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A Rainy Smile

Hello friends how are you all?  Chime in and tell me what’s going in your parts of the world to get me out of mine for a bit.

It’s serious April Showers going on here which I really shouldn’t complain about since the showers bring the flowers and all that. But of course my dear bloggy friends you all know me too well and complain I will as the showers are coming when we are doing our great twin northeast college tours.

And these tours, boy, they are teaching me just how old I really am. Over and rivers and through the woods I go on my bad toe, and ouch, halfway through I feel need to sit and rub out the pain wishing my foot doctor was on hand with a cortisone shot. Must the dorms be so far from the lecture halls? Yes, these colleges they are for the young.

Oh well, hopefully in a few weeks the tours will be done and most questions will be answered. In the meantime I’ve got a dollar, two dreams and a smile. Fingers crossed.

Maybe I need a sweet Burberry umbrella?




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  • Shannon

    I can only imagine. You’re a good mommy 🙂 Would you consider renting a hover-round? It would be a good test for a school’s accessibility lol

  • Kathy

    I feel the same way….rain rain go away! Though I am excited for those flowers! I hope your college tours go well. Have a great day!

    You need a pair of Fit Flops they save my feet!

  • pve

    My sister has an umbrella like a frog that was her sons when he was little. I love playful umbrellas that make me smile.

  • Elen

    It’s rainy here, too, Kwana. Sooooo, I took myself shopping and bought nothing really suitable for the rain. Love the Burberry commercial. It makes me happy.