It’s REAL MEN KNIT Countdown Time!

Hello, my lovely peeps or should I say Koalas if you’re an KMJ OG fan and, I hope even if you’re new here you will be and OG with me soon. I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve checked in here. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more frequent updates. I hope you all doing well both mentally and physically with the current world situation.

Can you believe it’s now only about either 10 or 11 days depending on when you read this from the release of REAL MEN KNIT? I know I can’t.

But it’s real and I got my author copies in the mail yesterday as proof. They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this journey with me and please preorder your copy of REAL MEN KNIT today! And most of all please stay safe and healthy! Thanks!


My first look at the real REAL MEN KNIT!