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Keeping it together, moving into a New September

So I’m back. Looking the same but not quite feeling the same. In the span of a week you see there was an earthquake that was felt up here in New York, I dropped my dear son off at college and then turned around and the very next day dropped my dear daughter off at college and oh there was Hurricane Irene as a topper.

To say I’m a little mentally and physically exhausted is putting it mildly. For all my big talk there was nothing to prepare me for the letting go moment. I literally did not know what to do with myself and my emotions. I tried to hold on but still the tears flowed and my heart ached like crazy.

All I can say is I feel I left half my heart in another state and I pray it keeps it well while we are separated. I let go of my two opposite twins but had the same feeling of overwhelming, pride, love and sadness and hope at the letting go momen for both of them.  

This mom’s only solace is the fact that the dear twins seem of be getting along happily and making new friends which gives me so much joy. Let’s hope they have the same joy as the plunge into classes. Fingers crossed people.

Now it’s time for me to get into a good work and writing routine with the Jackster as my helpmate (thrilled as he is in his boredom).

Wish us well.


In the meantime I’ll try and Keep it Together and keep singing in my own way… melodrama over. Next week more Jackster drama. Hint I’m not on his nice list right now. Yikes!!! LOL.


Happy September!Onward and Upward. Wheeeee!!!!!




P.S. the above are pics of both as they move ahead one me with their dad into their new lives.


  • Kathy

    It’s been one hell of a week…….((hugs))! Next week is a new start for all…sounds like you are jumping in with both feet! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • pve

    I completely understand how you feel as I do know the feeling you describe. Even after all the years of preparing for this moment, I think it is harder than giving birth.
    Focus on the happy times you have ahead and to living your dream, uninterrupted with writing your novel and to walks with Jack.
    Happy September.

  • victoria

    As we are all in this together I just wanted to say good speed and new beginnings to you as well! Seems these last days have had us all uprooted to a point, but I know from experience with my oder boys who have left years ago that it will all be OK!
    You will enjoy them coming home, talking of new things and the changes from leaving kids at college and having more mature young aldult friends coming back to you!

  • Dren

    Hi five to you momma! You did a good job! I know it’s tough shifting into the sidelines as they press forward toward their future but I know you can do it! With a smile on your face and a song in your heart! Just think, it will only be a couple more weeks before you receive the “Hey Mom – can you put some extra $$ in my account?”..o_0

  • Shaneiree

    Oh, they move so fast. BUT have solace in knowing that you and Will have done a great job with guiding them thus far. So excited for them- though them going to college make me feel beyond ancient.. I LOVE it.. So proud of them! And you better make nice with

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    I feel ya! I was thinking of you this weekend, as you’re one of three women I know who are sending twins (and only children) to school, creating a rather abrupt empty nest. I at least have two more coming up the ranks, so there was a bit less abruptness, but overall the feelings of leaving the oldest in another state are very strange. I’m so happy for him, but I sort of feel like I got a pink slip that I wasn’t ready for. But we move onward, yes? Phase II! And you will finally get the time for yourself to write those novels we’re all waiting to read!! : )