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Holding on…as you let go…

This has been both a long time coming and the shortest time ever. Over the weekend our girl aka “little twin A” aka “The DD” graduated from college (with a double major in International Studies and French thank-you-very-much-bring on those jobs please).

It was an amazing, proud and bittersweet moment for both me and the DH. And we’re now in the position of welcoming her back home as a young woman when at the same time (not entirely by choice) we’re sending her out into the “real world” as a young adult. It’s such a strange time for all of us. Not just a new chapter but a whole new story just waiting to be written and the hardest thing is this story I’m not writing.

Try as we might have to hold her tight and keep her our baby she still went and grew up, so with that all we can do is let her know how incredible we think she is, how much we love and care for her and hope that the world will love and care for her at least half as much.

Either way we are here. Still full of love, the love of parents, of family and that never changes.


Kayla Grad collage 1




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  • Gwen Hernandez

    Congrats! My oldest just finished his first year of college, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. Good luck to your daughter with the job search and her future! 🙂