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    Hello Lover- What’s your name?

    What’s Jack up to? Jack been hard at work thinking of new ways that he can steal food off folks plates when they are not looking. He sits around innocently enough, pretending to be so uninterested in you or your food. But don’t turn your head for one moment because he will pounce. Watch out. It’s Jack!

    I know I’m so fickle you’d think my name was Jason. Sorry, I had to make that bad joke. But, here’s a little bag love for a chilly Wednesday in anticipation of spring. The New Jackie Bag from Gucci. It’s delicious. It looks like a perfect bag for a city day. I just love a good hobo.

    This has me longing to stroll down 5 avenue and spend some time at the Met

    Or perhaps go uptown and take in the unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters
    then go through the gardens.

    No, this baby, is all about downtown and the galleries. Walk in and out.
    Look but don’t touch please.

    Because the artwork in already on your arm.

    Best, Kwana

    Photos thanks to Gucci and flickr

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    Hello Lover 2- Fashion Amendment

    What’s Jack up to? Jack, the little Devil, has been a such sneak. Yesterday I watched, like in slow motion, as he ever so coolly lifted up on his hind legs and took a piece of chicken right off the edge of the DD’s plate and ran with it. I was just far enough away to not be able to catch him and he knew it. Grrr… Jack.

    So this is how my mind works. It’s the wacky little things that make me crazy. I was looking back on my blog and something about my Hello Lover post was just not right. I screwed up, but how? So I did some research and realized the top image is not a Birkin bag it’s a Kelly bag. Of course, I knew. Don’t ask me how I messed that up.

    See the straight edge flap and the one handle. That’s a Kelly. The Lover I’d cheat on my 1st Lover with or the other way around which ever $12,000 bag came first. Yeah right. Delusional much? So just to get it straight…

    This is a Kelly:

    This is a Birkin:

    Both are swoon worthy.

    Whew. Glad I got that fixed. Just in case The Hermes people are reading or someone needs a fashion editor on the fly.

    Now to my first love, the man I’d marry… Come to Mama!

    Boy this recession/depression has me dreaming big time. But I gotta go. Off to Target and Walmart for some reality shopping. Catch you all later.


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    Hello Lover

    In the spirit of putting it out there in the Universe…

    Hello Birkin meet Kwana.

    Kwana is a soon to be 40, ex-fashionista, now writer with a of love romance novels and all things beautiful hence, a longtime fan of you. She even wrote a story where you were a major character. Just saying. Tragic and strange, she knows, but a sure best seller if ever published. She also has two children that will be going to college soon and a home that needs improvements. Just saying that too. Birkin? Major home improvements? Le Sigh.

    Now she knows about that whole terrible mess with Lady O a while back. Very unfortunate that was. Practically unforgivable. But like a sexy bad boy with smoldering eyes, she can’t turn away from you. If loving you is wrong she don’t want to be right. Le sigh again.


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    A League Of Their Own

    What’s Jack up to? Wacky Jack is busy sniffing around to see what he can get into. Sometimes he’s such a toddler dog. Just what I need another child.

    So it was love at first sight. I’m flipping through the December issue of Vogue and came across this piece on The Gentleman’s League. Quick cut to me with sudden heart palpitations and sweaty palms. No, I’m not talking about a secret strip club or the new super hero movie.

    The Gentleman’s league in their own words: is a group of passionate New York City artists and designers, bound by their commitment to art beauty and creativity and fueled by a shared frustration with the uninspired.

    Loves it! They had me at passionate and uninspired. And they were talking Bags baby!

    Their first offering is a signature one of a kind bag by designer Seth Stevens with an original work of art on it created especially for you by artist Adam Razak. The bag is designed with two sides, a public and a private, to show both sides of your personalty. You go in for a consultation with the artist before the artwork begins to collaborate on your bag. Yours! Numbered and one of a kind. Sweet.

    Now you all know what an accessory lover I am. This is so freakin’ cool.

    J’adore! I’ll be dreaming of this one for a long time. You can check The League out here. photos thanks to Logoonline.com



    P.S. Is it really Dec 17th? Ugh! I’m so behind. Many card to still go out and I’m still knitting an “easy” (yeah right) present for a certain someone special and it’s not done yet. Eek! I was actually hoping to get one more project in before Christmas for another someone special. Am I crazy? STOP. Don’t answer that. I already know. Sigh.

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    Happy Halloween & Quality

    What’s Jack up to? Jack and his BFF the DH are both acting way too wild with the rough housing. I think there will be time outs all around in about 2 minutes.

    I heart Cole Haan. Well, good quality accessories in general. I’m crazy for them and really think that it’s money well spent when you buy quality. Now I know that there are some that don’t agree with me but watch while I prove my point here. I don’t buy a lot, well, because I don’t have money to burn. If I did I’d be swimming in Louis and Gucci. I’d be totally Kimora Lee up in here. Seriously. There would be a problem.

    The last piece I got was this bag from Cole Han back in February which I blogged about here. How sad was I when the zipper broke on me the other day. It totally put me in an evil mood. Eeee-vil. Well, I was about to have it repaired at a shoe maker when my friend PVE said try taking it back to the store first which I was considering but not sure of and lazy about the drive.

    Long story even longer… I head to the Cole Haan store at the mall and do I know how to pick em? My bag from the winter was a top seller and has been reissued with a swanky new lining. It’s no problem that I don’t have a receipt. The sweet sales woman checks the computer and pulls me up by name and just gives me brand new bag. She said if they didn’t have it she would have sent it out to be repaired for me. It didn’t even matter that I have worn this bag practically every singly day since February and it was WORN. Tonight I’m sporting a new bag with a new zipper that works. WHAT?! Holla!

    Oh and the new styles at Cole Haan are Droolworthy. I’m in love with this Dome Satchel. De-lish!

    Happy Halloween!!

    Don’t Dream it Be It



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    Mish-Mosh Wednesday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s jumping around going wild since all the ladies are coming over at our place for knitting today. Jack please don’t be too nutty. Folks won’t want to come back.
    It’s kind of a mish-mosh Wednesday today.
    First up Fashion. Specifically Wide Leg Jeans. They are all over the mags again and I actually got a pair (total impulse buy) that I haven’t worn yet. I feel like they can go either way. With the wrong top or shoes it could easily be shlump city. To me it’s all about the tiny top and the heel with these pants and honestly I can’t walk in heels. Eek. Who know when I’ll wear them. What do you all think?

    photo Marie Claire


    In Top Model News. Season 3 runner up Yaya Dacosta is now on ABC’s daytime soap All My Children playing the daughter of newly back Angie Hubbard. Yes, I’ve been known to watch AMC. Actually I grew up on on it at Nana’s knee. Seems it’s old home week on AMC Angie and Jessie are back together and now they are being Dixie back from the dead as a ghost. Wonder if Yaya will help sell some Charmed books and perfume. Ugh.

    Tune in tomorrow for a great interview to celebrate the launch day for my bud Marley Gibson and her Sorority 101 series!



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    Lunch with some IT girls

    What’s Jack up to? He’s like me and trying to figure out what the heck were going to do with the DD and the DS while there on spring break this week. Sorry kids but we’re not going to some exotic local like the rest of the super fab teens of today. Oh well. Welcome to the real world. That’s life.

    So had lunch yesterday with the premier women bloggers of my town (it’s a small town). It was Wish List Mom, PVE Design and I got to finally meet Confessions of and It Girl for the first time. Fun was had by all as we chatted over Greek food about anything and everything from being blogger moms, to publishing, to Queen bee moms and Kingpin dads. We also were nicely complemented by the-shall I say, interesting and it must have been 5 o’clock somewhere- patron of the establishment who pronounced us all verrrrrreeeey beautiful women. Hey, I’ll take it where I can get it, so it’s all good. Plus he threw in a free de-lish desert so you know we’ll be going back.

    On another note check out the new bag I scored from Tar-jay (that was for you, Megan) the other day. It’s a limited edition by Joy Gryson who used to design for Coach, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs and as soon as I saw it in Elle magazine I knew it would be a perfect throw across the body bag to keep my hands free while walking Jack and it is. I didn’t even have to order it on line. I had ended up in the store for other supplies and there it was like fate. I got the basic black, but it’s super hi-gloss and way cool. At 19.99 I could not go wrong. Hey, Jack. Let’s take a stroll. I got a bag to show off! What’s up for your weekend?


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    Vision Quest

    What’s Jack up to? Once again he’s proving himself to be the cagiest little dog ever. Would someone tell me how he’s learned to open the sliding pocket laundry room door so easily? Dude those are paws not hands and stay out of my clean laundry. I didn’t wash it for you to lay in it. Ugh, Jack!

    So for a few hours yesterday evening I perused the mall on a quest. And I do mean a quest because when I get it into my head that I have to find something there is really no putting me off. I’m relentless. Now you may ask what was the reason for said quest. Well, I was in search of a new everyday bag.

    Bag shopping for me is no light deal. It takes much care and preparation. I’m a former designer born and raised in New York and although it may sound shallow (so what I never claimed to be deep) I love a good bag. For me a new bag is heaven. What’s not to love? Bags don’t hurt your feet and in most cases don’t make you butt look big.

    Now, it’s a recession going on and I’m not rolling in the dough by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that a good bag is an investment. At least it is for me. Sure trendy is great and I do go for that every once in a while, but trends come and go and even if you get a good knock off it’s bound to fail you down the line in the quality department. I’ve had cheap bags break at the most inconvenient times. And Mom has had the same Louis Vuitton speedy bag since I was a teen and it still looks great today.

    That said, I do believe the prices are just crazy. What’s with some of these unknown makers throwing a 695.00 price tag on a bag? You’d better prove to me there’s something that makes that bag worth it besides the color. For another fun debate check out Brown Girl Gumbo’s post on the subject.

    What also gets me is seeing a 15 year old prancing around with said 695.00 bag. Sister, you don’t have a job and I don’t care what your daddy makes you should not be sporting a 695.00 bag. Reality will hit one day and it will hurt like hell.

    All that said, the lovely DH went on his best behavior (no sports on TV) and patiently walked with me while I looked at pretty much every black bag in the mall. He also gave really smart and well thought out opinions on the contenders. Was that really my DH talking stitching, construction and weight? Oh I was so proud, something has rubbed off!

    There were stops at Nordstrom, Coach, Michael Kors, Burberry, Banana Republic and for wishing, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Ahh… is there really nirvana in the bottom of a Pelham bag or bliss in the pouch of a Damier Speedy? I think yes.

    bags from coach and Marc by Marc Jacobs

    Now, this little black bag had a lot of criteria to stand up to before making the cut. It had to be the right size, not too big or too small, the right weight and the right look, not too trendy and defiantly not boring. It’s a lot to ask for, but this bag would be my new BFF for years to come- we had to connect. After many steps and some back tracking the winner of the bag bowl was found in a surprising place, Cole Haan. There it was. Black –check, good size- check, good weight-check, excellent construction-check, Gorgeous- super check. Yes!

    Tip- notice the lack of hardware-
    keeps the bag light weight and you can wear it with anything.