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It was Prom people… PROM!

And this neurotic mother made it to morning to blog with you. Yep, it wasn’t easy letting go. Prom not too hard, though saying goodbye to the Dear Twins here and then later with their dates left a lump in my throat.

It was the letting go for the after prom go to the city to hang out all night and then see the sun rise that gave this mom and dad heart palpitations.  But it was too funny seeing the girls getting off the party bus with their shoes in their hands, my dd included. Yeah I know that ouch feeling oh so well.

That said we all made it through and all is well but the house is tired on a Wednesday morning. Sorry kids but you still have to get to your intern jobs today. Time to get up. *insert evil laugh here* welcome to adulthood.

Hope you all are more awake than we are.  Have a great day!