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Hello Lover- What’s your name?

What’s Jack up to? Jack been hard at work thinking of new ways that he can steal food off folks plates when they are not looking. He sits around innocently enough, pretending to be so uninterested in you or your food. But don’t turn your head for one moment because he will pounce. Watch out. It’s Jack!

I know I’m so fickle you’d think my name was Jason. Sorry, I had to make that bad joke. But, here’s a little bag love for a chilly Wednesday in anticipation of spring. The New Jackie Bag from Gucci. It’s delicious. It looks like a perfect bag for a city day. I just love a good hobo.

This has me longing to stroll down 5 avenue and spend some time at the Met

Or perhaps go uptown and take in the unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters
then go through the gardens.

No, this baby, is all about downtown and the galleries. Walk in and out.
Look but don’t touch please.

Because the artwork in already on your arm.

Best, Kwana

Photos thanks to Gucci and flickr