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Dipping My Toe In

What’s Jack up to? Poor Jack is a sad dog today. He had Nana over for 5 days and now she’s gone back home to the city and without him in her carry all. Sorry Jack she’ll be back with sneaky treats soon.

 Hello folks did you miss me? I missed you all during my week long blog break.

Though I missed you all it was nice to take a little break. This was still a busy week for me with the dear twins taking finals but today, the first day of summer, is their last so please wish them luck with me. Fingers crossed all goes well.

And I was lucky to have Nana over for quite a few days during my break and that was wonderful. She and I cooked (ok her mostly). We played lots of games of cards and planted my Impatients (you know the flower named after me).

So here I am dipping my toe back in the blog water and saying hi on the first day of Summer. Hopefully the water will be good.


Happy Summer!! Roll call…who’s with me? How are you spending the first day of Summer?




  • deidra

    Ahhhh! Yes! I missed you! I’m sure I’m not the only one. I had forgotten that today is the first day of summer. It’s stormy here, with waters rising all around in this land-locked state. It rains just about every five minutes, so I’m trying to keep my head above water today.

    I’m glad you’re back!

  • Laurie at mizwrite

    Hi, Kwana! I’m with you! I missed your blog this week! : )

    My kids are still in school also — through Wed, believe it or not. Yuck. So we’re postponing our “celebrate summer” kick-off until next weekend, when we’ll all go to Palm Springs for a night to remind ourselves that it’s summer and time to relax! Love this time of year!

  • pve

    Monday and a day to check off my new list – work to be done and after that, I plan on a walk in nature.
    Care to join me.