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    Last night’s Project Runway was all sorts of fun and made double your pleasure with the addition of a twitter party that was going fast and furious.

    The designers were quaking in their boots when they were put to the test of dressing fab judge and one never without an opinion La Nina Garcia. I’m sure they were all wishing it was the outfit Michael Kors challenge but hey, maybe that torture is next.

    Nina didn’t fail us in delivering the goods right from the get go. No wild colors, no crazy prints and now we know cowls are banned! Not to grace her lovely neck. And the “No’s”, I lost count two minutes after Tim lead her carefully into the work room.  Is it me or does Tim lead guests around the workroom as if they are going through a Jurassic Park exhibit?

    I have to say I was thrilled with Kimberly’s win though true to Bravo cutting she had me on edge up until the end and I was on the fence even as her look walked down the runway, not knowing what Nina would think of that top.  But her magic gold top of superpower prevailed.

    It seemed that top could do no wrong. Giving all power to all women (I’m now wondering if it will go with my writing sweats).

    Congrats Kimberly, go forth and conquer. Yes!

    As for the eliminated designer I have to shake my head on that one. Yeah Julie’s Droat (Dress/coat LoL Johanna!) was dreadful but I thought Cecilia’s one shoulder mousy give up called her to go. If only the judges could have heard her awful not wanting to be there comment from the back room.


    Cecila’s look

    Julie’s droat look

    Oh and though I still love a late bloomer, I fear the youngsters may be making Bert a tad bit cantankerous. What’s with the attitude man? I’m not feeling very #TeamBert lately. Though I still think he’s extremely talented I’m wishing there was an Ernie in the mix to cheer him up.




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    Time to Make It Work

    The fashionististas were back last night with the season premier of Project Runway! I have to say this TV-nistsa couldn’t be happier to see old friends Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina. And what a refreshing change from my hot mess housewives. Could it be I’m getting a little burned out there?

    That said she show started out with a bang with a narrowing down of 4 designers right out of the box. From the very beginning I was Team Bert! I can’t say Bert! Without the exclamation point for some reason he just does that to me. You can look at his home video here and see why. I just love a late bloomer. Go Bert!

    I was sorry to see Rafael go he would have made fun TV and I really liked him but those pants? Ugh. So tell me who are you going for this early in the game.

    Team Bert! Happy Friday.



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    I’m In A Mood

    The new season of Project Runway started last night and I’m in a mood. Not in a major mood, a minor one really, but a mood nonetheless. See it’s over two things (well, more but I refule to really brood here):

    1. The show was an hour and a half and I hope this is not the new format because that just doesn’t work for me. Who has the time?
    2. One of the highlights of the show is the weekly trip to Mood fabrics and letting the designers out in the wild so when Tim Gunn talked about the “Mood annex” and opened up a door with a bit of fabric in barrels attached to the workroom I was very disappointed and went to twitter to see I was not alone.  I hope this is rethought.


    Still I will be back next week with contestants names Mondo and Casanova how can I not? Did you watch?

     Have a great weekend!



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    10th Photo Mariah slash Beyonce on a budget

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been an odd one. Very pushy and demanding lately. He wants what he wants when he wants it and is not afraid to show it. A total toddler like dog. So Jack.

    The Lovely Debra from Lifescapes tagged me with the 10th post challenge where you are supposed to post your 10th blog photo. Now I had to dig way back to January 2008 for this 10th photo and the post was back when I was blogging Project Runway which I have not been doing for the past 2 seasons though I still watch the show. I will say I was not surprised with the final 2 at all this season but wanted Emilio to win. Ahh well. I also give thanks to Anthony for providing the entertainment this year.

    Now this 10th pic was of a Christian Sirano design from one of the challenges. Christian turned out to be the winner and stand out of the show. Attached is a more recent youtube clip of Christian being just Christian. I love that he carries a date book like I do. Beyonce!


    If you care to play along in the 10 photo post let me know and I’ll come for a visit. I’d love to see your 10th photos.



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    Friday Musings

    I can’t believe it’s Friday already. ALREADY!! Yeesh. Slow it down there Nelly!

    Oh well. The week has flown and I feel I’ve gotten much of nothing done but have been so busy. Yeah, I’m sure there were a few things thrown in here and there, but for the life of me I can’t place them.

    Just for fun I’ll share a pic of the Dear Twins birthday cake from their party last week. I decided to embarrass them once more and use the blog pics on their cake. I think it came out so cute and it was delish too. I still can’t believe I have 16 year olds but all the teen drama tells me it is so. Sigh.

    In other ramblings… are you watching Project Runway? I am but have the hardest time remembering it’s on Lifetime now. It’s so hard to break a habit. Hey, don’t my hips know it?
    I thought Amy, Jay and Anthony rocked it this week and to me Amy made that burlap beautiful.


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    Make it Work

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this Jack is snoozing and has been trying to snooze for most of the day. I guess it’s because he was up at the crack of dawn on both Saturday and Sunday trying to wake me up. Um, we’ve got to amend this sleep schedule Jack. It’s not working for me.

    I hope the weekend was good and you weren’t too distracted looking to the sky for runaway balloons. How teeth gnashing is that whole story? And possibility all to be on reality TV with no Tim Gunn? Pla-eaze!

    Speaking of Tim Gunn I could use a little Tim in my life. How nice would it be to have Tim as the friendly pop over neighbor? Just a shout away when you are overwhelmed with so much on your to-do list like I am this week and you need a good “MAKE IT WORK” kick in the butt.

    BTW: Any predictions on a winner for Project Runway at this point? I know Irina keeps coming on strong (and how)but I’m going to go for Carol Hannah or Althea from behind. But what do I know?

    Wishing you a ‘make it work’ kind of week.


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    Head Spinning- Spoiler alerts!

    Hi all. Happy Friday!

    First off thanks so much for all your comments and congrats yesterday on my 600th post. If you didn’t comment there is still a little time to go here comment and enter for your chance to win a 20.00 gift card. So please follow and comment!

    My head is still spinning today after my roller coaster rides and last night’s TV watching did nothing to help. Project Runway is back! How awful is it for me that it’s up against The Not so Real Housewives? Torture I tell ya!

    So I watched Project Runway both the pre-show All Stars and the actual show.

    I was thrilled to see Tim Gunn back. I’ve decided I need a Tim Gunn in my life as my writing coach. With him I’d never give up no matter how many rejections. I’d Make It Work despite all doubts.

    I loved seeing the all stars back. Santino was a trip. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Chris March was to tired or what was going on with Michael/Mychael Knight’s name. Yeesh. Oh and Jeffery’s stach just about cracked my up. Those zany all stars.

    In the end I was totally disappointed with who the judges picked to win. Once again disappointing me and my girl Korto. I have a feeling there will be a lot of that this season. Look she still looks mad in this pic.

    See they went for Daniel. Doesn’t he look smug? I think they look these pics after the winner was chosen. Don’t you? He’s about to crack up here.

    As for the Season premier I think they totally made the right decision and spared us a few episodes of general nuttiness in clothing by letting Ari go. That was no red carpet dress. Buh-bye.

    I ended up taping The Real Housewives of ATL. Will save that hot mess for tonight. I’m spent.

    9:21 Update: I watched. It was a hot mess. Kim doesn’t know who King Tut is. And I can’t sell a book. What is with the world? Sigh? I’m getting a blond Barbie wig maybe that will help.


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    Project Finito- Spoiler Alert!

    Project Finale !

    The debate is done Jack is snuggled beside me, I’m yawning, but I can’t sleep without watching Project Runway. So here I go.

    Jerell is gone and it’s just the ladies off to Parsons. They each get to present 10 looks so they have to edit out 2.
    Time to choose models.
    Korto needs girls with hair. Leanne wants Aliens. Huh? And Kenley is bossy. Surprise, surprise.
    Tim is walking through. First Kenley. Tim questioning the rope and Kenley is not hearing it. She’s not hearing anything. Tim walks away with THE best expression. Insert eye roll here.
    Korto is scared to keep her wedding dress because it was not a winner. I hope she changes it..
    Leanne has trouble editing. Too many good looks for her. Some problem to have.
    Kenley stops Tim. She changes her mind and follows his advice. Could she be learning?
    Korto is making 2 new looks at the last minute. Crazy! I hope crazy like a fox.
    Sidebar: Korto is a total vixen going out to discuss makeup? Who’s she going to see?
    Back in the workroom Leanne and Kenley are talking about each other’s lines behind their backs. Eee Oww.
    Quick hair consultation and back to work.
    Korto is stressed. Of course.
    Leanne’s model come is with a dog that poops in the workroom. Is she trying to say something about the collections?!
    Gather round its Tim with the show order and words to make you cry. Nice Tim.
    The Designers up at 3:05 am to go to the tents at Bryant Park. Ouch.
    More testimonies and tears.
    At the tents helpers arrive. Korto takes the help. Kenley says no one touches her garments. I see she’ll be fun to work for.
    Almost Showtime and all the old PR faves are there. Are they paid for this?
    Leanne has to switch a dress on a model and there are tears. There are always tears.
    Everyone’s family is there.
    Now it’s Showtime. Heidi is looking elegant. Love that dress. Anyone know who’s dress it is?
    Tim Gunn is the guest Judge since JLo bailed. Foot Problems. Sure. I’ve heard things.
    Kenley comes out. She colorful and so are her dresses. 80’s meet 50’s pin-up girls. I like the fuchsia and black and the sleek black and the cream with floral.

    Korto is next and she is feeling herself.
    Love the first look. So sleek. And the new dress. Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh in white. Awesome. Yellow is gorgeous. Green at the end beautiful. A knockout! Looks for so many women. I could wear this. Love her use of color. And she grabs her daughter to walk with her at the end. A tear from me. Perfect.

    look it’s Bianca from ANTM!

    Next up Leanne. First look is pretty. Like the second. Fourth is pretty and fifth. I still love that wedding gown. I like her craftsmanship but wish for more variety in her palette and variation on the petals.

    For me the winner is Korto. Let’s see who does win.

    Now to the judges. Hey, Nina is smiling. Oh happy day.
    They love Kenley’s painting. But another dress reminds them of a dress that’s out there. She’s not winning.

    Korto showed her heritage and did not make it into a costume, but some pieces are overworked. She needs to hold back.

    Leanne had divine workmanship. They loved all her different pieces. Maybe too many petals. Um, yeah.
    Judges deliberate. My heart is beating fast.

    The winner is… not Kenley.
    It’s… Leanne. I had a feeling it would be her. That’s the way the poll went. She had a lovely collection it just did not excite me with looks for so many real women like Korto’s did. Bummer. I never get the winner I want.

    Congratulations Leanne! Fun season. I’m looking forward to Top Chef next month.


    P.S. Scroll down to talk politics if you’re not over it.

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    Opinions please

    So is this too close for comfort or A-OK?

    Is Kenley’s Wedding dress too close to the Alexander McQueen that the Project Runway judges were referring to last week?


    Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

    Photos thanks to David Dust again. Loves him. I had not seen the McQueen last week but now that I have, I think it’s too close for comfort. Now I come from a fashion background and have done plenty design “interpretation” in my day but this “interpretation” is pretty close to the line. Down to the flat shoes and the color of the feathers!

    Check out Project Rungay for more thoughts on this subject. I do still think her bridesmaid dress was way cute though.



    Keep reading the day’s not over…

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    Project Heartbreak

    What’s Jack up to? Jack was sleeping late on this school holiday morning just like the rest of us. Now he’s up and chipper and ready to ROCK!

    Project Runway starts with Heidi giving out cash and time for the designers to make a collection. The elimination challenge was to make a wedding dress that reflects their collection and Tim will be checking in.

    We start with Kenley saying how she was sabotaged and walking away without a goodbye. Ugh!

    First Visit- Korto in Little Rock.
    Tim says, what is this place. So funny! Korto looks great.
    The collection is very Korto. Nice palette. Ethnic, but not too much . Beautiful beading.
    Tim is worried about the sexual shape. Oh Tim. Don’t be scarrrred.
    The wedding dress needs work. I agreee.

    Tim meets hubby, daughter family and friends and Korto does a drum performance for Tim as a sweet suck up. Use what you got girl to get what you need!

    Then it’s on to Portland to see Leanne and her cute quiet boyfriend that looks just like her.
    Leanne is all about water and waves.

    Tim is concern with all the white. Tea dye it or something.

    Then he goes bike riding with Leanee, scary, but cute. It’s fun to se Tim out of his element. No family for Leanne. Where are they? No story for her either. She’s the woman of mystery. Why am I not surprised?

    On to Jerell in Los Angeles. Jerell is all evening. I feel like we’re in the Bob Mackie showroom. Not that that’s an all together bad thing. Bob in the right moment has been know to rock it. But Jerell needs to be careful.
    Tim is concerned about the top if the wedding dress. I am too.

    It’s time for editing with all the pieces. There is a lot going on there.
    Time to meet the family. Sister pretty. Love interest. Funny. Way to not commit Jerell. And Mom. Love the pics of Jerell and his Dad. That afro was a crack up.

    Finally it was save the attitude for last and Kenley in Brooklyn.
    She was all about saying she values Tim’s opinion. Riiiight.
    That photo of her grandmother totally shows where she gets her style.
    Kenley handpainted the fabrics which was pretty ambitious and they came out lovely.
    Then we could to the neck area the she has ropes on the neck. What? Hanging! Huh? Strange.
    Tim loved the wedding dress. It’s fun. Feathers. Can you say Christian?
    Kenley cries tears of joy.
    No family or even fiends visit. So sad but when you’re not nice you can’t even get friends to come by and be your friends with Tim Gunn.

    Now were all back in NY. Whew. This is too long. Sorry. It’s part one of the finally. The designers want to get their spaces before Kenley arrive. Jerell is stuck rooming with Kenley. When she arrives the reception is cold and she apologizes.

    Doorbell with champagne and food and lighten.

    They arrive at Parsons for the the designers to unpack. Time for a lookie. But Tim comes in with a whopper of another challenge. Design a bridesmaid dress to go with their wedding dress. Uh oh. It’s on!

    Tim walks through. Kenley ambitious. Jerell sloppy. Leanne now making music. Wow. Korto’s dresses are in competition.

    Tim makes a speech and gets weepy. Is it for the designers or the move to Lifetime? Hmmm…

    Now to the runway show.

    Jerell- I don’t like the top of the wedding dress. Color of the bridesmaid is bad. I don’t like iridescent. It looks cheap.

    Kenley- wedding dress is very Kenley. Cute though. Fun Bridesmaid

    Korto- Like wedding, but not the color and take a few of the pleats away please. I do like the bridesmaid dress.

    Leanne- love wedding gorgeous architecture. The winner today. Bridesmaid. Delish. Cream puff. Bravo has these pics that show nothing. What does this mean?

    I hate it when they do this so close to the end. It’s a heart breaker. But Jerell is out. If someone had to go this week he was the one.

    It’s an all girl finale. Till next week.