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Somebody Jolt Me

Good Monday Everyone! See I’m trying to be enthusiastic though I’ve woken with a killer migraine that plagued me all weekend. See I need to keep my energy and enthusiasm high this week because it’s a Super Social Week for the Dear Twins with….wait for it….

PROM tomorrow!!! Bells, Whistles and Whee!  For all you moms out there if you think getting together prom for  1 is hard imagine prom for 2 and one is a bit of a Diva. Yes, teeth whitening was suggested. And, No, I didn’t instantly push her from the moving car but just told her she has lost it and kept on driving.

That’s what I plan on doing this week, keep on driving as the Prom is Tuesday, Sports dinner Wednesday and a Senior Cruise on Thursday. Yes I’m exhausted just thinking of it.

But it all leads up to the end of June Graduation where I will no doubt act like a well deserved fool.  Prepare to be embarrassed twins…




Please come back toward the end of the week because this coming Saturday is my birthday and though I have not put my head around the what, we should celebrate that too right?

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  • pve

    I just finished a banana mango smoothie to start my day off with energy to smooth over any rough spots this week. Yes, it is a busy but exciting time for our twins!

  • Joyce

    WOW, you do have a busy week! Prom in our corner has always been on Friday. I like that yours is during the week. I can only image what the kids are doing compare to my prom days. Just to ask a girl to prom is like a proposal now days! Feel better my friend. I hope they give out mom awards on award night! You deserve it!! xo

  • lenore*

    Busy bee…
    Hope your B’day would be the best one!
    I used to know people w those hairstyles, Kwana! They used up cans of hairspray & gel!!