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    Project Makeover

    What’s Jack up to? It’s Raining bucket’s so he’s perched up high on the couch looking longingly out the window willing the rain to stop. Sorry Jack.
    Project Runway is underway hooray. Holla at your boy. Not.
    Kelli has her immunity so she is free to breathe easy for this challenge. The day starts off with reality setting in for Suede and the other designers. They set off to parsons and the model pick off. Kelli says with her model and Joe stars the switching. Jen snatches Jarell’s model making him salty. I love that word. Salty! Let’s all use it this week.
    The next challenge is making cocktail dress for their models. Sounds sweet. Maybe a little too sweet of you ask me. They have to use green fabrics. No not green- green environmentally friendly green. But here’s the twist. The models get to shop for the fabric! Ha! Funny.
    The poor models are lost in Mood. One was pulling out some gold lame looking stuff and there were some very slinky things that didn’t look green to me but we will see.
    Kenley instantly nixes some fabric from her model and Keith hates some of his models fabrics. Wesley is not happy.
    At least Jarell is smiling and so is Suede. Once again Stella is complaining. Waa, waa, waa. Going against what her model wants.
    Suede goes crazy the bias strips and stars talking about himself in 3rd person.
    3 designers have the same fabric. How much do I love the models for that? And Korto and Emily and similar dresses and are getting all crazy over it. The competition is fierce
    It’s time for Tim’s walk though and Korto confuses him with her inside out stitching. Too green for ya Tim?
    Suede excites Tim, but so far scares me. We’ll see.
    Leanne has gone circle crazy.
    And Tim announces no immunity for this challenge but the winner will have their dress manufactured by Bluefly.com
    Runway show day and its panic time except for Leanna who is all confidence. And Blayne pulls out the Lisiousness.
    Stella is lucky that her model likes the dress even though she didn’t listen to her.
    Daniel is still at the sewing machine with 5 minutes to go.
    And crazy Stella tried to steam her dress ON the model. Way to burn your client Stella.
    Time for the runway show with special guest judge Natalie Portman.
    But first sidebar. How much do I love Terri’s wild hair? Did I say that last week?

    Now really to the show:
    I Likeie: Terri, Jerell, Daniel, Suede, Leanne. Emily, Jennifer, Joe, Kenley

    No Likie-Keith, Wesley, Kelli, Stella, Blayne, Korto
    I originally had Korto in the likie group until I really looked at the wings on the side of the hips. Not a good idea.

    I predict Kenly as the winner and Wesley as going home.

    Let’s see. Winner is Suede. Wow. Ok. I’m shocked. But ok. I think Kenley was robbed. What do you think?

    Poor Korto is in but teary as all get out.
    And as for out it’s… Wesley. You can’t make it under the harsh runway lights with puckered satin.

    Whew. No energy for Shear Genius but I’ll give it a go.
    Nicole wakes first and there are some flip flops. She picks first then calls the stylist up for a day at the beach.
    The guest judge is Oscar Blandi and the shortcut challenge is transforming a client’s hair after a long day at the beach without washing the client hair. The clients are all hot surfer guys who come shirtless and wet out of the water.
    The stylist can use shears, batters powers clippers and a spray bottle.
    Daniel and Glenn are talking mess about Nicole still being there making her all Salty.
    Glen and Dee have twins so the competition is really thick there.
    Once again Nekisa is wack. Big surprise. Not.
    Daniel and Glenn bottom two
    Tops are Dee and Nicole and the winner is Nicole.
    They head back and meet the clients who are dealing with Alopecia a disease which has made then completely bald.
    The stylists are moved as they cut and style the perfect wig for their clients.
    Nekisa is not winning over Rene and neither is Glenn.
    The emotions are going wild and the tears are flowing. Even Charlie can’t make any cracks in this room.
    On to the hair show. I have to say, I’m not a fan of all the red wigs.
    The top 2 here Nicole and Poulo and the winner is…Poulo. All his emotion with his client paid off. But stinker for him, no immunity in the next challenge. Bummer Dude.

    Bottom 3 are Gail, Nekisa and Charlie. Who’s going home? Why it’s… Gail.

    Charlie had better step up his game it’s his 2nd time in the bottom 2. The rose has lost its bloom.

    Photos thanks to Bravo.

    Well I’m off for some preliminary conference beauty prep. What’s up for your day?


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    Project Shear Madness

    What’s Jack Up to? Jack’s tired from staying watching Project Runway and Shear Genius. It’s too much great reality for one fab yorkie!

    Project Runway Season 5 starts with the intro video of the designers and they seem to have it all together. There are some real toughies in this group. They meet Heidi and Tim on the Atlas roof and I know some of them, are ready to push the others off. Watch out for Stella, Suede, Jerell, Jerry and Very Tan Blayne, they all seem ready to push.
    It’s the crack of dawn and Tim is ringing the doorbells. Eek. It’s off to the first challenge and they are at Gristedes grocery store. And who is there to meet them, but Austin Scarlett in all his glory. Picture this, white pants, blue tapered jacket, white scarf and fedora. Need I say more? Time to make a garment out of grocery items.

    We have designers buying; mop heads, trash bags, shower curtains and kale greens.
    I’m so happy Project Runway is back! Make it Work!
    Tan Blayne is big on the “lisous” saying and it’s annoying everyone.
    Jerry has some fire to him. He looks all unassuming but he’s full of the catty-ness.
    Stella is mad because her trash bags really are trash.
    Tim comes and stops the action everyone quakes in their boots. Daddy’s home. Tim’s not happy. He sees way too many tablecloths and calls the designers slackers. Uh-oh. Now they really are quaking and so am I. What is Nina going to say?
    The designers are scrambling to turn their tablecloths into something else and Stella is declaring that her trashy bags will get her eliminated.
    Now the models come in and there are some crazy things being put on the poor women. Crazy scary.
    Time for the Runway Show.
    My Faves: Emily, Jerell, Korto, Jennifer, Daniel, Kenley, Kelli, Keith, Stella
    My not so faves: Leanne, Terri, Suede, Joe, Jerry, Wesley, Blayne, Stella
    You can see that Stella is straddling the fence for me. I could not decide on her design. I agree part if it was a yawn but I liked the simple shape of it.

    The winner is… Kelli! Thanks to her fab marble dye job.

    The loser is …Jerry. I have to say I agree with that one. His look was just scary. I am sorry to see Jerry go though. He would have made for interesting TV.

    Whew I’m tired and now onto Shear Genius? Eek!
    Remind me never to sign up for Shear Genius. There was some crazy swap stylist challenge where the stylists started with their clients and mid-process the clients had to get up and switch chairs to continue the process with another stylist. Mid-color cut or whatever. They did this multiple times only to end up back with the original stylist. One client ended up in tears. I was right there with you honey.

    Now it’s down the line and Charlie comes up with more fabulous one liners. “Big T#ts won’t get you out of every jam.” Ouch.
    The loser was Meredith.
    The winner was Dee.
    The stylists are back home and the claws come out. Charlie starts giving crap and Dee throws it right back. Suddenly I’m loving Dee.
    The elimination Challenge is giving the clients a style that they can do at home.
    Dee gets first pick and then she gets to pair each stylist with the clients. Oh Charlie had better watch out. The producers know what they are doing with this scenario.
    Dee picks Nekisa first and Charlie last. You know Charlie had something to say about that.
    Then it was time to Go Shake It! Tell them Rene! You say what?
    The stylists style and then are told that the elimination will take place the next day when the clients have to come back and style their own hair.
    Back at the old homestead and everyone talks about Dee has a crush on the married Nekisa. DD called that on day one.
    The next day the clients are back and trying to do their own hair. How much do I hate that next day hair let down?
    Let’s move onto the hair show. This is too painful.
    The winners are: Glenn, Dee and Nicole
    Losers are: Meredith, Charlie, and Nekisa. Charlie is lucky he has immunity.
    The big winner is… Glenn She got her dream and will be published. I’m feeling you Glenn!
    The loser is… Meredith.

    Whew. This is a lot for one night. I’m spent.
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    Top of the Mornin’

    What’s Jack up to? Chilling on a Monday. I think he’s as happy as I am to have the house free of teens for a few hours. I know right, Jack? Then tension goes down, like 10 notches. Whew.

    Happy St. Patrick’s day to you all. I hope you have a fun day and let’s give a birthday shout out to the lovely Patricia of pve design . She’s my very own bannner designer that I interviewed here.
    I hope you have a wonderful year Patricia and all your dreams come true.

    This was a pretty busy weekend in Kwana land and unfortunately the migraines were kicking my butt-hard. I’m still following doctors orders and not taking any pain meds. Ugh. Giving birth to the twins was easier and I went into labor with them not once, not twice, but three times! TMI? Sorry. Moving on…
    The twins had a big extra credit assignment where they had to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to do a Global History assignment. What good teachers they have. So the DH, DD, DS and I got to take a short ride to the city to check out The MET. I’m Tim Gunn in this photo.

    The Parking Gods were smiling upon us and a spot magically opened up on 87th and 5th. OMG! That like NEVER happens.
    The museum was pretty crowded and unfortunately the projects weren’t in my favorite wings, but I did get to spend a little time pretending I was on Project Runway by checking out the Temple of Dendur and even standing in front of Christian’s inspiration picture: Portrait of Andres de Andrade-i-la Col. by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. Yeah. He rocked it.

    photos thanks to project rungay

    So tonight I’ll be watching Dancing with the –Stars? I have to say Stars? Because come on, are you kidding me here? But I’ll still watch and find some E list celeb to get behind.

    After that The Bachelor is back and this time he bla- no, he’s British! Just as good! This is the show I hate to watch, but always do. I have to support my dear Nana who at the end of every season curses out the Bachelor calling him all sort sorts terrible names because he didn’t pick the “amazing” girl that she thought he should. Yeah she vows never to watch either, but gets suckered in too. After the, ‘where are they now?’ show last week. We both decided to give the hot Brit a go, but thought the girls seemed very “Rock of Love”. Scary.

    How was your weekend?



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    Blogging Project Runway- the finale!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s on time-out this morning for climbing on the kitchen table and eating the DD’s strawberry oatmeal. Jack stay off the table. Yech!

    So here it is. The end and I already feel a sense of loss. Wednesdays won’t be the same for me.
    Okay the shows starting. Eeee… Here are just my random thoughts as the show goes on.
    Jillian will you listen to Tim and get rid of that wacky sleeved sweater? No? sigh, ok.
    Christian is so nervous. It’s sweet. He actually has nice things to say about his competitors. At least for now. How much do I love that he said he walked around in the shoes for a week so thinks the models should be able to do it too. Oh, Christian!
    I love watching the designers come up with the total look. Hair, makeup and all. Not to into the strange braids though.
    Tim’s last ‘gather ’round’ makes me want to cry. Tim can you be my life coach?
    Ok here it is the final show. Down to business.
    And the surprise guest judge is… wait for it… Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham. Love her!!! Major!

    Oh, Christian saying everyone looks fierce? Was that for me? Ahh Mango! I’ll miss you so. (shout out to David Dust)

    Well, I am a total Bravo nerd (could you tell) so at the last minute I pulled out my note pad and decided to score each outfit with this scale: L=love, H=hate and OK=it’s ok

    Here is my scoring:
    L: III
    Good for her with the knits, but not cohesive. and some of the proportions were off to me.

    Some real beauties. The weaving was amazing! But his quirky color sense was not good.

    Love the black, love the hats, love the total look of the collection.

    By that calculation and 25% for total cohesive look. Christian should win for me, with Rami second and Jillian 3rd. But all did a great job. What a night! What a fashion nerd I am!
    Uh-oh now the deliberation. Stomach knot. Tension, tension.
    Commercial. Ugh.
    We’re back! It’s so hard. No tears, you’ll make me cry.
    Aww, Jillian Bye bye. Mar are you ok?

    Oh, it’s down to Rami and Cristian where I knew it would be. Nail bite alert!

    Christian is it. What!!! Mango did it and at 21! I’m happy with this outcome.

    Things I’ll miss after today: Christian model walking, hearing “fierce”, Chris’ laugh, Tim Gunn.
    Thanks Project Runway. Bring on Top Chef!
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    A New Earth, really?

    What’s Jack up to? Well he still needs a haircut but he’s no longer a stinky dog. Thank goodness. Check out the video at the end to see how nutty Jack is when wet. He just hates it, but does he have to dry off on my couch?

    Thanks to all of you who visited yesterday!
    The whole Love and Consequences memoir hoax discussion was really great and very important. Feel free to continue to share you thoughts.

    The more I thought about the whole subject, the angrier I got. And what really got to me was the underlying exploitism of the races that I saw there. The fact that Jones thought somehow that her lie was justified because she was giving a voice to people who didn’t have one. Ugh. Talk about a big ego. As if she was somehow more qualified to write the story than say a real girl who grew up in that time and that environment. Pluh-ease.

    Speaking of ego. I watched the Oprah webcast of A New Earth and about five minutes into it I was pleasantly surprised at how many points spoke to me.

    They talked about ideas like getting out of your head and stillness and stopping the mental noise which is something that I’ve been striving for especially with the stress in my life and my migraines. They also addressed those who were struggling with the tough 1st chapter of the book. See we are not alone! It does get easier. Another thing addressed was all the questions people had about dealing with this book along with their religion which was a real issue for me as a Christan. More to come.
    I won’t recommend this as something you must read or listen to and follow because that’s not for me to do and I’m still working on myself and how to incorporate these thoughts into my life and my beliefs, but I would recommend going to Oprah’s site and watching some of the webcast. It’s up there now for anyone to watch. That way you can judge for yourself. If you’re reading the book it made it a lot easier to understand. I was so not feeling on the same planet as Tolle when I was just reading. Now I think I may be. I do like they he said he didn’t want to be any ones Guru. I always question those that want to lead and have power. go judge for yourself and feel free to come back here and chat.

    Oh, Did any one see Paris Hilton hanging out with a shaman and giving away diamond necklaces? What up with dat? Discuss amongst yourselves. I just can’t…
    photo thanks to The Bosh. eek.


    Project Runway finale tonight!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We’ll chat tomorrow.

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    Talking Project Tension and ANTM

    What’s Jack up to? Today’s he’s risking life and limb by going up to the kids rooms and rooting around. Jack you don’t want to do that. Teens live up there. You could be lost forever!

    Project Tension
    What a nail biter. I was on the edge of my seat during every moment of Project Runway last night. It’s crazy how much I love this show. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts if you care to hear.

    Aww, check out Christian’s shoebox. Now that’s how a New Yorker lives. I was kind of sad that we didn’t get to meet his family. Great Tim Gunn quote that I will take with me everywhere: “Look at it with an editing eye.” Good advice Tim.

    Jillian were you actually growing on me? How sweet was her family and her words? Who knew?

    How moving was Rami’s coming out as a designer story? His red blouse was amazing. But, didn’t his space show just how far he already is as a designer? Hmmm. I still think he doesn’t need this as much as the rest of them.

    Tim with Chris, too funny. Another perfect Tim point: The monkey house at the zoo. “You’ve been living at the monkey house so it doesn’t smell to you!” Ha. Who’s funnier than Tim?
    Was there a hint of sadness when Chris talked about his family?I think so, poor baby. But his New York family is wonderful. And that apartment was just wow.

    Back in NY. No wonder Rami and Chris are is love, it looks like they were both about to burst into tears in the three tabled workroom.

    Uh oh Runway show.Chris? Human hair was creepy and safety pins crazy, but all beautiful.
    The night was just full of sayings.
    New saying thanks to Michael Kors: Velvet condom. Huh?

    Loved the Drapemaster’s Grey dress. Yes, he can drape did you know that?

    I’m biting my nails who will they choose? Please be Chris, Please be Chris…
    Deliberation time.
    Pause- pause. Commercial. Ugh!

    Ugh again!!! Where is my Chris going? Why? No fair. You’re killing me. Was it the hair? Sigh.

    I’m looking into getting extensions next week in protest or at least a wig!
    Oh well, at least he went out laughing and a Queen. Bye Chris!! I’ll miss you.

    ANTM hits NYC

    Love the Marvita/Fatima smackdown. Fatima was starting to make Brandy look sweet, but the apology was nice. Could she and Marvita end up being friends? Who knows?

    There are lots of girls with stinging tongues this time around. Are you hearing me Allison?

    New word from Miss Jay: Draglicious.

    Kim what the heck was that? You don’t belive in designer fashion? What!? I thought Miss Jay would have a heart attack. That was just wrong. Did she just want to be on TV for a minute or got there and got scared?Ugh. I hope they bring another girl in next week to take her place.

    I think I’m going to really like Paulina as a judge. Twiggy will be missed, but that Paulina has some fire standing up to Nigel.
    I know I’m going to love them being in New York.
    Bye Atalya. I hope to see you soon. You’ll make it girl. Chin up.

    Oh here’s a last minute new Top Model prediction. Claire. How great was her photo?

    Whew, what a TV night! Isn’t escapism bliss?


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    It’s Sew Not Over

    And the fun keeps on coming. To keep us out of withdrawl, PR keeps the competition going with a new challenge for the designers. 12 have done collections and the winner gets 10 grand. The best part we get to vote. Check them out then cast your vote PR fans. Please no hanging chads!

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    Reality Roundup

    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s being a little devil and sneaking in where he doesn’t belong causing trouble at every turn. Oh, you’re lucky you are so cute, Jack.
    I have to say I loved the Project Runway reunion and I will miss the show when it’s over.
    My favorite moment was Heidi calling Victorya out for being such a pill then Tim Gunn agreeing with her! Man would someone tell me why she has such a stick up her butt. It’s kind of hilarious.
    The Kevin cry fest was too funny. Aww little Emotionita, Were you really crying over the accessory wall?
    Now I know this is totally rubbing some of you the wrong way (Mar I love ya), but the “fierce” (in his own mind) Christian won the fan favorite. Now I would have been happier if it was Chris ,but I’m not surprised at all that it was Christian. He was serving it all season with the designs and the attitude. I mean he even had Tim saying “fierce”. Congrats, Christian!

    – oh, my! Were there really fights in the prelims? Goodness what will happen in the house? What did we learn last night? I guess it’s that crazy comes in all shapes and sizes.
    Anya, is that a Hawaiian accent? Really? I’m not sure the folks in Hawaii would agree. Eek.
    Claire, Why is your hair cut like that on one side? She’s just begging to have it all cut off on the makeover show. Can you say wig fest?
    Kim- oh Lord, I just hope she smartens up as the show goes on. Is there anybody up there?
    My surprise was Allison. She grew on me and has a real Sarah Silverman quality about her. I think she may go far. It should be an interesting season.
    One other point, like Survivor and making fire, girls when you know you’re going on the show, why don’t you learn to walk? These are some of the worst walkers Ev-ah! Miss J please work it out!
    I can’t wait to see how the season goes. Should be fun.

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    Model TV

    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s chilling on his perch, high on the couch where he can watch all of the block’s goings on and bark at whoever has the nerve to walk by our house.

    I was reminded by some friends that tonight is a fun night for TV. It’s the premier of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10.

    Have we really watched this thing 10 times? Oh well… I’ll be back again.

    This time they are in New York which is where all model shows should be in my opinion. Now the girls will really have to put up with something. I’m sure the digs will be quite smaller and the designers just that much tougher in the fashion capital.

    There is also a new judge, Paulina Porizkova, who ‘s replacing Twiggy. Ms. Twiggy was growing on me. She’ll be missed.

    Now, I’m going to be totally foolish and make early predictions just based on the girl’s first pictures. Here are my top 4. Now how much to you want to bet that they will be the first 4 out?! That’s always the way with me.

    So there’s Fatima who has quite an Iman look that I think the judges will point out over and over. And there’s Anya who reminds me of Liv Tyler a bit.

    Dominique who has a cool exotic look. And the tough girl Marvita, who if I ‘m not mistaken is back from the previous season. Did she go to anger management?

    Then it’s the Project Runway reunion show tonight. Let the whining begin! Waaa….



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    Blogging Project Runway- down to the wire

    So it was down to the wire at Project Runway.

    I loved opening with Chris in his old man robe and watching Christian do an extra special job with the flat iron. Fierce. Little Miss High Maintenance.
    Finally a challenge using art as inspiration and they are in my favorite place (see 6 unimportant things about me) The Met! Yes! I’m in design heaven and to be there alone when it’s not full of tourists. What a dream.

    The Temple of Dendur! I talked it up! Yes again!

    Rami was in heaven in the Greek wing. Drape on boy! Show us your best Greek statue pose?

    Christian being such a little show off pain in the butt. Eww, but funny and there is no denying the boy can sew.

    And Christian made his model look just like him! So sweet. I love to watch him get critiqued. He finally gets humble. Love how he pranced off.
    Now Chris sleeping? What up with that? Then arguing with Tim? Suicide. I’ll say it, I was nervous. But should have known it was not to be. His design was wonderful although he should have followed Tim’s advice and made that bow bigger. He may have won if he did.

    What’s up with that gold fabric Jillian? Yeech!

    Rami too much with the draping, predictable and not over the top enough. Come on! I’m bored already.

    Now Sweet P, pla-ese, come on. With a peacock theme you could have gone all out and should have. This was the finals. Bring your ‘A’ game baby!

    Now I’m soooo confused? Sweet P out, but they did the switcharoo and had her show at Fashion week to throw me off. Very sly PR. What a way to keep a secret.
    So Rami’s out right (cut to me grinning)? No, it’s Rami in? In what? I don’t get it. Dead locked. What the heck is that? Chris was clearly better. Send drape boy home! Oh judges, please, if that’s the case keep Sweet P in too. Ugh.

    I’m calling a flag on the play. Whatever that means. See you next week for the reunion.