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Monday Monday

What’s Jack up to? The little bugger’s all tuckered out after causing havoc this weekend and running around the neighborhood terrorizing people chilling in their own backyards! Oh, Jack what will I do with you wild one?

So, how was your holiday weekend? I hope it was truly lovely. I won’t bore you and get too far into mine, but I would love for someone to to give any remedies on surviving a quaint family day with two teens. One who can pretty much tolerate you and the DH and the other who’s shooting dagger’s at you and the DH the whole time. Watch it! Duck! POW- POW.

Dinner feels like an episode of Survivor.
Picture Jeff Probst. “Mom, with the most votes, you are the fifth person to be voted of the island, your time is up.”

Mom wipes forehead, looks back and and waves good-bye to the rest of the inhabitants.

“Whew”, she mumbles under her breath.

She feels like, Chet. Freedom, a meal, a shower and a shave. No daggers. Sounds like bliss:)

I’ve got a super busy week ahead with plenty of writing (MUST WRITE!!), Dr. appointments and housekeeping to do. Plus even more driving for said dagger shooting teen. So that should be, well… fun.

What’s on tap for your week? I hope it’s dagger free.