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Tag I’m It!

I’ve always thought if the Dear Twins as a well choreographed tag team that I never quite got into step with since day one. You’d think I’d have it down to a science after 18 years but no, though I’m getting better I’m still always a little out of place, dancing to my own 80’s beat.

Now as the super cool tag team that they are The DS smoothly got out of the ring this weekend and tagged in his sister, DD, for her spring break to begin as his ended. It is now officially the week of ‘Little Twin B’. Funny how these things work out. Like ships passing in the afternoon they shared a lunch of burgers and fries as they said their goodbyes and hellos all at once just fine with the fact that they had not seen each other in months thrilled to have each their own private week roommate and womb-mate free.
Have a great week!


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  • BarbaraG

    “Like ships passing in the afternoon… ” A wonderful
    sentence encapsulating two lifetimes.