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    2+2 = 22… Happy Birthday Dear Twins

    It’s amazing how 22 years can seem like the blink of an eye to one, but to another be a lifetime. So many changes both seen and unseen. So many moments, lots of them I wish I could go back to, rewind,  look back, slow down even or at least live again, this time though really enjoying and savoring each moment. If only they had that type of machine for mothers wishing to turn back time. If only we really knew how fast it would all go. 

    All that melancholy aside, I’m so happy for you and proud of you both on this day. And all I truly wish for you is not what I wish for myself, but what I’ve wished for you each year, each day, since you’ve been born which is for God to keep you safe, for you to fulfill your dreams, have all the joy your hearts can handle and shine brightly like the king and queen you were born to be.

    Kayla and Will 22


    I can speak for both me and your dad here when I say, we love you both with all our hearts.

    Happy 22nd Birthday!



    Mom & Dad and Jack too

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    Float on, float on… Happy 19th Dear Twins

    Happy 19th Birthday Dear Twins!


    Now of course a big part of me wants to just spend today reminiscing and listening to Adele over and over, but  I won’t. Well, maybe just a few melancholy sniffles if you please.

    But then I will stop and smell the roses of the past 19 years…

    And tell you to eat all the cake both of your heart’s desire…

    And really enjoy this…

    And most of all… Don’t rush things…

    Slow down and make this a wonderful year full of family, love, laughter and joy,

    because what I do know is that time is going so fast that right now it does feel like you both are….

    Love you forever,


    Images thanks to We Heart It all except the last. That would be mine.

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    Tag I’m It!

    I’ve always thought if the Dear Twins as a well choreographed tag team that I never quite got into step with since day one. You’d think I’d have it down to a science after 18 years but no, though I’m getting better I’m still always a little out of place, dancing to my own 80’s beat.

    Now as the super cool tag team that they are The DS smoothly got out of the ring this weekend and tagged in his sister, DD, for her spring break to begin as his ended. It is now officially the week of ‘Little Twin B’. Funny how these things work out. Like ships passing in the afternoon they shared a lunch of burgers and fries as they said their goodbyes and hellos all at once just fine with the fact that they had not seen each other in months thrilled to have each their own private week roommate and womb-mate free.
    Have a great week!


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    Keeping it together, moving into a New September

    So I’m back. Looking the same but not quite feeling the same. In the span of a week you see there was an earthquake that was felt up here in New York, I dropped my dear son off at college and then turned around and the very next day dropped my dear daughter off at college and oh there was Hurricane Irene as a topper.

    To say I’m a little mentally and physically exhausted is putting it mildly. For all my big talk there was nothing to prepare me for the letting go moment. I literally did not know what to do with myself and my emotions. I tried to hold on but still the tears flowed and my heart ached like crazy.

    All I can say is I feel I left half my heart in another state and I pray it keeps it well while we are separated. I let go of my two opposite twins but had the same feeling of overwhelming, pride, love and sadness and hope at the letting go momen for both of them.  

    This mom’s only solace is the fact that the dear twins seem of be getting along happily and making new friends which gives me so much joy. Let’s hope they have the same joy as the plunge into classes. Fingers crossed people.

    Now it’s time for me to get into a good work and writing routine with the Jackster as my helpmate (thrilled as he is in his boredom).

    Wish us well.


    In the meantime I’ll try and Keep it Together and keep singing in my own way… melodrama over. Next week more Jackster drama. Hint I’m not on his nice list right now. Yikes!!! LOL.


    Happy September!Onward and Upward. Wheeeee!!!!!




    P.S. the above are pics of both as they move ahead one me with their dad into their new lives.

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    Ouch, Eek and Moving Along…

    So this is it. The last week at home and final crunch time for the Dear Twins before heading off to college. With so much to do this week I’m going to take a little blog break so I can concentrate on my lists and check them twice and then once more for good measure.  Of course true to form I started things off right this morning by reaching for the coffee and dropping a can of ginger ale on my foot. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of the week ahead.

    But moving on…I’m thinking by the time I’m back here I’ll be all cried out from my double goodbyes but hopefully ready to face Life Part 3. At least Jack will still be here to keep me on my toes.


    Have a good one!



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    Tea for Tuesday

    Me and the Dear Twins are feeling a little (*see a lot*) overwhelmed with the days until the college buh-bye coming faster than all we have to do.

    Makes me feel like we need to slow it down and have a tea together or something to catch our breath. Not that I see us sitting so serenely, but maybe if there are cookies involved all will be well?

    Note the little bear on the left, always bear (twin) griping. *headshake*


    Hope you get a tea moment today.



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    They made it and I lost it…

    Though we had thunderstorm and tornado warnings and had to all pile into the very hot gymnasium, nothing could stop the overflowing of love and joy that radiated throughout the room. It bounced off the walls and flowed through the bleachers as the graduates took their first steps and joined the cheering crowd of friends and family.

    I was waiting with about as much eager anticipation as a tween at a Justin Beiber concert and I thought my heart would burst with the first glimpse of my DD and then right behind her my DS! I could not be happier. I looked over my mother and the tears were flowing into the ugly cry. Uh-oh don’t look that way. Stay forward or you’ll lose it.  The DH and I waved and cheered and whooped and hollered. No one held on to a bit of class as we celebrated this truly great milestone.

    And you’ll all be glad to know that I made it through the whole service with dry eyes that is until the very end when the dear twins were dismissed. No longer children in school any more, but they walked back to me now graduates. That’s when I wrapped my arms around each of them said thank you, and lost it.





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    Rain Rain Go Away…

    Hello Monday! 

    Busy week ahead. The Dear Twins graduate this week. Oh to the Wow. But the weather forecast is looking a little shady so please send good thoughts for sunny skies our way so the family is not stuck sitting out in the rain come the day.

    Have a good Monday.



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    It was Prom people… PROM!

    And this neurotic mother made it to morning to blog with you. Yep, it wasn’t easy letting go. Prom not too hard, though saying goodbye to the Dear Twins here and then later with their dates left a lump in my throat.

    It was the letting go for the after prom go to the city to hang out all night and then see the sun rise that gave this mom and dad heart palpitations.  But it was too funny seeing the girls getting off the party bus with their shoes in their hands, my dd included. Yeah I know that ouch feeling oh so well.

    That said we all made it through and all is well but the house is tired on a Wednesday morning. Sorry kids but you still have to get to your intern jobs today. Time to get up. *insert evil laugh here* welcome to adulthood.

    Hope you all are more awake than we are.  Have a great day!