced. The story had a real touch that can be appreciated. Great book club pick.” —USA Today Happy Ever After on Bounce

“Bounce by K.M. Jackson was one of those books that completely took me by surprise… heart wrenching and inspirational… It is a genuine real-life portrayal I think every woman should read and Sabrina Jacobs reminded me why I am so proud to be a woman.  In all our glory, we truly are the stronger sex and she is no exception!”—Scandalicious Book Reviews

“Deeply emotional, heartbreaking, funny and full of hope, K.M Jackson’s, Bounce is absolutely fantastic!”—Lauren Dane, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Full of humor, unforgettable characters and a story that will have you wondering just how it’s going to end, Bounce is a must-read!”—Juli Page Morgan, author of Athena’s Daughter

“An intensely personal look at modern marriage.  Heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming with plenty of humor to soften the edges.  One of my favorite reads this year.”—Irene Preston, author of Infamous on Bounce



“A lush island setting provides the backdrop for this equally lush romantic tale. K.M. Jackson’s wonderful writing voice brings her characters to life. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this sexy island adventure.” —Farrah Rochon, author on Through The Lens

“A fun Sexy Island romp that’s totally addictive,” —Phyllis Bourne, author on Through The Lens


“Not just sex in the city—Seduction’s Canvas Sizzles!” Two strong People get weak in the knees as this story heats up.” —Megan Caldwell, author on Seduction’s Canvas