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They made it and I lost it…

Though we had thunderstorm and tornado warnings and had to all pile into the very hot gymnasium, nothing could stop the overflowing of love and joy that radiated throughout the room. It bounced off the walls and flowed through the bleachers as the graduates took their first steps and joined the cheering crowd of friends and family.

I was waiting with about as much eager anticipation as a tween at a Justin Beiber concert and I thought my heart would burst with the first glimpse of my DD and then right behind her my DS! I could not be happier. I looked over my mother and the tears were flowing into the ugly cry. Uh-oh don’t look that way. Stay forward or you’ll lose it.  The DH and I waved and cheered and whooped and hollered. No one held on to a bit of class as we celebrated this truly great milestone.

And you’ll all be glad to know that I made it through the whole service with dry eyes that is until the very end when the dear twins were dismissed. No longer children in school any more, but they walked back to me now graduates. That’s when I wrapped my arms around each of them said thank you, and lost it.