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    Hit me… 21! Happy Birthday Dear Twins!!!

    21 years ago this day seemed so far away. Something that would happen in the future. The far, far away future, like say… cars that park themselves and watches that are phones future and we all know that those will never—oh crap!

    Never mind that, still I don’t know how the day has snuck up on me. These 21 years of diapers, baths, homework, school milestones, dance recitals, tee ball, basketball, moving ups, stepping downs, graduations, laughter and tears, just all of it has gone by in what now feels like the blink of an eye. And honestly if  I had my chance I’d rewind the clock and do it all again only this time slowing down to truly take in each and every precious moment and tell you both, triple time this time, how much I love you.

    But alas I can’t do that, so I’ll have to make do with telling you now, as often as I can, for as long as I can, that my love for you is still strong and reminding you that though the world says you are now “legal adults” you’ll always be my babies and forever have my heart.

    You 2 have made me 1 blessed mama. Thank you. Happy 21st Birthday.

    Kids college 21

    Love Always,


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    A Rainy Smile

    Hello friends how are you all?  Chime in and tell me what’s going in your parts of the world to get me out of mine for a bit.

    It’s serious April Showers going on here which I really shouldn’t complain about since the showers bring the flowers and all that. But of course my dear bloggy friends you all know me too well and complain I will as the showers are coming when we are doing our great twin northeast college tours.

    And these tours, boy, they are teaching me just how old I really am. Over and rivers and through the woods I go on my bad toe, and ouch, halfway through I feel need to sit and rub out the pain wishing my foot doctor was on hand with a cortisone shot. Must the dorms be so far from the lecture halls? Yes, these colleges they are for the young.

    Oh well, hopefully in a few weeks the tours will be done and most questions will be answered. In the meantime I’ve got a dollar, two dreams and a smile. Fingers crossed.

    Maybe I need a sweet Burberry umbrella?




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    Just One More Thing

    Sometimes I feel like as the mom of teens I have to be Columbo in order to get a complete story out of the two of them. It’s like I’m constantly grilling folks in my house to find out basic info. “And uh, just one more thing…” as Columbo always says.

    Slightly tiring but I’m getting some mom development time and am off to NJ for the NJ RWA writers conference this weekend. I can’t wait to see old friends and attend the workshops for some writing inspiration. I’ll leave the Columbo duty to the DH for the weekend.

    Enjoy love!



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    Dipping My Toe In

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is a sad dog today. He had Nana over for 5 days and now she’s gone back home to the city and without him in her carry all. Sorry Jack she’ll be back with sneaky treats soon.

     Hello folks did you miss me? I missed you all during my week long blog break.

    Though I missed you all it was nice to take a little break. This was still a busy week for me with the dear twins taking finals but today, the first day of summer, is their last so please wish them luck with me. Fingers crossed all goes well.

    And I was lucky to have Nana over for quite a few days during my break and that was wonderful. She and I cooked (ok her mostly). We played lots of games of cards and planted my Impatients (you know the flower named after me).

    So here I am dipping my toe back in the blog water and saying hi on the first day of Summer. Hopefully the water will be good.


    Happy Summer!! Roll call…who’s with me? How are you spending the first day of Summer?



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    It seems that I have to deliver a Smackdown at least once a day to somebody in my house and if it’s not one of those days I’ll make it one of those days by delivering the smackdown to myself. I’m always hardest on myself. Now this is Verbal Smackdown that is let me make that clear (don’t go writing to me all up in arms). Although the other kind is threatened about here and there too with 16 year old twins. “I brought you in this world and I’ll take you out.”

    Why so many of these smackdowns or outbursts? There are no smooth sitcom moments in my house. No real moments of discussion and contemplation. Nope. they are only in my head when I do the writer initial set-ups.

    Mom: “Honey I was very upset by X. Let’s discuss it.”
    Kid rolls eyes but sits down sullenly: “Sorry Mom.”
    Mom: “Now what would have been a more appropriate way to handle the situation?”
    Kid: “I guess Y. I’ll do better next time.”
    Hugs and love all around. Sit down dinner time. “Come and get it!”

    Yeah. Um. Not. Think the opposite in reality. A stomp off, a yell and then me with the verbal Smackdown and punishment before an eyebrow is raised. Then everyone is sad and mad and there is the smell of rancid hatred soup in the air. Sort of cabbagey.

    In that is why I’m so pissed at all the TV shows I used to love as a kids. The Cosby Show and The Brady Bunch. Man, they can all suck it. We were so not prepared for the Internet and texting and The Freakin Situation.


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    Manic Monday

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is really going stir crazy with all the rain. You get a glimpse of sun then in a flash it gone replaced by torrents or rain that seem like they’ll never stop. Sadly, the forecast in not so hot for the next few days. Sorry, Jack I’m over it too.

    Yep, It’s another Manic Monday. Man, they come around so fast. We’re in the last week of school here in NY. The last bit of finals for the Dear Twins, then I hope for a bit of the wildness to die down. We’ll see. Does it ever really? Nope. In the meantime I’m cracking that whip and lacing up my skates.

    What’s on tap for your week?


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    Getting Testy

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s had a fun weekend. A little sun a lot of rain, but he did his best to stay feisty through it all. So very Jack.
    This week starts a strange and stressful 2 weeks at my house of testing and finals for my twins. So there is no real set school schedule. The kids will be just going in for their tests and whatever extra test prep that they can be coaxed into and they both can surely use.

    I’ll be on the edge of my seat hoping they do as well as possible to pull it all out for the end of the year. There will be some days on and some off for them and around it all I’ll be on call for, well, whatever. Very stressful for any mom. Time to put on my roller skates and try and not get too testy myself.

    What’s on tap for your week?

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    Monday Monday

    What’s Jack up to? The little bugger’s all tuckered out after causing havoc this weekend and running around the neighborhood terrorizing people chilling in their own backyards! Oh, Jack what will I do with you wild one?

    So, how was your holiday weekend? I hope it was truly lovely. I won’t bore you and get too far into mine, but I would love for someone to to give any remedies on surviving a quaint family day with two teens. One who can pretty much tolerate you and the DH and the other who’s shooting dagger’s at you and the DH the whole time. Watch it! Duck! POW- POW.

    Dinner feels like an episode of Survivor.
    Picture Jeff Probst. “Mom, with the most votes, you are the fifth person to be voted of the island, your time is up.”

    Mom wipes forehead, looks back and and waves good-bye to the rest of the inhabitants.

    “Whew”, she mumbles under her breath.

    She feels like, Chet. Freedom, a meal, a shower and a shave. No daggers. Sounds like bliss:)

    I’ve got a super busy week ahead with plenty of writing (MUST WRITE!!), Dr. appointments and housekeeping to do. Plus even more driving for said dagger shooting teen. So that should be, well… fun.

    What’s on tap for your week? I hope it’s dagger free.


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    Happy Birthday Little Twin ‘A’ and Little Twin ‘B’

    What’s Jack up to? Today’s he’s constantly stealing my slippers and taking them under the coffee table. What up with that, Jack? Get your own darn slippers.

    “So, how many children do you want to have?”
    That was the question posed to me while I was flat on my back, a little over fourteen years ago, having my first sonogram. It’s the question that would change my life and the DH’s life forever. After the initial shock of being told we were having not one, but two babies we were sent home with two grainy, unrecognizable sonogram photos. One labeled Twin ‘A’ the other labeled Twin ‘B’. We showed them off as if they were painted by DaVinci.
    On January 15th, 1994 we welcomed our baby boy and baby girl into the world.

    Happy 14th Birthday DD and DS!

    We can’t believe that fourteen years have gone by so fast. To the world, you are both so different now from the photos shown here. But we don’t have to look too closely to see that your hearts are just the same.

    We love you both more than any words on a page can say.

    Make this a wonderful year!
    Mom and Dad