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Tippy Top

What’s Jack up to? Oh Jack. When will you stop hopping all over everyone that comes to our door? Soon we won’t have any friends at all if you don’t simmer down now.

I’m having a hard time coming down from my post election high. I doubt I will anytime soon or even want to thank you very much. I also have no idea how I’ll ween myself off of msnbc. I’m totally stuck on Rachel Maddow now and I don’t think I’ll be giving her up or all my political talk because something awfully funny happened on the way down the road from Wasilla and who knows what will happen on the road back. I’m just saying.

Thank goodness I’ve got Top Chef Coming up next week. Order shall be restored to the land!

It was strange, I was almost surprised to be back to America’s Next Top Model and whining Marjorie. Hmm.. but alas I’m back. Welcome home, me. For the life of me I could not figure out who got booted last week since I missed the show. These girls are just not that memorable this season. I thought long and hard and it dawned on me… Sheena! Bummer. The last model I may have had an interest in.

Oh well, that said after grueling go sees and a tough photo shoot with Ms. T herself, ousted this week … spoiler ALERT… as if the pic didn’t tell you was… Elina. Buh-bye 18 year old control freak. Man, I was as surprised as Tyra at that little revelation. Let your hair down girl. Life is way too short.

Now onto Top Design. Spoiler Alert…

Congrats to Nathan the surprise winner of Top Design. I would have thought that Preston had it hands down. But I’m happy it was Nathan and the judges picked a designer that steps out of the box.

I need some serious sleep.