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Snow Dog!

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been quite busy lately and keeping me very busy too. Yesterday, don’t ask me why, but he went into the bathtub to take the soap out of the soap dish to chew on it under my bed. Good thing I noticed it early. Ewww… Bad Dog.

But despite being the baddest dog in town, Jack is the luckiest. This weekend Jack got a very special present all the way from Alaska! His buddies, Jeter, Ginger and Toby with the help if their most wonderful owner, Ina of Ina J. Offret sent Jack snow booties! The kind I had been admiring on them from their treks in the snow. See the cuties here.

And check Jack out in the booties!

We had a late season storm just so Jack could try them out. He was so excited about them that he kept kicking one off so I took them all off, afraid he’d lose them in the snow. We’ll try another day.

Thanks so much Ina and the gang. I love my blog buddies.

Oh and I got the coolest slipper socks and as a bonus Jack got Alaskan Salmon treats. I wonder what if they make special New York treats. Perhaps hot dog flavored?


America’s Next Top Model Started last night. Did you watch? I did. Let the fierce hot mess begin. I hope this season is better than the last. If not, it won’t hold me.