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Happy Birthday Little Twin ‘A’ and Little Twin ‘B’

What’s Jack up to? Today’s he’s constantly stealing my slippers and taking them under the coffee table. What up with that, Jack? Get your own darn slippers.

“So, how many children do you want to have?”
That was the question posed to me while I was flat on my back, a little over fourteen years ago, having my first sonogram. It’s the question that would change my life and the DH’s life forever. After the initial shock of being told we were having not one, but two babies we were sent home with two grainy, unrecognizable sonogram photos. One labeled Twin ‘A’ the other labeled Twin ‘B’. We showed them off as if they were painted by DaVinci.
On January 15th, 1994 we welcomed our baby boy and baby girl into the world.

Happy 14th Birthday DD and DS!

We can’t believe that fourteen years have gone by so fast. To the world, you are both so different now from the photos shown here. But we don’t have to look too closely to see that your hearts are just the same.

We love you both more than any words on a page can say.

Make this a wonderful year!
Mom and Dad