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    3rd Times a Charm?

    So… I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Thanks so much for all your comment on my post with the pic of me in my new glasses here. After that post and halfway through your kind comments on how nice I looked, I promptly got my butt in gear and made my way to yet another eyeglass store in the handy chain that has the fab 30 day no questions asked guarantee. Sigh.

    When I went into the new store I told the employees my story about just feeling blah about my new glasses and asked their opinion. They agreed the glasses were a tad too big for my face and that I should be happy with them so I spent a good hour there mulling over frames until I found these that are very close to my pair that broke and I loved. And one hour after that I had my 3rd pair of new glasses.

    Let’s hope 3rd times the charm. I sure think so! Lesson here? It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about how you look. It’s how you feel about how you look that counts.
    Or maybe what Frieda Kahlo thinks. She looks happy to me.

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    Chill Baby

    What’s Jack up to? He’s still doing the trash sneak thing and it is starting to get on my last nerves. I refuse to get another trash can or put him back in the basement. So Jack is going to just have to learn. Too bad he’s trying to learn me. Humph!
    So I realized I never posted a pic of myself in my new glasses. I think it’s because I’m not entirely happy with them. They are so big. It took a ton of pictures just to get this semi good one. Now I’d I hate to go to to eyeglass store yet again, but whatever. Who knows? I will try and live by the card that PVE gave me here and Keep Calm and Carry On.

    I hope you have a calm weekend planned. Me? Not so much. Vrooom!!!

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    What’s Jack up to? Jack is feeling quite spry since he’s sporting a new and very badly needed haircut which he got for the Dear Twins birthday celebration. Of course he was the main greeter and the life of the party, trying his best to get at snacks and cake. I’ll have a pic to show you soon.

    So I had to get new glasses. Mine just up a broke on me while I was doing nothing but chopping onions. Must have been chopping too hard, who knows because suddenly the handle was just off and could not be repaired so I had to up and get a new pair. Ugh and I loved those glasses.

    Now I’m a huge glasses wearer. I have contacts, but never really feel comfortable with them since I’ve worn classes since about 3rd grade so I feel they are a part of me.
    I drag the DH shopping with me and quickly settle on 3 pair although I’m not quite certain and wish I had maybe 100 more to choose from. My glasses are ready in about an hour and I go home. That evening it’s another family celebration out and folks say my new glasses look nice but I’m not convinced. I feel like Henry Kissinger in them. They were lovely D&G frames, black, but I think too masculine for me. I felt I needed to be solving a serious missile crises in those glasses and not hanging on my blog talking to you all. I know, weirdo!

    So after bugging my DH till about 2am (he growls) I was back at the eyeglass store the next day to exchange them. Thank goodness for 30 day returns. I got a pair that was very similar but tortoise, Ralph Lauren. The only problem is the orange horse on the side, but I’ll get over it I’m sure (I love orange). At least that’s what my husband hopes so he can get some sleep.


    pics thanks to Daily Candy- glasses from NYC’s Fabulous Fanny’s

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    And Featuring…

    What’s Jack up to? Nothing much besides being the Just Jackster lately and having quite a time with that. He had fun helping the DD with a photography project for school what got him plenty of bribe treats in order to keep still (which he never did do) so WIN for him.

    Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!
    This is probably one of the latest Julie and Julia posts ever but here goes. Many of you know that Julie and Julia was my last book group book and I was quite excited to read this book and even more excited to see the movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

    Well, I guess too excited because I did an off reversal thing that I really thought would work. I saw the movie before reading the book and as it happens, I LOVED the movie, maybe a little too much.

    The problem with that was the movie, for me, was adapted so differently from the book that it made the book hard to separate and enjoy and I think if I had read the book first, I would have enjoyed it more. Or if I read the book maybe a year prior and then read Julia’s MY LIFE IN FRANCE and had those to go on I would have had a different experience.
    That said, this is not really what this post is about. This post is about the other little star of the movie. You all know how I can get swayed by a good accessory. Don’t let a fine handbag cross the screen. Clive Owen can be bare chested and I will barely notice. Well, that fine accessory moment in Julie and Julia was the Le Creuset dutch oven moment. I instantly turned to the DH and whispered, half breathless, “look my pot”. He just sighed knowing the trouble ahead.

    I had been coveting one of these pots for years but just could not justify the purchase of one in my own mind even a discounted one (on sale) and I really didn’t want another brand. You know how it goes. Real or Canal Street knock off? I go for real every time.
    Well this weekend after countless trips to Home Goods and TJ Maxx the DH had had it with me and the anniversary had not quite worn off so I now have my very own pretty yellow dutch oven. (sorry it’s dark in the pics)

    The first meal: braised ox tail stew with onions, peppers and potatoes. A fave of the DH.

    I also got this great casserole and one-pot book for myself to go with it. Who knew I’d be so happy over a pot?

    Could I be sorta domesticated? Kinda?
    Um… Nah. I’m not getting crazy here.


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    Do you Kotori?

    A couple of weeks ago I was so happy to find out I was the winner of a really cool blog giveaway.
    One of my favorite bloggers, Tonya over at Kotori was hanging her shingle and opening her own custom photo jewelry store. So to celebrate she held a giveaway for a piece of her beautiful jewelry and I won!

    How happy was I to go to my unassuming little black mailbox the other day to find a lovely brown package waiting for me? Yay!
    So happy that I had to open it right there in the car!

    Watch me unwrap Tonya’s pretty packaging.

    All to find my own dear twins smiling back at me!

    Thanks so much Tonya. I will wear this with pride.

    Please go visit Kotori the shop here and Tonya at her wonderfully creative blog here.

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    A New POV

    So I have a new lover. And shock of all shock, this one isn’t a handbag, but it will fit very nicely inside just about any that I have thankyouverymuch.

    It’s the Sony 505. Squeal!!!

    I can’t tell you have excited I am over this. I just get all tingly thinking about it. Book upon book upon book all in one slim sexy little device. Just holding it feels positively decadent.
    Cut to me with the DH sleeping on one side and my 505 on the other. Bliss.

    So far I have 15 books on my reader. I mean just imagine if I were lugging those 15 books around with me. Not very cute. And the lovely thing about the Sony is I am able to put my own documents on it too so I can read my current work on the go and look it it from a new POV (Point of View).

    Could it be that this library lover is a digital girl? I think so.
    Anything worth you looking at this week from a new POV?

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    That Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Chilling and doing a darn good job of it don’t ya think?

    I’m sorry yet another bag post this week, but this one could not wait.

    Am I really That Girl? You know what I think I am. Thanks to Kaitlyn’s Momma and her great sale tip I’ve gone over the edge and become a Vera Bradley girl. I have to say that over the years I’ve gone into many shops and admired Vera Bradley pieces but felt they were a little dated for me. Not anymore. These are not your grandma’s handbags. Ok, so maybe they are, but you and I are cool enough to carry them off.

    Check out the 3 wild, kitschy, cool and I think beautiful pieces that I snagged for Spring for a song. No, not a song really, cold hard cash, but not too much of it that I’m feeling the least bit remorseful.

    Don’t you love this baby? Perfect for just a quick run to the store and it weighs next to nothing.

    What about this wallet that doubles as a clutch. The colors are so much fun. And the workmanship is fabulous.

    The Super tote is big enough to fit a few outfits, a couple of pairs of shoes and I could even throw Jack in there for good measure. Oh and it’s washable! My only wish is that it had a zipper. So I’m going to put one in so that I can really travel carefree with it.

    Time for a weekend getaway! I wish.

    Where would you run off to if you could make a quick 3 day getaway? Me? I think I’d take a quick run to the Bahamas or maybe Bermuda. I can use some blue water right about now. Now for a longer getaway it would be a cruise for sure I’ve never been on one. Greece or Italy. Yes!



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    My Obsession- Hello Lover again.

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s raring to go today. Ready to start the week full of his usual energy and optimism. I hope I can keep up?

    I think I have problem. As a matter of fact I know I have a problem. How can a woman be in a theater watching a film with the swoon worthy Clive Owen and be distracted by a handbag? And yet, I was.

    The DH and I went to see Duplicity on Friday night. It was a fun night out. I was excited to see Julia and Clive together on the screen. I had my doubts about seeing Clive in such a well lit role. Something I had shared earlier with the PIC. You see I like Clive in nice and dark roles but he worked it out for me.

    The movie had it points that had me saying huh? But happily that was worked out nicely too. But back to the main point of today’s post, my problem. This night should have been all about the film and Clive, but there I was very early on in the story totally smitten when confronted with an old love. The Marc Jacobs Blake Shoulder Bag. Julia’s character carries it in the film. I turn to my DH and whispered to him. “I love that bag. Marc Jacobs. 995.” He growls and I can almost feel his eyes roll. I swear if there was AA for bag obsessives he would have me there weekly. It’s a good thing I can’t afford these loves.

    Watch the trailer and see it in motion.

    Check out the movie and see Clive in action!