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    Who/What Can it Be Now?

    With dog attacks, kids with ugh, family in health peril, me in car crashes and now lightening striking a tree right between me and my neighbors house, I find myself getting a wee bit paranoid and asking, “what can it be now?”.

    To this instead of going totally cray, I’ll leave you with Men At Work and just get back to work.





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    Driving Miss Daisy

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is feeling a little neglected in his new blog home. Sorry but it’s been unavoidable this week. Why? 

    Because I’ve been Driving Miss Daisy aka the DD. 

    And yes, there’s way more drama in my car with the 16 year old this week than there was on the big screen. If only I could put on the, ” yes’m Miss Daisy I’ll be gettin right on it” persona that Morgan Freeman did I’d be fine but , no, that ain’t happening. Just not my personality.

    It’s dance benefit week for the DD and tensions are HIGH but at least the show goes on. The DD is working hard and dances so beautifully. I worked the door last night helping out with some other moms for the community performance seating some of the special needs attendees and I was happy to get a sneak show peek. Breathtaking. Yeah, I teared up. More on that later.

    I’m so sorry to be kinda MIA in the comments world. Thanks so much to Jax for pitching in  with the Avatar /Gravatar question for me while I was hanging in the ‘Car O Drama’.

    Wish us luck through 2 more nights of performances.



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    It’s All About Me

    Hey, sometimes it has to be all about me and sometimes it has to all about you too.
    We do so much for so many other people that it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner and then one day wake up look in the mirror and wonder What the–? What happened? Where did time go? Why didn’t I work out (because I can’t stand it) or get that facial or massage or take that walk or nap or whatever it was that would have given me the self care I needed to make this trek past the mirror a bit more palatable. Ugh! (aren’t I brave to post this unflattering pic?)

    I’ve been having quite a few of those “all about me moments” or “what about me moments”and putting my “frivolous” needs aside for the needs of others (now we know for beauty and sanity’s sake they are not frivolous). Well, I did a big splurge recently and not without a lot of thought and consideration. I jumped in and got a Clarisonic. I had been wanting one for a long time since I’ve been having problems with creepy little lines (hello 40), odd dry patches and where did you come from pimples.

    I saw the Clarisonic in person when I was at Nordstrom the other day while lusting over some handbags but I quickly put it down (along with the bag) saying no way. But then after reading countless testimonials, thinking it over for a week, I ordered one from QVC. Wheeeee!!!
    Now after my first try with the cleaning system I could not be happier. Like with handbags I’m a freak for good skincare and I have not been happy with mine lately. After one Clarisonic cleaning I could feel the fresh tingle from the water as it swept across my skin. Just lovely. Ahh.

    Of course I now want the baby Mia for my DD. I’m sure she and her teen skin will love it too. But she may have to wait a bit because it be pricy and I thought about mine a loooong time.

    I will keep you updated on my Clarisonic progress.

    Yay! The QVC set came with 2 extra brushes and 2 full sized cleansers one for the face and one for the body. Sweet!

    You can go here to check out Brown Girl Gumbo’s view on the Clarisonic Mia.
    And here are a couple of videos for your enjoyment. Cheers to self care!


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    Sad Clown

    What am I 12 0r 13? How do I get these things? I have been dealing with a cold for over a week maybe 2 and I woke two days ago with a really red eye. I thought (well hoped) it was my allergies. No doing there. It continued so I went to the eye Dr. to find out I have pink eye. Pink freakin’ eye! That and the two big pimples between my eyebrows make me wonder if I’m 12 or something. Ugh.

    So that’s the reason for the Toulouse-Lautrec artwork today (still keeping with the Paris feel). I’m feeling like a bit of a sad clown out there for all the world to see even though I’d rather hide. Oh and the fact that I’m giving up sugar for Lent (again) does not help my Sad Clown mood or attitude. Speaking of attitude I sure like hers. Love the pants. This was painted over 100 years ago and still they look great. So stylish.

    Happy Friday.


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    Little House

    This sweet little house that is on a neighbor’s front yard is just coming out from under the snow and it looks like we’re in for a bunch more come tonight. Sigh.

    I hope the forecast is wrong since I’m as busy as all get out getting the dear twins ready for a school trip to Paris later in the week. Yep, that Paris. I’m trying to keep myself sane and not worry too much since they have never been out of the country or on vacation without me so yes, I wish I were going too to keep an eye out and hey, It’s Paris. Why wouldn’t I want to go?

    What are you up to? Is it snow are sun in your forecast?

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    Before and After

    What’s Jack up to? He’s looking like a new dog after his much needed haircut this weekend and I’d swear he has some extra pep in his step. It must be from lugging all that shaggy hair weight.

    It was totally my own fault

    And seeing how good he looks now I’m just ashamed (Kwana hangs head…until next time).

    Sorry Jackster.
    Have you ever just let things (like your poor pet or gasp, your own hair) go?


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    Feeling Better

    Let me start off by saying my DH is all sorts of The Man! You can just put a picture of me on the end of these ecstatic folks.

    My laptop is fixed and I didn’t lose a thing. Whew. I can breathe easier. The only problem I have now is some old (annoying) sticky keys which are now stickier. So The DH thinks I may soon have to send it out for keyboard replacement. Ack! More time without my DLT (dear laptop).

    But for now I’m feeling more like myself today with my trusty companion. Thanks for all your good thoughts yesterday.


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    Ahh Choo!

    Happy Monday peeps. I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was going along swimmingly, that is until I caught a virus.

    No, not that kind of virus.

    This kind of virus:

    And I’m still not cured. I’m typing is on the old computer in my f-f-frezing basement. The DH spent Saturday night and the better part of Sunday trying to fix my laptop with no success while I was alternating between praying,biting my nails, nagging him, rocking and chanting. He plans to come home from work with other tactics to try but is afraid that he may have to wipe out everything I have in order to clear things up. *sob*

    This writer chick is not a happy camper. I feel like I’m missing my right arm.
    I hope you’re doing better than me today.