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    2+2 = 22… Happy Birthday Dear Twins

    It’s amazing how 22 years can seem like the blink of an eye to one, but to another be a lifetime. So many changes both seen and unseen. So many moments, lots of them I wish I could go back to, rewind,  look back, slow down even or at least live again, this time though really enjoying and savoring each moment. If only they had that type of machine for mothers wishing to turn back time. If only we really knew how fast it would all go. 

    All that melancholy aside, I’m so happy for you and proud of you both on this day. And all I truly wish for you is not what I wish for myself, but what I’ve wished for you each year, each day, since you’ve been born which is for God to keep you safe, for you to fulfill your dreams, have all the joy your hearts can handle and shine brightly like the king and queen you were born to be.

    Kayla and Will 22


    I can speak for both me and your dad here when I say, we love you both with all our hearts.

    Happy 22nd Birthday!



    Mom & Dad and Jack too

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    Nest … not so empty

    Nests empty… then they fill… and empty, then fill again.

    The constant is the babies, no matter the size, demand to be fed.

    Birds a

    (Pic of nest of new baby birds from tree on my front lawn.)

    What are you working at to get your feed on this week?

    All the best,


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    Holding on…as you let go…

    This has been both a long time coming and the shortest time ever. Over the weekend our girl aka “little twin A” aka “The DD” graduated from college (with a double major in International Studies and French thank-you-very-much-bring on those jobs please).

    It was an amazing, proud and bittersweet moment for both me and the DH. And we’re now in the position of welcoming her back home as a young woman when at the same time (not entirely by choice) we’re sending her out into the “real world” as a young adult. It’s such a strange time for all of us. Not just a new chapter but a whole new story just waiting to be written and the hardest thing is this story I’m not writing.

    Try as we might have to hold her tight and keep her our baby she still went and grew up, so with that all we can do is let her know how incredible we think she is, how much we love and care for her and hope that the world will love and care for her at least half as much.

    Either way we are here. Still full of love, the love of parents, of family and that never changes.


    Kayla Grad collage 1




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    Happy Mother’s Day!

    A very Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and like mothers out there.

    What you do and how you care means so much more than is often expressed back to you.

    instaquote-09-05-2015-08-52-29 (2)

    I’d like to say thank you to my family for these lovely flowers that were delivered to me for Mother’s Day.

    I’m so grateful for them.

    mother's day 2

    I also want to send all my love and a Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.

    I love you Ma!

    ma and kwana

    We all do. And though the look of the family may have changed the love is still here.




    Me and the gang

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    Hello May!

    So it’s officially May and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. But time and desperate circumstances require that I do.

    I have to admit that though I’ve been what I think is incredibly busy these last few months (delusional much?), I have not been anywhere near as productive as I’d like to have been and now, once again, I’m feeling backed against the wall to get pretty much EVERYTHING done within the next few weeks before school is done for my twins and summer officially starts.

    Oh and while I’m at it can I possibly write a story of two too?

    So with that said

    Welcome MAY! Good Times ahead.

    may quote (2)

    Tell me are you, like me, feeling the pre-summer crunch or are you sailing easy into the new season?

    All the best,



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    Happy Birthday Dear DH!

    Thank you all so much for all the kindness and well wishes over my big news yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the incredible outpouring of love.

    Please join me today in wishing a very…


    Happy Birthday to my Dear DH! 

    will collage

    Always the hero in my heart.





    With love,


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    Hit me… 21! Happy Birthday Dear Twins!!!

    21 years ago this day seemed so far away. Something that would happen in the future. The far, far away future, like say… cars that park themselves and watches that are phones future and we all know that those will never—oh crap!

    Never mind that, still I don’t know how the day has snuck up on me. These 21 years of diapers, baths, homework, school milestones, dance recitals, tee ball, basketball, moving ups, stepping downs, graduations, laughter and tears, just all of it has gone by in what now feels like the blink of an eye. And honestly if  I had my chance I’d rewind the clock and do it all again only this time slowing down to truly take in each and every precious moment and tell you both, triple time this time, how much I love you.

    But alas I can’t do that, so I’ll have to make do with telling you now, as often as I can, for as long as I can, that my love for you is still strong and reminding you that though the world says you are now “legal adults” you’ll always be my babies and forever have my heart.

    You 2 have made me 1 blessed mama. Thank you. Happy 21st Birthday.

    Kids college 21

    Love Always,


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    Sparkly Monday!

    And here we are…

    The last Monday of the last week of the year.

    Though it was a roller coaster one, with happily more ups and a very big down, I will gladly say goodbye to 2014 and as I always do, go hopefully and dare I say, optimistically into 2015. I’m expecting good things for us all. Now expecting is a pretty big word for me, but there you have it. I’m full up with new ideas, words and even relationships.

    And speaking of new relationships I’m thrilled to announce I’m now being represented by new Super Agent, Rachel Brooks from the L. Perkins Agency! I can’t wait to get going with Rachel in the New Year. Watch out world here we come! 


    This past weekend the family and I braved crowds the likes of which I’ve never seen and went down to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. It was quite beautiful and well worth the tight squeeze. Enjoy this last week of 2014 and jump with me into a sparkly 2015.




    20141227_202453 (2)


    All the best,


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    Never Can Say…

    A week and a half ago I said goodbye to a big part of my heart. No, that’s not true. I don’t think I’ve said goodbye yet and don’t know when I will. All I know (and a part of me doesn’t even grasp that) is that she left. Gone. She was with us and things were fine or at least they seemed so, but on that Wednesday morning, after strangely waking up to answer an early phone call, she went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again. Nana went the way she always said she wanted. Not long and drawn out and without lots of fanfare.

    Little did she know—though what do I know, maybe she knows now—there is much fanfare to be had. As a woman who has touched so many could never leave this earth on a mere whisper.

    The loud, pounding, fierce, sweet, tart, savory, full, joyous, loving, yet somehow still peaceful beat that was her life could never go quietly or be fully silenced. It will go on in all who she touched. Forever loud, shouting, fierce, sweet, tart, savory, full, joyous, loving, hopefully peaceful & yes, still writing.

    Never to be forgotten. Never to say goodbye. 

    She was my biggest cheerleader and now I must learn to cheer for myself. Thank you for schooling me Nana. Rah Rah!

    Nana & Jack 4

    With all my love,


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    25 years and we’re just getting started…

    To my Lovie,

    When they ask me how,

    I don’t have the words…

    25th anniversary college

    All I know is how could I not?

    Loving you is the easiest thing I do.

    I’m truly blessed and pray to stay that way always.

    Thank you for this 25 and here is a pre-thank you for the years to come.



    With all my heart… forever,




    images fm us… 25th banner fm pinterest