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Time to Make It Work

The fashionististas were back last night with the season premier of Project Runway! I have to say this TV-nistsa couldn’t be happier to see old friends Heidi, Tim, Michael and Nina. And what a refreshing change from my hot mess housewives. Could it be I’m getting a little burned out there?

That said she show started out with a bang with a narrowing down of 4 designers right out of the box. From the very beginning I was Team Bert! I can’t say Bert! Without the exclamation point for some reason he just does that to me. You can look at his home video here and see why. I just love a late bloomer. Go Bert!

I was sorry to see Rafael go he would have made fun TV and I really liked him but those pants? Ugh. So tell me who are you going for this early in the game.

Team Bert! Happy Friday.



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  • Ina in Alaska

    I don’t watch that show but I DO agree with you about the Housewives. The NY reunion was the worst ever, those women are absolutely Mean Girls except for Cindy. I think a cast change is in order. And Alex is scary looking this season.

    The NJ girls are getting on my nerves too, I am not excited about them either. I keep watching however.

    Love Flipping Out, enjoyed Millionaire Decorators and also the real estate agents in CA, forgot the name of that show….