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    Happy President’s Day!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s wishing you all a Happy President’s Day.

    Sure there is plenty to be down about with this economy, but so many more reasons to hope. So what do you all think? Jack for Commerce Secretary?



    Anybody checking out reality tv? Survivor is back with the early crazy along with The Amazing Race. And I’m so excited to say The Not So Real Housewives of the NYC premiers tomorrow. I really wasn’t into the OC, but you know I’m all about New York. I’ll be watching. If only for Alex and Simon on the beach.

    P.P.S. make your own Obamicon here

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    What’s Jack up to? It’s raining buckets today and a small stream is running down our street so poor Jack is looking longingly out the window. Sorry, Jack no long walks today.

    Just too much premiered on tv this week. Thank goodness for old things programed into the dvr. Lipstick Jungle was taped. Whew. I think Nico’s hubby got off too easy (spoiler alert!!!) by dying. At least they know how to dress for it. Those ladies are so chic.

    Also Survivor premiered last night. Can someone tell me why these people show up dressed so inappropriately for the jungle. Suits? Dresses? What up with that? I mean if it was me, I’d look like a page from an old Banana Republic catalog. BTW, I already love that sad little Ken, the video gamer who is looking for love on Survivor and she’s already voted off. Poor thing.

    I think after the week we’ve all had we could do with a Friday funny. I laughed my butt off at this last night and again this morning. I just love Jon Stewart.

    Honestly I feel completely screwed over by this whole mess. I’ll be watching the debates or the Barack show tonight depending on if John shows up or not. What about you?


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    She’s a Survivor- Spoilers Ahead!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s back to hiding out in the hall closet. I don’t get it but he’s a dog and just loves it in there. It’s that cave quality I guess.
    Mother’s day was really nice. I wanted peace and quiet and for the most part that’s just what I got. Plus I got a awesome new camera!!! How happy am I? I love my DH and the dear twins most of the time (well all of the time, but don’t tell them that). Thanks Guys. Especially the DH for really listening to my wishes. Check out this pic of a peony from my very own garden yesterday. I’m so excited. I’m going to bore you all so much now with nature and Jack shots. You’ll be sick of me. You can practically pick a petal!

    Woah Nelly? Well it was getting tense there with the first vote at tribal council on the Survivor Finale last night. I was nervous for Cirie. Natalie was playing the game hard. But her scheming didn’t work and she was out. But with abs like hers she’ll be just fine.

    Then Amanda, Cirie and Parvati go back to camp and get into a big ‘ol fight and have a girl crying fit thinking of a final 2 instead of 3 and they get all scared. Then what happens? They wake up, get tree mail and find out it’s a final 2 not a final 3 and they have to go through another immunity challenge. They should have never voiced it. The producers probably decided to throw it in the night before. Ugh! I wouldn’t put it past them.
    Sidebar: How good does Cirie look after 37 days? Man she got thin. I totally want to go on Survivor but what do I wear for all those days? It must be fashion perfection.

    The final immunity challenge is all about concentration and darn Jeff Probst can’t stop talking. I’m sure the women all want to just yell shut up. It’s so tense that I suee do. First Parvati is out
    Then finally it’s Cirie and Amanda wins immunity.
    Now Amanda has to choose who to take to the end with her. Parvarti thinks she has it made to go to the end. We will see. Final tribal council and the eye rolling is intense as Amanda cries over her decision. What a game.
    The 15th person voted out and the final juror is Cirie. The only thing I can hope for is that she’ll make it as the fan favorite. I sure voted for her.

    Now it’s time for Amanda and Parvari to duke it out against the Jury. Yikes. Let the hatin’ begin.

    Eliza is MAD. The Eyes are rollin’
    Jason wants to love Parvati
    Alexis works with young girls but quickly pits the women against each other.Natalie is just strange and wants to get all sexual with her question and Parvati? Huh? Talking about the bedroom? Huh? And where did she get here brows done on the island? Huh?
    Erik look like he was crying before this jury poor thing he’s still hurt.
    James is all mad at Parvari and they are airing their mess on TV. Yikes. Cold.
    Cirie is clearly mad at Amanda for not picking her and if she was up there she would have won the whole thing. Mother of 3. Yeah she would have won.
    Ozzy was crushed by Parvati and was ready cry over losing 14 days with his love Amanda. Aww. Survivor love. Will it survive?
    The vote is on they are back in NY and every one has pack on 15-20 pounds, but they are still looking good.
    Let’s count the votes:
    Parv-AAAAA! It’s making me crazy!!!!!
    Parvati!!!! Is the Winner

    But… Amanda wins Ozzy’s Heart!

    And the fan favorite is… James. Just for you Wish List Mom! Thanks for a Great Season. I LOVED it. Can’t wait for Survivor Gabon in the Fall.

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    He’s not a Survivor- Not by a long shot.

    Did you watch Erik go down in a flame of no glory? Poor thing. He’ll probably be taking James’ place as officially the dumbest survivor in history? Who is he you ask? Why it’s Erik. The pseudo Leif Garrett of Survivor.

    The sweetheart had such blinding stars in his eyes that he willfully believed a couple of women that hated him when they batted their lashes and said they promised they wouldn’t vote for him if he gave up his hard won immunity. And he did!!! Ugh!!!
    I thought James would bust a gut. It was too good for words. It’s an all ladies final four and I’m loving it!
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    Quirky meme and Oh Crap!

    What’s Jack up to? He’s probably still laughing his behind off from yesterday.

    Well, I took him for a quickie walk around the block before running out again to run errands. Jack was having no part of doing his business. I swear he was lifting his little legs for the fun of it. A regular kickstand he was. We went to all his usual haunts and no real action, if you know what I mean. So I told him, “too bad too sad. I got things to do, people to see.”

    Right when we were about to go in the house, Jack took in our newly fertilized grass and decided the time to go was now! So he goes and all was right with the world.

    I had Amy Winehouse going on my ipod so I shoved that in my pocket while I pulled out a bag to pick up the, sorry people, steaming poop from the lawn.

    Well, somehow without thinking I misjudged the whole baggy thing and reach down and ended up with a bare hand of steaming hot poop!!!

    OMG!!! How much did I throw up in my mouth? How many hand washings did it take with how many different products to get the smell from my hands? The DH is still cracking up and won’t let me touch him, but believe me he’s bound to come around sooner or later. I have my ways 🙂

    Now onto the Quirks

    The Very Cool Carleen Brice aka The Pajama Gardener tagged me for a meme.

    Here are the rules:
    Link the person who tagged you.
    Mention the rules in your blog.
    Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
    Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
    Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged
    So here goes a few quirky thinks about me (believe me there are plenty more):

    1. I cant stand the taste or smell of mint. Don’t bring it near me. You might get hurt.

    2.I must take a bath every night. I shower will do in a pinch, but I prefer a bath or I don’t sleep well. I hate getting between the sheets dirty and don’t want anyone getting next to me dirty either.

    3.I don’t like gum chewers. It just bugs me although every once in a while I will have a bit of gum but only bubble gum.

    4.Like Carleen I must have everything in plain site. I’m a piler. If I put it away then it’s forgotten about. Take today for instance. I had been admiring a lovely black satin trench on a knit club buddy, T, the other day and thinking how I need a new swanky black coat for spring. So I’m pondering this really hard, trying to figure how I can find one in the free 25 minutes I have during the day when it dawns on me that I already have one- right in my hall closet. It’s perfect. Black, satin and pretty new from Vera Wang when her Kohl’s line first came out. And I totally forgot I had it. Outta sight outta mind. That’s me.

    5.I’m a huge procrastinator but one that works really well under deadlines. No deadline no workie.

    6.I can’t stand opinionated people, but I’m so major opinionated myself, but I like to think I’m open-minded. What up with that? Hmm. Shrug?

    So for this quirky meme I’m tagging Megan, Mel, Louisa, Elizabeth, Leanna and Maureen. Don’t hate me Y’all. Have fun.

    Have a great weekend. I’m off to Boston for Ms. Marley’s launch Party for her Sorority 101 books with, K , my oldest BFF. We’ve been buds since I was in 3rd grade. Can you believe that? I’m leaving the DD, DS, DH and Jack and she’s leaving her own DH sweet, but totally 2 1/2 year old DS and dog named Morty.

    Mama’s flying the coop for girl’s getaway. Yay!! Watch out world.



    PS- Last minute add on- Survivor. Did you watch? Poor James. De-railed. Then Alexis- De-railed? Dis-cuss! Sorry Eileen.

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    He’s a Survivor- again

    What’s Jack up to? Wow! Jack’s looking even better, but hating on me even more after yesterday’s visit to the groomer for a touch up now. The strange goatee is gone and he’s looking good. When I get some batteries for the camera I’ll post a photo.

    I could not have enjoyed last night’s Survivor anymore if I tried. It was just fab! The whole episode was about getting rid or poor Jason in the worst way and after torturing him with the immunity challenge. The the whole tribe lied to him for pizza donuts and candy and was being all 7th grade by crossing their finger behind their backs and saying, “yes Jason we’ll be your friend.” Ugh. It was awful. I just knew Jason was going home.

    But then a light. I could not believe it. What was going on behind the scenes with Mr. Jason?! I have a feeling that my cagey Cirie was behind it all. I just love her. And James (sorry Eileen) he has to go! In the end it was Ozzy that was gone with the stupid immunity idol in his pocket. Just perfect. I actually clapped. A great hour.



    P.S. Chiming in late to say. Buh-bye to Stacy-Ann from America’s Next Top Model. Sorry you won’t make it to Rome sweetie.

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    Blame Kristen

    What’s Jack up to? Here he is (still needing a haircut) jumping in on me taking a picture of this cool ribbon scarf I finished. Jack this is not your shot. Scoot. He has the nerve to try and pose too! Ugh, I’ve created a monster with bad hair.

    I’m starting on another scarf for someone special (shhh…) in the same stitch. As you can tell I really like this drop stitch. It’s not hard and looks so pretty. I’m loving this slightly ribboned yarn with a bit of mohair I found. It’s sturdy, but delicate.

    So I’ve been tagged again. This time by Kristen and she looks so sweet. Hmm…

    You’re feeling: Tired and a little anxious

    To your left: Books, a table lamp, way too many papers

    On your mind: Oh, just everything. My kids mostly, my DH, my WIP, my bills, too much.

    Last meal included: Totally top chef- not: Meatloaf, Kraft Mac and cheese and string beans, HA!

    You sometimes find it hard to: Chill out.

    The weather: raining and still too cold!

    Something you have a collection of: Books, Magazines, yarn

    A smell that cheers you up: lavender, spring rain, cut grass

    A smell that can ruin your mood: Mint. I can’t stand it!

    How long since you last shaved: Too long, I’m a bit over due.

    The current state of your hair: Ugh. Dry and choppy. Must get it done for NEC.

    The largest item on your desk/workspace (not computer): some special yellow fake flowers that will make it to their destination one day

    Your skill with chopsticks: so-so

    Which section you head for first in a bookstore: center tables then Romance

    Something you’re craving: always Pasta.

    Your general thoughts on the presidential race: Scroll down a bit and you’ll see then make up your own mind.

    How many times have you been hospitalized this year: More than I’d like.

    Favorite place to go for a quiet moment: Movies. Not quiet but a great escape for me.

    You’ve always secretly thought you’d be a good: Actress.

    Something that freaks you out a little: Gum on the side of a plate.

    Something you’ve eaten too much of lately: Pasta. See above.

    You have never: Jumped out of a plane

    You never want to: Jump out of a plane

    People I’m tagging: Elizabeth, Mommy The Robot, Patricia and Eileen again!

    Oh, Did any one watch Survivor? Erik totally sold Ami out. She really tried to fight it out and I thought she had something there but it was a no go. There was no way Ozzy was letting go of his most adoring fan. So funny!

    And… on Make Me A Supermodel Holly Wins!!! Yay! I’m so glad she beat out those way too smug boys (Ronnie). Ha! This show actually grew on me. Who knew?

    Ok, now I’m gone. Smiles! Happy Friday.



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    Monday Monday

    What’s Jack up to? The little bugger’s all tuckered out after causing havoc this weekend and running around the neighborhood terrorizing people chilling in their own backyards! Oh, Jack what will I do with you wild one?

    So, how was your holiday weekend? I hope it was truly lovely. I won’t bore you and get too far into mine, but I would love for someone to to give any remedies on surviving a quaint family day with two teens. One who can pretty much tolerate you and the DH and the other who’s shooting dagger’s at you and the DH the whole time. Watch it! Duck! POW- POW.

    Dinner feels like an episode of Survivor.
    Picture Jeff Probst. “Mom, with the most votes, you are the fifth person to be voted of the island, your time is up.”

    Mom wipes forehead, looks back and and waves good-bye to the rest of the inhabitants.

    “Whew”, she mumbles under her breath.

    She feels like, Chet. Freedom, a meal, a shower and a shave. No daggers. Sounds like bliss:)

    I’ve got a super busy week ahead with plenty of writing (MUST WRITE!!), Dr. appointments and housekeeping to do. Plus even more driving for said dagger shooting teen. So that should be, well… fun.

    What’s on tap for your week? I hope it’s dagger free.


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    Dropping like flies

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Mr. Jack is a little under the weather. We’ll see how he fares today. It’s all about chillin’ today Jack.

    So my first 2 reality shows were so sad lat night.

    Poor Marvita was out at the beginning. There was no mystery in the show. The DH said she was out-ski as soon as he saw her with the 40 ounce. Tsk, tsk. I still couldn’t help but feel sad for her and her very sad photo. I was hoping they would give me a top model twist and it would be Whitney gone at the end, but alas, no.

    A few points: It is just me or is Dominique feeling a little Jade-esque?
    Fatima? What up with the not shaving, gal? You knew Miss J would be all over that.
    And who stole Lauren’s shoes? That poor girl can barely walk in shoes she knows. She’ll never be ale to break in another pair!

    Then it was Survivor. Which I had forgotten was coming on but thankfully I taped it fifteen minutes into it. Poor Kathy. The woman had a full Survivor meltdown and left the show. it was all those times on Exile Island that wore her down.

    Then it came time for the deliberation and it was looking like Ozzy’s arrogance was getting the best of him. Half naked showers with random ladies won’t win you any point. Remember: Have Equipment Will Travel. But in the end it was Tracy. Ozzy is still running things or is it Cirie?

    Then on to, wait for it… Top Chef.

    What’s with Mr. Chill aka Spike stopping and listening to music? Work fool!

    And Richard aka Mr. Smokey and the eucalyptus. How many times can he say, “molecular Gastronomy” in five seconds? Like fifty. We get it already Mr. Smokey. Yeech!

    And Runaround Marc sweating out of the box and messing up with the bags. Ugh. High drama in the kitchen. Good thing he can cook even with mistakes. Go Curly! Immunity.

    Can someone tell me why is Dale always mad, no matter if it’s rainy or sunny? But, I’m starting to like it. He’s just so dark.

    Last thing on the quick fire, Andrew, can you can’t to five? Duh? Moving on.
    Next up, Crazy zoo challenge. What?
    Jennifer starts talking about butting heads with Zoi. My eyebrow raises, Joke’s too easy. I’ll leave it alone. You all get 5 seconds. tick-tock. tick- tock.
    So the chefs had to come up with something using the diets of the animals they get assigned. Pretty cool except the girls who got the vegetarian diet wimped out and started adding meat? That doesn’t sound right to me. But it’s crab, not too bad.

    Is it me or is Tom smiling more than ever this year. Did he get a raise or is he just really enjoying torturing the chefs?

    Time is ticking and mistakes are flying we got bad mushrooms and soggy chips. Antonia trying quickly to step away from Valerie’s blini dish.

    Surprise Surprise the winner for the challenge was wacky Andrew and his Glacier. If Dale could kill with his eyes watch out!

    Back in deliberation it was a Dale/ Nikki smack-down. Could she see thought those glasses? Then it’s Stephanie against Valerie and Antonia throws Valerie under the bus. Ouch.

    End the end it was adios to Valerie. Buh-Bye sweet chef. See ya.


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    Friday Fussings

    What’s Jack up to? That little devil has pulled down my coat and is searching my pocket for treats. Stop thief!

    Well, the blog party’s almost over. I hope it doesn’t stop my new friends from coming on back. It’s been fun getting to know you all.

    So, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a new book idea and it’s right on the tip of my brain. So close, I can almost taste it. I know it’s there with action and excitement, but for some reason it’s just not coming. So being visual (have you noticed all the pictures on this blog) I took a clue from another blogger, thanks WriteBrained, and tried playing around yesterday with a dry ease board. Of course, I had to get multiple colored markers:) But in about an hour I went from this:

    To this:

    Yay! Now I feel like there may be something I can get my fingers around. Wish me luck.

    On another note. It’s been a pretty trying time in the Kwana world and yesterday I received the most wonderful surprise in the mail. My DH aka Mr. Silent aka Are We Still Talking About That? aka Mr. When Did You Tell Me That? Well, the UPS man drops off a package and when I opened it it was my favorite soaps! The Claus Porto Soaps from Lafco New York in the delicious Honeysuckle scent. These are the same soaps that were featured on Oprah’s Favorite things. I fell in love with them last year on a trip to Vegas with the DH. Who can now add to his list of alias’ aka Mr. Big. How sweet is that?




    Finally it’s Goodbye to Chet on Survivor. Man, I think the poor guy even voted for himself! Cirie had better watch out though. Amy’s coming for her. Good stuff.