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    Snow Dog!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been quite busy lately and keeping me very busy too. Yesterday, don’t ask me why, but he went into the bathtub to take the soap out of the soap dish to chew on it under my bed. Good thing I noticed it early. Ewww… Bad Dog.

    But despite being the baddest dog in town, Jack is the luckiest. This weekend Jack got a very special present all the way from Alaska! His buddies, Jeter, Ginger and Toby with the help if their most wonderful owner, Ina of Ina J. Offret sent Jack snow booties! The kind I had been admiring on them from their treks in the snow. See the cuties here.

    And check Jack out in the booties!

    We had a late season storm just so Jack could try them out. He was so excited about them that he kept kicking one off so I took them all off, afraid he’d lose them in the snow. We’ll try another day.

    Thanks so much Ina and the gang. I love my blog buddies.

    Oh and I got the coolest slipper socks and as a bonus Jack got Alaskan Salmon treats. I wonder what if they make special New York treats. Perhaps hot dog flavored?


    America’s Next Top Model Started last night. Did you watch? I did. Let the fierce hot mess begin. I hope this season is better than the last. If not, it won’t hold me.
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    Top Dog

    What’s Jack up to? That Jack is doing his own thing. Making a comfortable bed out of coats thrown about and clean laundry that he secretly pulls down to suit his needs. What will I do with you Jack?

    Today it’s yet another grey day and cold as all get out with snow lightly falling. Ahh sweet. Not. I’m so not ready for this yet. And do my twins put on decent coats for the 27 degree weather? No. Like the teens they are. It’s a little Northface for one and a Hoodie for the other and out the door. Oh well…

    The finale of America’s Next Top Model snuck up on me last night. Once again this season it was on and I didn’t even notice. How did that happen? I guess it’s because there wasn’t a girl left that I could really get behind and root for. It was a season of just eh for me. Every interesting girl was out in the first weeks.

    By the middle of the show Analeigh was a goner.

    And it was up to Samantha and McKey to walk the wacky I just don’t get it, it really doesn’t do anything for the clothes, runway. And did you see those girls stomp? They were both in need of Ms. Jay’s boot camp. Again.

    Then no big surprise the winner was the girl the bugged me all season McKey. I will give her credit though. She did have the best Cover Girl ad. Congrats.

    Now the question is will I be back for another season? I just don’t know. This show has jumped the shark.

    In better news Top chef was back back and there was a guest judge Donatella such and such with tons of restaurants I didn’t know. The quickfire was making a Top Chef hot dog. Huh? The chefs were freaking out. Asian dogs, Indian dogs, sushi dogs, Sausage dogs. Just give me a Nathans please.

    I notice once again Radhika, the Indian chef who did not want to be type cast went for Indian. Ok and boy can she serve up the dirty looks. But dirty looks and all she wins the quickfire and gets immunity.

    The elimination challenge : Create a 3 course new American lunch menu and everyone gets a section, appetizers, entrees and dessert. Chefs get crazy for a sec then split into groups after pretty boy Jeff pulls rank.

    Fabio talks a lot during this show and the more it goes on the better he speaks. Is he playing us or am I just getting used to him. Hmm I must watch carefully. Last week he needed cards just to say his dish. What’s up with that? Is he really from Italy or Hoboken?

    Moving on, Jill is in the egg isle of Whole Foods and spots ostrich eggs. Why are they there and why is she crazy enough to buy them?

    Back in the kitchen, Tom come in and announces the the restaurant that they will be cooking in is his and the diners are all all NY chefs that didn’t make the cut for the show. Ouch, nice crowd. Way do deliver good news Tom. It doesn’t matter though because it’s Tom. Richard and I don’t mind.

    At CRAFT the teams pick their locations and start prep. Jamie serves up the attitude. Do I like her? Kinda. Yeah. I think she and Eugene may be my faves but I’m not sure. Give me a few more episodes.

    Carla is worried about her crust, Fabio goes on about olives and Sweet Richard surprises me by not telling Ariane about her overly sweet dessert. Ohh playing dirty. Do I like him? Maybe?

    Tom arrives in the kitchen and it’s time for service.

    Jamie’s soup is good.

    Hosea’s crab-bad


    Fabio-Beautiful. the food. not him. That’s up for discussion.


    Jill-ostrich quiche-glue

    Eugene-open faced meatloaf- bad



    Alex-pork tenderloin-no good

    Radhika-Avocado mouse- bad

    Daniel-pound cake- good

    Ariane-lemon meringue- too sweet- Padma spits it out.

    Richard-sandwich- after school snack

    Carla- apple tart- good

    Finally Tom tries everything and the chefs sweat it out.

    Jamie, Fabio, Carla, – They were the tops. Fabio still needs to hear himself talk and decides to argue before the judges could say they liked his dish. Ugh. I can’t stand him. Of course he’s the winner and he’s tied with Stefan. These two should pull out a ruler and just get it over with.

    The bottom three were: Hosea, Jill and Ariane.

    Poor Hosea is surprised to be there. Ariane is nonchalant and Jill is just spacey.

    Jill has to pack her knives and go.



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    Tippy Top

    What’s Jack up to? Oh Jack. When will you stop hopping all over everyone that comes to our door? Soon we won’t have any friends at all if you don’t simmer down now.

    I’m having a hard time coming down from my post election high. I doubt I will anytime soon or even want to thank you very much. I also have no idea how I’ll ween myself off of msnbc. I’m totally stuck on Rachel Maddow now and I don’t think I’ll be giving her up or all my political talk because something awfully funny happened on the way down the road from Wasilla and who knows what will happen on the road back. I’m just saying.

    Thank goodness I’ve got Top Chef Coming up next week. Order shall be restored to the land!

    It was strange, I was almost surprised to be back to America’s Next Top Model and whining Marjorie. Hmm.. but alas I’m back. Welcome home, me. For the life of me I could not figure out who got booted last week since I missed the show. These girls are just not that memorable this season. I thought long and hard and it dawned on me… Sheena! Bummer. The last model I may have had an interest in.

    Oh well, that said after grueling go sees and a tough photo shoot with Ms. T herself, ousted this week … spoiler ALERT… as if the pic didn’t tell you was… Elina. Buh-bye 18 year old control freak. Man, I was as surprised as Tyra at that little revelation. Let your hair down girl. Life is way too short.

    Now onto Top Design. Spoiler Alert…

    Congrats to Nathan the surprise winner of Top Design. I would have thought that Preston had it hands down. But I’m happy it was Nathan and the judges picked a designer that steps out of the box.

    I need some serious sleep.



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    The Real World

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s enjoying the crisp Fall air. It’s fun frolicking in all these crunchy leaves, huh?

    It was attitudes all around on America’s Next Top Model. Can someone tell me what is wrong with Marjorie? I’m over her insecurities now and this is coming from me, one of the most neurotic people I know.
    But out this week was Joslyn. Once again I don’t agree with the judges AT ALL. I thought Joslyn pulled it out after being sick as all get out. If you ask me (and I know you didn’t) neither she nor Elina should have been in the bottom two. It should have been Marjorie or that McKey who just makes me roll my eyes whenever I see her.
    What is up with this mess? I am so getting over this show. Till next week of course!

    So I was feeling absolutely lost without Project Runway last night. LOST. Thank goodness I don’t have long to wait for Top Chef. Whew. I love my Wednesday fix.

    But, like an evil little ray of light STYLISTA came on right on time. Watching budding fashionistas trying to make it too Elle mag for stone faced fashion editor Anne Slowey was a nice treat.

    It was especially fun watching it with the DD. I swear kids today know nothing about paying your dues. It totally took me back to my days in fashion. MY DD could not believe it when I told her how I was the girl that did the many coffee runs straight out of college before I got to actually design a measly flower, forget an actual garment.

    She didn’t want to hear it. She was all, “Mom, seriously, I need some new clothes,” throughout the whole show. And I was all, “well you’d better get to running and making me a latte or something. Hop to it girl.” Time to teach her how the real world works.


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    Project Meltdown

    What’s Jack up to? Good old, Jack has pulled the stuffing out of yet another stuffed toy. Looks like he’s found a new game and I have a new habit to break. Oh joy. I had to get a dog, huh?

    ANTM was all about the positive energy and poor Marjorie was embracing her wrecked nerves. She just didn’t understand all the positivity coming off the darn American girls. It was all an act, Marj. False bravado.
    The girls meet Paulina for a self styling challenge, turning good to bad with clips and pins. Which is pretty normal on shoots. Marjorie cracked under the pressure of Paulina’s criticism, but Paulina comforted her as much as she could and she was cool for a sec. The winner of the challenge was McKey who just doesn’t do it for me. Anybody else getting a Joker feeling there? The loser was Samantha who once again turned the clothes into whatever she wanted and didn’t care for the design.

    Now for the photo shoot and Mr. Jay comes out looking like The Predator from Predator vs. Alien.
    The girls were giants and looked fab done up all mod. But it’s all about Marjorie this week and she was down on herself. But they could be fooling us because there is some Joclyn talk too. Will she be in the bottom with Marjorie? Or could it be Samantha with all her confidence? Surprise- Out this week is Clark. Winner one week and out the next. Buh Bye Clark.

    Now for the main event

    Project Runway starts with Korto again. That woman wants the tents BAD. I sure hope she makes it to the end, but I’m kinda of afraid to hope. Then its Kenley saying how she’s not talking to Leanne because she tried to sabotage her outfit. Pla-ease. Earth to Kenley. Then Jerell is all sad because he’s the only guy left and stuck with talking to his imaginary fruit “Suede”. I can’t even make a joke. Poor Jerell.

    Time for a road trip to the NY Botanical Gardens and suddenly I want to take a trip. At the garden they get the challenge and it’s an L’Oreal challenge to make an evening gown using nature as your muse. The designers her given cameras and told to have at it.
    The designers choose 1 photo and off to mood they run. Looks to me like somebody left their fabric at mood. Who could it have been? Oh boy, it was, Kenley. I just can’t feel bad about it now. That’s what you get for laughing on the runway chickie.

    Day 2 and Kenley is mad, mad, mad and not talking to the other designers. Now she’s trying to buy tulle. But no designer will sell her any. Thank goodness for her Tim is so nice and letting her go back for it. Don’t you remember last week Tim and how she was taking to you? Oh well. I’m not in charge.

    Collier Strong comes in to consult on makeup and do a long commercial.
    Then it’s the Kenley sob story for a while with the other designers on one side and her on the other all sad and down and misunderstood. But really she’s not. She was mean to them the entire time. Face it.
    Tim arrives for the walk through.
    Korto’s lace is bothering him
    Kenley loves her dress. Tim doesn’t like the scales and she won’t listen. It’s just another day.
    Jerell is unfinished. Get finished.
    Leanne is looking very ‘Hello Dolly’. I agree.

    Poor Leanne with that seam ripper late at night really took me back. I feel your pain girl.
    Now Jerell is crying. And Korto. Who do they have behind the camera, Barbara Walters?
    I can’t believe this is the last runway show. This season went way too fast. I’m gonna cry too.
    Time for the show. Hey Heidi’s in a suit. Hmm.

    Korto-I like but it’s just ok.

    Leanne –Like the top but not hip and back of dress.

    Jerell-My fave. Beautiful.

    Kenley-ok but boring on top and don’t like bottom. I could buy this in a costume shop. Ugh. Why is she still arguing on the runway?

    Heidi asks the question: Why should you move forward and who should go with you? The designers are breaking it down and letting the judges know how they really feel about Kenley. Uh oh. This is not pretty.
    Kenley apologizes for being Kenley and then lets everyone know that Korto is not her favorite. Ouch.
    It was the tensest waiting room ever with Korto ready to deliver the smackdown.
    The judges deliberate and it’s all to keep us on our toes. I’m not even going to guess.

    Yay, Jerell is the winner!
    And the loser is… wait for it… Nobody. Huh? What?! They all get to make collections but only 3 will be in contention. I’m confused. Sigh, but what else is new?
    Oh well, at least I’ll get to see another week of them all working on their collections. That will be fun. More drama and it’s not mine. Bring it on!



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    Project You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is chilling this morning. Eerily quiet which can only spell trouble or maybe he’s just trying to figure out what’s got me so in a snit with all my blog posts. I’ve been at the computer a lot. Scroll down further to read my other rants. Must go back to MJB, eh, Jack.

    America’s Next Top Model
    gave up double eliminations for our hour this week. It started with a Runway challenge which taught future models to learn to walk at home. First the models met Ms. J at a bowling alley to learn to walk. It was clear from the start that Hannah had the most to overcome.

    Then there was a runway show where they had to do the show blindfolded. And the worse model that not would be eliminated and not even get to do a photo shoot. It was poor Hannah who could not overcome years of that bad walk in one night. Buh-Bye.

    Then the models were woken up early in the morning my Mr. J for which was all about the eyes and getting wet with Nigel. It was an interesting shoot but Isis struggled. She was too concerned with one of her three bottoms coming off and her bits falling out and shocking the crew. Well it showed in the eyes and you know Tyra is all about the eyes so Isis was out.

    Project Runway
    starts and Korto says she is not about to go home. I hear ya girl. But Suede knows he has to step up to his game. Well, step it up Suede.
    They head to the Runway to do the model trade off. Jerell keeps his model but Kenly dumps her girl, crushing her and take a new model. Jeanne follows suit steals Suede’s model. These girls are mean.
    Then they find out the challenge is to design for each other. What? And it must rep a specific music genre
    Suede for Jerell- Rock and Roll
    Kenley for Leanne- Hip Hop
    Korto for Suede- Punk
    Jerell for Kenley-Pop
    Leanne for Korto-Country

    I don’t know why they had to do they model pick. I guess they didn’t want to pay the extra girls to hang around another week.
    It’s going to be crazy seeing the designers walk down the runway this week. I’m excited.
    Over at mood and Kenley is picking out a bright print. Hmm. No hip-hop there. Tim tries to tell her about it, but like a teenager she doesn’t listen. But she’s trying pants, albeit, very high waisted pants. Hey it’s not a hip-hop 50’s dress.
    Jerell had Kenley all vixened up and it’s a little scary to see her that way. And yes there is head gear. But no feathers.
    Leanne may be too subtle
    Korto needs to go further. It’s too basic.
    Suede silenced Tim. It was not amped up enough.

    Now to Kenley…Tim had the nerve ask shouldn’t hip-hip be oversized and she went ga-ga. Well, Tim had to school her behind and tell her, “simmer down now” and cut the crap. It’s his workroom and he’s the King. She’s not listening. Oh well. Can we eliminate her right now before the runway show? Leanne doesn’t want to wear that outfit anyway.

    So its runway day and the designers are all confidant. Especially Kenley. Why? Doesn’t she think Heidi swathe dailies from yesterday?
    They all squeeze into their outfits and go to get made up. It’s so much fun to see them done up. Although I do feel for poor Korto. Really, County and that blouse is not her color. It’s not anybody’s color. Leanne should have known that.
    Time for the show and yay, LL is there.

    Leanne- ok for the skirt. Don’t like the belt or the scarf around the neck. Agree with LL looks Theme Parky.

    Jerell- ok. More rock than pop to me but cute.

    Kenley- ok but not hip hop and shut up with blaming the model for your design. Bad sewing too.
    Korto- Yes! She went there. Very good. Suede looked better than normal. Pasty make up agrees with him. Suede-Yes. I can’t believe I like it. Judges think it was boring.

    Could this be Kenley’s week? Please. Now crossing toes.
    The winner is… Korto. See what happens when you listen to Tim?Yes! Told ya she made Suede look good.

    And Aufed this week is… Ken- What! Suede!!! No way. I actually liked that outfit more than Kenley’s bad attitude and high waisted pants. I can’t take this mess. Sniff. Bye Suede. I may even miss the 3rd person speak. I know I’ll miss it more than Kenley’s bad attitude. Lord I’d trade Blayne for her.


    PS- Scroll down to chime in on politics. come on you know you want to.

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    Project Mama’s Girl

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is full of energy as I type this. Jumping and running trying to get someone to play with him and his toys. It’s Reality Night night Jack. So it will not be me, Hon.

    On America’s Next Top Model it’s the makeover episode and Tyra is stretching her acting chops? She’s doing this strange Glenda the Good Witch thing which I just can’t understand but whateves. Only Elina is afraid and cried her cold little heart out when she saw her red hair. Samantha cried, but was happy, but I have to say I love Sultan the makeup artist’s makeover with his short new do the best! The drama was low for a makeover show.
    Then there was a Wal-Mart challenge where the girls went unscripted. The winner was little Hannah.
    Back at the house Elina shared that she hates her mom. Ouch. I don’t even want to touch that. Living with my dear teens at the moment.
    There was a swimsuit shoot and Mister J lets the girls fly solo. Most of the girls did well. Isis struggled with convincing the photographer with this one. Will she convince the judges? She did.
    Going home this week was Brittney. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think she has more potential. Bad decision judges.

    Now for Project Runway. It’s getting lean and mean with 2 designers gone last week. The show opens with Kenley still delusional.
    And some women some out and the designer quickly insult them all and call them old ladies and pull horrid faces with sad music to match. Nice Bravo.
    But the twist is they are not designing for them they’re designing for their daughters and giving them new looks.
    Kenly is doing a 40’s or 50’s look for her girl
    Korto is doing a wrap dress
    Jerell has an awkward girl and has to be flirty and awkward too
    Leanne has a teacher to design for with a push mom to boot.
    Suede has a photographer who wants pants
    Joe is doing a pants suit for his client to interview in.
    Korto has taken Stella post as the new queen of Lea-tha. Fun. Back at the studio the designers are happy to spread out. Seems nobody is missing Blayne and Terri. So sad.

    Clients come in with the moms for a fitting. Joe’s client not happy with the fabric.
    Leanne’s client complaining like crazy. Poor Leanne. And Suede needs to change and make some pants. Suede is not happy. But a new day dawns and everything changes. The clients are much happier without their mother and a lot more manageable. Fancy that.
    Tim is walking though.
    Problem with Suede’s pockets.
    Joe’s looks is not graphic designer. Joe’s not concerned. Kiss of death.
    Jerell. Is ok but must clean up. Tim likie.
    Kenley won’t listen to Tim. What else is new?
    Runway day! And Kenley is confident she will be in the top 3. Sure. We’ll be the judge of that.
    Guest judge this week is Cynthia Rowley.

    Now for the show…
    Joe- no-no-no

    Leanne-cute teacher
    Jerell-really nice. But what was Jerell wearing on his head? A nest?

    Korto-ok- like jacket- don’t like the print
    Suede-hottie pole dancer with funny jacket? No.

    Kenley-ok but don’t like the print.

    Ugh. Why is Kenly still laughing a people in the runway? She is so mean. Heidi, send her home for meanness. Ugh again.
    The winner is Jerell! Good for him again. His look will be in Elle I’m so glad Kenley didn’t win.

    Now for the loser. This week it’s Joe. Proving once again that not listening to Tim really is the kiss of death.
    Next week LL Cool J is on and Kenley is called on her attitude. I’ll be tuning in. Make her cry Nina!

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    Project- Licous

    What’s Jack up to? Lately Jack has taken to taking me for walks just for the fun of it. I think he’s trying to get me to exercise more. Can’t really fault him for that, can I? Good dog.
    America’s Next Top Model is on and thanks to a friend I’m watching. I almost forgot. So much reality and too much stress in my life to watch.
    Top model is top crazy with a bunch of silly girls let lose for the first time in the big city with a way too hot hot tub. It’s bound to spell hormones and trouble. Poor Hannah let her ignorance show by pushing Isis then is ambushed. Sheena’s hooch kept coming out and Clark’s closet lesbianism leaked a bit too. All’s fair in Tyra’s world. Now can we please get to the show?
    Bring on Bennie Ninja I want a pose off! Hey he’s wearing a jaunty hat. The girls are modeling accessories. Poor Nikeysha. She is a hot mess. Sheena places the bag right in the wrong spot, between her legs. Yowza! Elina win the challenge.
    Elimination challenge this week is a photo shoot from a ladder hanging from a hot air balloon. Uh-oh. But that have to fake it due to high winds and fear of law suits.
    The first models come out and are bringing it. Then the girls start to fall flat. Really flat.
    Quick wrap up- Nekeysha is out this week. You just knew it was coming. The poor girl was in way over her head.

    It’s in the stars on Project Runway it starts and out comes the ousted designers and they are teamed with the in designers and told to go crazy with their signs.
    Keith and Terri- Leo
    Blayne and Stella- Libra – Holla at ya boy.
    Leanne and Emily- Scorpio
    Kenley and Wesley- Aquarius
    Suede and Jerry- Libra
    Joe and Daniel choose Aries
    Korto and Kelli- Aquarius
    Jerell and Stella- Sagittarius School marm.
    Keith and Terri and are volatile mix and Keith is feeling fragile. Awww. Kenley is in love with herself and her design and annoying everyone. She disses Tim a sure kiss of death.
    The next day the designers are greeted with a note that says be ready to party with the looks early and oh, 2 designers will be eliminated. Ouch. HAMMER TIME!

    Then Grim Tim comes in with news that they have 1 hour to get party ready and there will no longer be immunity for any of the challenges. Thanks Tim!
    The designers with their pinned together designs head to the Planetarium for a party and meet the PR all stars including: Carmen, Daniel V, Jay and Christian who will be judging their designs up close and personal.
    Then after the party they head back and get to work on the garments a bit more before the next day’s runway show.
    Terri and Keith are still not working well and Keith takes a nap. Nice. Tim even has to wake him for the show.

    Hey Nina’s back. Sunshine has entered the building. Here we go…
    Blayne – No. what is that?

    Kenley- ok but nothing to do with Aquarius

    Terri- Just ok I don’t like the fabric.

    Korto- Yes. Nice

    Joe- Ok

    Jerell- Yes. Very good.
    Leanne- yes.

    Suede- No
    Ha! Is Suede actually talking in 3rd person on the runway? Yes, he is. Thanks Suede you are so nutty.
    Now to the judging. The winner this week is: Jerell! Good for him. Tough sign and he did well with it. I’m glad to see him get a win with his catty self.

    Out this week is – Blayne. Buh-bye ‘licous’! So sad. Holla.

    And Terri- I think it was time for her to go. Things were getting tired.

    No time to blog about it but for a fun change of pace check out Top Design. Interesting characters and great designs ideas plus perky Todd Oldham. I like this show. And it’s Bravo, you can always catch it on some off time. This week the designers decorated bunkers and made them so chic. If the designers could do that, surely I could do something with my space. A fun and inspirational show. Totally makes you want to buy a can of paint and get to work. This was a grey bunker at the start of the show.

    pics thanks to CW and Bravo


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    Monday Musings

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s chilling after a busy Sunday in the neighborhood full of fun at our annual block party. Hopefully it will be a quiet Monday for him.

    It’s going to be a work Monday for me. Time to get back to my WIP after stepping away for quite a while. Now that the kids are back in school it’s time for me to really get real and as Tim Gunn says, “Make It Work.” If not now, I don’t know when.

    Speaking of making it work, did anyone see the season premier of America’s Next Top Model last week? I swear it’s Tyra’s world and we’re just living in it. I enjoyed it though. As silly as it was with the whole futuristic thing for the first hour with Tyrabot, Alpha J, and Beta J. I don’t know what they were smoking?
    Sidebar: For all you writers with piles of rejection letters look of Joclyn who tried out for Top Model 30 times before making it on the show. Don’t ask me how she did it with it being only cycle 11 or 12, but she did. So don’t give up. Keep writing and keep submitting.

    There were some interesting moments in between the show with Whitney’s My Life As A CoverGirl spots which I really liked and also the new what are the models up to spots. This week featuring Tocarra.
    This season to spice thing up there’s a transgender model named Isis and it’s causing all sorts of controversy just like the producers hoped it would. But Isis does take some fierce pictures and will prove to be a tough opponent.

    My pick for some girls to watch are: Joclyn, Elina, Isis, Brittnay and Marjorie

    Photos thanks to CW and top from Connie Briscoe’s blog