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    Monday Musings

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s chilling after a busy Sunday in the neighborhood full of fun at our annual block party. Hopefully it will be a quiet Monday for him.

    It’s going to be a work Monday for me. Time to get back to my WIP after stepping away for quite a while. Now that the kids are back in school it’s time for me to really get real and as Tim Gunn says, “Make It Work.” If not now, I don’t know when.

    Speaking of making it work, did anyone see the season premier of America’s Next Top Model last week? I swear it’s Tyra’s world and we’re just living in it. I enjoyed it though. As silly as it was with the whole futuristic thing for the first hour with Tyrabot, Alpha J, and Beta J. I don’t know what they were smoking?
    Sidebar: For all you writers with piles of rejection letters look of Joclyn who tried out for Top Model 30 times before making it on the show. Don’t ask me how she did it with it being only cycle 11 or 12, but she did. So don’t give up. Keep writing and keep submitting.

    There were some interesting moments in between the show with Whitney’s My Life As A CoverGirl spots which I really liked and also the new what are the models up to spots. This week featuring Tocarra.
    This season to spice thing up there’s a transgender model named Isis and it’s causing all sorts of controversy just like the producers hoped it would. But Isis does take some fierce pictures and will prove to be a tough opponent.

    My pick for some girls to watch are: Joclyn, Elina, Isis, Brittnay and Marjorie

    Photos thanks to CW and top from Connie Briscoe’s blog


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    She’s the Tops! and He’s out!

    What’s Jack up to? As I’m writing this he’s down in the basement giving me a break and being company to the DH who’s been working was too hard lately. I’ve been seeing way too much of his back.

    America’s Next Top Model Finale Time

    It’s Finale night for ANTM and it’s down to Fatima, Anya and Whitney. Tonight the girls shoot their Covergirl print ad and commercial and Anya is all verklempt about it. Ahh, so sweet.
    Fatima was first and she was beautiful, but a little robotic. Whitney was clearly nervous, no beauty queen fakeness tonight. Anya was cute and giggly and uses her nerves well. Fatima was going on about how she’s so much more relate-able to others than the other girls. Huh? Well, OK, um, if you say so.
    Already they are judging. Man this is a quick episode.
    Whitney’s commercial was just, Eh. Her photo was also just ok for me, I was not all that crazy for it. What’s with the black and white?
    Fatima’s commercial was no winner either and her photo was pretty and I actually like it better than Whitney’s but the photo is better to me and the judges hate it. Go figure.
    Anya’s commercial was a mess with her voice but the cutest to me. Her photo was nice but didn’t showcase her. Paulina thought she looked stupid. Ouch. Who took these photos? Not your cute Covergirl shots if you ask me. Did ya? No. Sorry.
    What did you say Tyra? A Donatella Vercace show!!! Hold the phone!!!
    Commercial break and it was Selisha’s final my life as a covergirl. Buh-Bye- I have to say her’s were forget-able. Give me cha-cha Jaslene over her any day.
    Decision time and the final 2 are… Anya and…Whitney!! Wow! Would it be that a plus size model could be the winner of America’s next top model? Is Top Model tired of playing with this?
    The Runway show is lots of fun and I love the male models in the very tiny Speedos. Anya is beautiful and Whitney has plenty of attitude. What a short show with only 2 looks for the girls to work out. Oh well. Once again I feel so used. It seems to be the season and just that quick they rush them into the judging room not even changing poor Whitney’s dress.
    Things look good for Whitney’s walk since Tyra says she reminds her of herself.
    Always a good sign.
    Then its comparing photos and they go back and forth. “She’s pretty-no she’s prettier.” It looks like Anya wins here.
    So who’s the real winner? It’s…WHITNEY!!!! Holy Smokes. It’s finally happened. Paulina said it this should not be called Plus sized this should just be called BEAUTIFUL.
    Sidebar: Syesha is out on America Idol. I don’t think she ever got a fair shake. I’m not happy with it but I didn’t really watch this season. Let’s hope she does half as good a Jennifer Hudson.
    Now onto Top Chef to top it all off.
    The show opens with the chefs are still tired and Spike is still mad at Dale and Dale like ‘whatever’ and Andrew is still Nuts.
    And guess who’s here? Cutie Sam Talbot!!! And another excuse to pull out the photo of me and Sam. Sorry, deal with it!

    The chefs have to make a sexy salad in honor of sexy Sam and they have 45 minutes. It had better be fabulous.

    I love that Antonia loves a fatty salad!
    Having the extra time was too much for Stephanie and she didn’t finish plating her dish. Uh-oh.
    Lisa’s dish was no good. Stephanie’s was bad and Richard’s was a no-no.
    Sam liked Spike, Antonia and the fat and Dale. Spike is the winner. Boo!! Hiss!!
    The elimination challenge is gourmet boxed lunches for the Chicago PD that are healthy too in honor of Sam who is diabetic. Aww.
    As the winner Spike gets to pick his protein, vegetable, fruit and whole grain first and then the other chefs can’t use what he picks so he picked chicken, tomatoes and bread to mess up the other chefs royally.
    Andrew is extra crazy this episode and making Stephanie smell his ‘success’ in Whole Foods. Back off! Every girl does not want to smell your ‘success’. Nasty!
    Here’s the rundown:
    Antonia is making curry beef and jasmine rice.
    Andrew a Sushi bowl? For police officers?
    Dale is doing cabbage cups with bison and Antonia is convinced he is a one trick pony.
    Lisa is doing brown rice with Shrimp and stuff. Tom thinks it’s too spicy.
    Stephanie is making a mushroom leek soup.
    Spike is doing evil chicken salad.
    Fauxhawk Richard is doing lentil burritos.
    Suddenly Lisa realizes somebody raises the burner on her rice and she is MAD! She’s crying sabotage. Time is running out and its chaos all of a sudden. Lions, Tigers and Bison, Oh my!
    Now the chefs are the Chicago police department and being a cagey about passing their food out.
    Stephanie’s soup goes over well.
    Spike’s salad is pedestrian.
    Dale’s bison is nice and flavorful
    Antonia’s beef is well cooked and delicious
    Andrew’s sushi is a manic as he is.
    Richard’s burrito is tasty and not an annoying as his catchphrase of “tell me do you like burrito?” Sounds like a bad pickup like to me. Always answer no.
    Lisa’s stir-fry is spicy and the rice is undercooked.
    Back in the Not So Glad Room Padma calls Dale and Stephanie. I’m happy. They are the top 2. I just love Dale’s green headband. Makes me want to run and get some shell top Adidas. The winner this week is …Dale!!! Yay! In your face Lisa and Spike. He gets wine and to visit Napa. I wonder will Dale be there when I am in July? Hmmm…. Dinner with Dale. How intense would that be?
    The losers are are Lisa, Spike and Andrew. Let’s get ready to Rumble.
    Andrew is fighting for his sushi and drops the F bomb.
    Spike looks hot and sweaty in this week’s hat. The judges call him on his ingredient pick which is great. They saw right through him. Then he got all tippy with Tom. You just don’t do that. Double smack.
    Lisa is all, “whatever dude.” Then crying sabotage again. Pla-ease. Nobody believes that mess. The shrimp were bad too. Then she adds out of the blue that Andrew didn’t use a whole grain. Threw him WAY under the bus. WAY UNDER!!!
    The Not So Glad Room in mad as hell. Andrew is making even Antonia scared. She needs to move her butt over and away from Lisa. I wouldn’t sit next to her with Andrew making the crazy eyes.
    They are all called back and the chef going home is… Andrew. UGH! He’s cute and says that no security is necessary as he leaves. Classy. So Andrew. I’ll miss him. I’m so mad it wasn’t Lisa. SO MAD! UGH!



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    Top It Off!

    What’s Jack Up to? He’s off to bed. Enough running for one day.

    It was a fun and light America’s Next Top Model without the downer Lauren there, although Fatima tried to take up the slack with her, “I’m so great attitude.” I spent most of the show thinking, she is outta here! Sigh.

    I was happy that Whitney won the challenge after the judges were so down on her “fakeness” last week. But I saw a vulnerability in her this week that I liked. Oh and it was Tyra as a photographer week. Yay! More Tyra and Jay screen time.

    On a truly annoying note: What’s with the previews for Farmer Wants A Wife? Did we not learn anything from Joe Millionaire? Yech!

    Ok back to Top Model and the judging and Trya totally overacting with bad accents. Now wonder she gets Whitney’s over the top-ness. But I think she may be out today. The plus size girl has gone as far as she’s going to go in the competition. Will a plus size girl ever when this thing? I don’t think so. It will go off the air first. It’s never a fair fight.

    Votes are in:

    Fatima is 1st -ugh.

    Dominique is 2nd- good for her because the judges were just so mean ragging on her sad outfit.

    Anya is 3rd

    It’s down to Katarzyna and Whitney- Uh -oh- the girls who stays is….. Shocker!!! Whitney!!

    I am so eating my words. I think Whitney has no gone further than any plus size girl on Top Model. Go Whitney!

    Buh-Bye Kat! What a beautiful girl. She’ll be just fine.

    Now onto Top Chef!!! Chef-nasty!

    The chefs wake up mad as hell and ready to take the prize. Bring it on!
    The guest judge is Lady’s Oprah’s personals Chef, Art Smith. You all know I love all things Oprah. So I love art Smith! And the quickfire is all about timing and making a perfect entree in 15 minutes and it’s an uncle Ben’s commercial. Go Bravo and place those products!

    I love that Art went around and told the chefs what he was thinking and wasn’t like the rest of the sourpuss guest chefs that come on. All except mark and Andrew Hmmm….

    And the winner was Antonia with her rice salad. Go figure.

    Now the elimination challenge is a charity thing for arts organization Common Thread (how very Oprah) of him. They have to do dinner for 4 with only 10.00. 10.00!! Not in the recession baby. Write to the president. Yech.

    Why are the boys always running into the Whole Foods? Running? I don’t get it. With 10.00 you’re not going to buy out the chicken counter.

    Dale is doing turkey bratwurst and cabbage.

    Stephanie-chicken and couscous and peanut butter and tomatoes.-judges don’t like.

    Andrew-chicken pillard

    Antonia-stir fry pasta which she makes for her daughter and she shared a sweet phone call with her daughter to get the awww factor going. It worked.

    Mark-Vegetable curry

    Lisa-Chicken Edamame and black beans

    Spike-pasta puttanesca

    Richard-Roast Chicken with beets and apples

    Nikki-Another Roasted Chicken and veggies. I’m now clucking.

    Then it’s back to the kitchen and surprise a bunch of kids from Art’s program come into be assistant chefs. Happily it was not like the Project Runway challenge and there wasn’t and big time diva’s but Spike did get his kid bleeding right out of the gate.

    Tom’s going around now and how sweet is he with the kids. Awww. Love my Tom. He’s so unpredictable. Now to look at him you’d think he’ kick a small kid now be so sweet.
    Judging is on and Mark is complaining about Tom being in the kitchen. What a Diva!

    The judges like: Nikki and Antonia. Wow?!

    The judges don’t likie:Lisa, Stephanie and Mark- Uh Stephanie. say it ain’t so. Stephanie in the bottom again? I just can’t call this show.

    And ugh! Someone wipe the visual from my mind. Richard want to go home and make some baby blazes. Did I need to hear that? Is he going to bed with that fauxhawk? Not a turn on.

    Now to the No So Glad Room. They want Andrew, Nikki, and Antonia. Silence. Time to switch it up.
    The winner turns out to be Antonia who did it for her daughter. Clear transfer of energy.
    And for the bottoms three. Lisa, Stephanie and Mark.

    Stephanie said her couscous was bad. mark said that Tom doesn’t like him. What? Tom’s not thinking about you babe! Lisa is mad and says she enjoyed her dish. She doesn’t know why she’s there.
    I think she should be kicked out for the eyebrow piercing. It’s worse than the fauxhawk to me. Sorry if I’m offending any piercers here, my cousins included, but they already know how I feel since I’ve told then to their face.
    The judges are deliberating and it’s rough. The Glad room is Sad and Stephanie is nervous. me too.
    But it Mark that has to pack his knives and go. Tom let him know that he doesn’t dislike him and they can share a beer. Yeah, like THAT will be happening. Right.



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    Mish-Mosh Wednesday

    What’s Jack up to? He’s jumping around going wild since all the ladies are coming over at our place for knitting today. Jack please don’t be too nutty. Folks won’t want to come back.
    It’s kind of a mish-mosh Wednesday today.
    First up Fashion. Specifically Wide Leg Jeans. They are all over the mags again and I actually got a pair (total impulse buy) that I haven’t worn yet. I feel like they can go either way. With the wrong top or shoes it could easily be shlump city. To me it’s all about the tiny top and the heel with these pants and honestly I can’t walk in heels. Eek. Who know when I’ll wear them. What do you all think?

    photo Marie Claire


    In Top Model News. Season 3 runner up Yaya Dacosta is now on ABC’s daytime soap All My Children playing the daughter of newly back Angie Hubbard. Yes, I’ve been known to watch AMC. Actually I grew up on on it at Nana’s knee. Seems it’s old home week on AMC Angie and Jessie are back together and now they are being Dixie back from the dead as a ghost. Wonder if Yaya will help sell some Charmed books and perfume. Ugh.

    Tune in tomorrow for a great interview to celebrate the launch day for my bud Marley Gibson and her Sorority 101 series!



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    Top Shock Me- Why Don’t cha!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s Happy to have Nana up today. She’s giving him unlimited treats. Talk about spoiled.

    First let’s talk America’s Next Top Model

    The top model girls land in Rome and Anya’s first step is a face plant out of the van! Poor thing.
    Thank goodness the first Tyra mil is read by Whitney alone and not all of them together. Fatima is sick and crying and I’m not feeling anything but wondering where is Mr. Jay and is he really fighting with Tyra and will he be back for another season? Will she? Other reports say it’s totally untrue though.
    Are we supposed to be stupid with these “random” women that they are pointing out? Of course they are not random, but models they placed. Did anyone think they were random? Ugh. I’m getting so annoyed by this show.
    They had another challenge and what happens? Anya wins again. That girl with the squeaky voice is taking over the world.
    Then it’s a Cover Girl commercial in Italian and it’s a full on disaster for most of the girls. And Lauren has to go. What a HOT TRANNY MESS! We’ll see what happens in judging.
    We’re in Judging and the bottom two are Whitney and Lauren. Whitney is criticized for being phony but Tyra is still behind her. Come on and just send Thumbelina home….
    The verdict is in and it’s…. Lauren. At least they made the right choice.

    Now it’s time for the show stopper Top Chef!

    The show opens and once again Jen is talking about doing it for Zoi. Ugh. Why do I want her to go home already?
    The quick fire is a dessert challenge and the judge is Johnny Izinnu (no, I can’t spell his name). I can tell there are some scared chefs. If you don’t know a dessert then you’re done for. Silly Lisa actually said she swore she wouldn’t do a dessert during this show. What? Has she ever watched the show? Never say Never. Now I want her to go home. I loved that Dale said he had 1 dessert up his sleeve and he was breaking it out! But the winner was… Richard. Ugh. He gets in the Top Chef cookbook.
    Now they are going out to Second City for a night on the town and some comedy. But wait it quickly turns bad and it’s the really scary elimination challenge based on horrible improve.
    Dale and Richard-green perplexed tofu- They are talking curry and other cool stuff with free beef fat what sure has me
    Lisa and Antonia- Magenta drunk polish sausage and Lisa is mad. They are doing something with tequila
    Jen and Stephanie- Orange turned on asparagus
    Marc and Nikki- Purple depressed bacon
    Spike and Andrew- are Yellow Vanilla Love and when they left whole food I wasn’t sure what they were making. Something with squash soup and love without a blender. Because now there’s no electrical equipment. Twister.

    The guests arrive at the chef house and Spike and Andrew are first up with vanilla love squash soup and everyone is really loving it.
    Jen is obviously missing Zoi a lot because first she’s talking threesomes she and Stephanie and doing a whole skit that’s a little, um, icky and so is the dish.
    Dale and Richard came out with their perplexed food and the judges weren’t perplexed. They liked it.
    Antonia and Lisa and their drunken sausage fell flat. They seem to hate their suggestion and it showed in their presentation.
    Mark and Nikki come out with purple depressed bacon and it’s good, proving once again that all things are better with bacon.

    Now for the top chefs. They are Dale and Richard and Spike and Andrew. What?
    The winning team is dale and Richard and they each get 2500.00 work of Caphelon. These guys are now rockin’.

    Bottom two are Antonia and Lisa and Stephanie and Jen.
    Not doing Polish sausage was a killer for them and Jen and Stephanie that Goat cheese was the killer for them plus the while crazy phallic thing. Stephanie run from Jen as fast as you can never partner with her again. She misses her girlfriend too much!

    Now back to the Not So Glad room and the girls are scared as hell. Strangely so am I.
    Here goes… And it’s Jen that goes home! Wow! I know I wanted her to go but I can’t believe it’s her before Lisa or Nikki or OMG. Spike!!!!!

    Oh well. She’s not doing it for Zoi anymore and now and I’m sad.



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    He’s a Survivor- again

    What’s Jack up to? Wow! Jack’s looking even better, but hating on me even more after yesterday’s visit to the groomer for a touch up now. The strange goatee is gone and he’s looking good. When I get some batteries for the camera I’ll post a photo.

    I could not have enjoyed last night’s Survivor anymore if I tried. It was just fab! The whole episode was about getting rid or poor Jason in the worst way and after torturing him with the immunity challenge. The the whole tribe lied to him for pizza donuts and candy and was being all 7th grade by crossing their finger behind their backs and saying, “yes Jason we’ll be your friend.” Ugh. It was awful. I just knew Jason was going home.

    But then a light. I could not believe it. What was going on behind the scenes with Mr. Jason?! I have a feeling that my cagey Cirie was behind it all. I just love her. And James (sorry Eileen) he has to go! In the end it was Ozzy that was gone with the stupid immunity idol in his pocket. Just perfect. I actually clapped. A great hour.



    P.S. Chiming in late to say. Buh-bye to Stacy-Ann from America’s Next Top Model. Sorry you won’t make it to Rome sweetie.

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    Earth, Wind and Fired Up!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s exhausted after 4 hours at the groomer today with the other “kids”. The dear went straight to the hall closet after and would not come out. He was so over me. But at least he’s clean and you can see his eyes. Picture to come soon.

    America’s Next Top Model was a recap show. I just don’t have time for those. It’s like a long commercial break.

    But happily Top Chef was all new.

    The show starts out with Jen being so cute and defending her girl who didn’t cut it last week. The we are introduced to Ming Tsai for the quickfire and the blind taste challenge. Antonia is excited. The chefs have to choose the more expensive dish. Stephanie was the worst which is surprising and Antonia rocked and won so she has immunity.

    Now onto the elimination challenge. It meals on wheels! Wheee! And its another team challenge based on the 4 elements of earth, water, fire and air and doing a starter.

    Water team: Richard, Andrew and Mark are poaching fish and way too happy about it. WAY to happy with the high fives and of course Richard is in charge and assuming the role as executive chef on the 1 dish starter. Gag me!

    Air is Jen, Nikki and Ryan. They are doing duck and pomegranate. Ryan messes up and uses all the pomegranate. Someone get him off the island.

    Earth is Spike (with a herringbone fedora) , Antonia and Zoi who are arguing over soup from the start. Chill babies. Get it together.

    Fire is the power team with Dale, Stephanie and Lisa. The tension is hot. Lisa is not happy with Dale or his devilish eggs. I love all of Dale’s snide impersonations of Lisa. Oh Dale you are so dry! Onto Whole Foods and Lisa is mad and now fighting for Asian. Way to fight girl! She wins out. Good for her.

    Sidebar: I just noticed that Spike is wearing a crazy hat in the confessional that really does look like a Ricky original and I’m nervous for him.

    Sidebar over and folks are coming in hungry. Team water’s poached salmon doesn’t look too good. Scaly? Oh very bad.

    Team Fire and some good looking grilled shrimp and the judges are happy, happy, happy!
    Team air’s Duck is next and uh-oh I head some complaints.
    Team Earth and the beef and more complaints from the judges, the diners and Spike! Yech.

    Time for the judges table and the Glad not-so-glad room. Richard is whining. Why you not so bad now, Dude?

    And the Fire team is called in and congratulated. They are so happy. I’m glad Lisa won this big prize since she really fought for this. Dale is bitter but man enough to admit it.

    Now Earth and Water are called in for the bad news. Richard is in TROUBLE! Mark and Andrew are just there. The Earth team is called on the carpet for their dish being bland. Zoi is fighting for her herbs and Spike is still bringing up his missed soup.

    Back to the Not So Glad Room and the big fight. Jen is bigging up Zoi telling her she’s an amazing chef. Is love blind? Richard is whining and Spike is mad at himself.

    Back to the judges and it’s the end for Zoi. I saw it coming.
    The Not So Glad Room is a mess. Jen is in tears. There is hell to pay and even with the show over the arguing continues. What tha-! Spike jumps on Antonia and Jen loses it, then Dale says something, Lisa jumps in and Dale tells her off because he’s pissed about not going to Italy. Spike goes too far with Jen and she kick a chair. Yikes! It’s Top Chef guys. Chill out and cook something.

    Buh-bye Zoi. Thanks for the memories.


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    Top Fool I am

    What’s Jack up to? He’s just being Jack. Lately he’s been hiding out in the hall closet with the shoes and boots. I keep forgetting and closing the door on him all the way. Sorry, Jack.

    It was quite a shocker on America’s Next Top Model last night, but first off what is up with Lauren and the crazy outbursts? That girl is needing a muzzle.

    I have to give props this week to Stacy Ann for being smart with the good Sprint shout out and getting premium camera time and good for her winning the challenge. Go Stacy Anne! I also have to say I wasn’t in love with the photos this week and in a true shocker, well, not so much. Claire was ousted. I thought it would have been and should have been Lauren. Oh well.

    Buh-Bye Claire. No more CoverGirl of the week for you.

    Now for Top Chef. Hooray!!!

    This week’s quickfire was with guest Daniel Boulud and was all about technique and making a beautiful vegetable plate. Uh-oh all you butter fingers and as for you Richard and Ryan (who I suspect was fired) Daniel said his past experiences with them would not effect him. We’ll see…

    Sidebar: How many hats did Spike bring? Does he secretly have something going on with Ricky from Project Runway?

    Quickfire judging Dale was impressive and scary too.
    Richard’s a suck up. Surprise. Wipe your nose.
    Spike was nice, despite the hat Hmm….

    The winner is….. Scary Dale with the manic eyes and full zipper velour jogging jacket. Yay! He’ll be around another week.

    Now the elimination challenge. A dinner inspired by your favorite movie. Sounds like a fun dress- party. Wouldn’t it be great to do that with Pride and Prejudice, or Rocky Horror or Mahogany all could have good food and fun clothes. What movie would you choose?

    Richard, Dale and Andrew are doing Willy Wonka. Andrew no acting, please. This is not Mars 2112. Just stop. Tom will not stand for it. Back in the kitchen Richard’s smoker breaks. I’m so happy. I’m mean, right?

    Judges Verdict- Impressive

    Did Spike Say Good Morning Vietnam? What? Not a favorite movie of mine and you can’t really dress to it, but make it good Manuel, please don’t pull out an accent or I may have to smack you.

    Verdict- Judges not impressed.

    Jen and Nikki- Il Postino- Good Choice but Nikki need to chill with the Italian. The judges are going to get tired of her with that.

    Verdict- Tom “Good not great.” I think they’ll they’ll take that.

    Zoi and Antonia- Talk to Her good too. Spanish film. good stuff to work with.

    Verdict- Daniel not happy. Uh-oh, Zoi.

    Mark and Ryan to ding bats with no knowledge of cinema decided on the Christmas story. Hmm…

    Verdict-Hey Ted liked it. Why am I surprised? Ryan just does not impress me.

    Lisa and Stephanie get the 6th course and decide to do beef? Who wants beef for a 6th course? Who? Unless it’s a 6 am after the club course. Although I’ll agree that Top Secret is a super Funny movie and probably Val Kilmer’s best. At least they added apples so it’s not all savory.

    Verdict-Daniel- Yum.

    The winners are announced and there are man hugs all around even with the women. The final winner is…Fauxhawk Richard. Man! And even without a smoker. Nobodies happy. Ugh!

    Losers walk on in. Spike has on another fedora! Mustard yellow. Ugh again! Manuel you are with a fedora wearing mess. Get a backbone, man.
    Antonia and Zoi look like they want to cry. Zoi is whining too much in the Gladroom. I’m afraid she may go. Tick Tock….

    Commercial over. Wow! I was fooled again. Zoi is safe despite the whining. Fedora is in and Manuel is out. Buh-Bye, Manuel.

    It was fun.


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    Topsy Turvy

    What’s Jack up to? Wacky Jack is getting shots today. Shh… Don’t tell him.
    Poor thing. Wish him the best.

    It was a Topsy Turvy Wednesday.

    For America’s Next Top Model I was picking up my daughter from rehearsals so I actually was the ending of ANTM before the beginning so I missed all the drama and buildup and went right to the judging room. I was just as surprised as Claire to find her standing next to Aimee. Going by the pictures I thought it should have been Stacy-Ann. But I think the right girl went in the end. Buh-Bye Aimee.

    Now I get to back track to the drama …

    What’s up with Claire and Lauren and all the cursing at Dominique. I understand you’re mad about the clock but ladies. Really? I think the producers may have rigged that clock.

    And wasn’t Claire being so 7th grade? She had better not win CoverGirl of the week this week.
    Side bar: Wouldn’t the world seem better if the nightly news was read by Anya?

    And we won’t even talk about Tyra’s all about me ‘pose with pain’ modeling class. Do they teach that at Barbizon? Oh, Tyra you crazy thang!

    Now onto Topsy Turvy Chef! Yay Wednesday!

    It starts out with towel smacking between Spiky and Andrew. Dudes this is not a frat house. Then Jennifer and Zoi (name does not match spelling) are all sweet together. I secretly think Jennifer (fauxhawx) is giving culinary secrets. I can’t help it. Too many seasons of Big Brother for me!

    Quickfire Taco Challenge. Great love tacos. Bummers. I wish I had some now. Too bad I can’t get the DH to make a Taco Bell run but I know he’d call me nuts. Am I crazy or is Manuel’s accent suddenly thicker for this challenge? What’s up with that?

    Sidebar: Wanna here something funny? This is the first time I noticed Lisa on the show with her bad skirt steak. Has she been her all along? Has she always had the eyebrow piercing?

    Should we smack Richard the fauxhawk showoff with his “may I eat one with you?” Smack! Then darn it! Richard wins!

    The intensity on this show is crazy. Thump Thump – Sweat Sweat. wish I had pictures. Ugh.

    They are splitting into teams and I suspect some fights ahead did anyone miss the big time Toyota product placement? I didn’t think so.

    Blue team- I’m nervous for them. And the Sexy Drink Lavender. It sounds sleepy to me.

    I’m also nervous for Stephanie and changing up her dessert. Frying and moving? Wasn’t that a disaster last week for whatshername?

    Time for the party. Hey there’s Ted Allen! Good to see ya.

    Service is up. Did you notice, Manuel has no accent? I did. Accent doesn’t make the Taco.

    But hey the blue team’s food is not looking too bad. I wonder if the sleepy drink is actually sexy. I’m surprised that Stephanie can cook. Her dessert came out good. Why was I doubting her?

    Now for the Red team.
    Food’s looking food too and the guy’s are characters. Poor Padma dropped her Smore.
    I wonder what the judges think of the dipping bar. I’m on the fence with that.

    We’ll find out. It’s time for the Judges table.

    Ugh oh- Blue team is called in first. I’m nervous for the Red team.

    We got bad cheese in the mac and cheese from Nikki, no good paella from Richard and I think the good Drink and dessert from Stephanie took them over the top. That Stephanie is Rocking!

    Then Tom brings down the hammer and says, well you won but it wasn’t that good.

    Ouch Tom! That hurts!

    Now the Red team.
    Man someone call for makeup and get these guys some powder. It’s sweat city.

    We got bad corn dogs from Erik, Wilty Waldorf salad from Ryan, bad pasta from Zoi and the whole Americana thing that I thought was good turned out to be pretty bad. Oops.

    Dale is silently shooting daggers. Duck!

    Andrew gets crazy defending his team. Security!

    Deliberation and nail biter time.

    Man the Corn Dogs did him in. The lovable Giant is gone. Buh-bye Erik.

  • ANTM,  jack,  Reality tv,  survivor,  Top Chef

    Dropping like flies

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Mr. Jack is a little under the weather. We’ll see how he fares today. It’s all about chillin’ today Jack.

    So my first 2 reality shows were so sad lat night.

    Poor Marvita was out at the beginning. There was no mystery in the show. The DH said she was out-ski as soon as he saw her with the 40 ounce. Tsk, tsk. I still couldn’t help but feel sad for her and her very sad photo. I was hoping they would give me a top model twist and it would be Whitney gone at the end, but alas, no.

    A few points: It is just me or is Dominique feeling a little Jade-esque?
    Fatima? What up with the not shaving, gal? You knew Miss J would be all over that.
    And who stole Lauren’s shoes? That poor girl can barely walk in shoes she knows. She’ll never be ale to break in another pair!

    Then it was Survivor. Which I had forgotten was coming on but thankfully I taped it fifteen minutes into it. Poor Kathy. The woman had a full Survivor meltdown and left the show. it was all those times on Exile Island that wore her down.

    Then it came time for the deliberation and it was looking like Ozzy’s arrogance was getting the best of him. Half naked showers with random ladies won’t win you any point. Remember: Have Equipment Will Travel. But in the end it was Tracy. Ozzy is still running things or is it Cirie?

    Then on to, wait for it… Top Chef.

    What’s with Mr. Chill aka Spike stopping and listening to music? Work fool!

    And Richard aka Mr. Smokey and the eucalyptus. How many times can he say, “molecular Gastronomy” in five seconds? Like fifty. We get it already Mr. Smokey. Yeech!

    And Runaround Marc sweating out of the box and messing up with the bags. Ugh. High drama in the kitchen. Good thing he can cook even with mistakes. Go Curly! Immunity.

    Can someone tell me why is Dale always mad, no matter if it’s rainy or sunny? But, I’m starting to like it. He’s just so dark.

    Last thing on the quick fire, Andrew, can you can’t to five? Duh? Moving on.
    Next up, Crazy zoo challenge. What?
    Jennifer starts talking about butting heads with Zoi. My eyebrow raises, Joke’s too easy. I’ll leave it alone. You all get 5 seconds. tick-tock. tick- tock.
    So the chefs had to come up with something using the diets of the animals they get assigned. Pretty cool except the girls who got the vegetarian diet wimped out and started adding meat? That doesn’t sound right to me. But it’s crab, not too bad.

    Is it me or is Tom smiling more than ever this year. Did he get a raise or is he just really enjoying torturing the chefs?

    Time is ticking and mistakes are flying we got bad mushrooms and soggy chips. Antonia trying quickly to step away from Valerie’s blini dish.

    Surprise Surprise the winner for the challenge was wacky Andrew and his Glacier. If Dale could kill with his eyes watch out!

    Back in deliberation it was a Dale/ Nikki smack-down. Could she see thought those glasses? Then it’s Stephanie against Valerie and Antonia throws Valerie under the bus. Ouch.

    End the end it was adios to Valerie. Buh-Bye sweet chef. See ya.