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    Now Can I Panic?

    So I have to come to terms with the fact that is really is December. The idea is cr-a-zy to me. I’m so foggy with the whole Christmas thing this year. Usually by now my tree would be up and the family would have had our yearly Sears portrait torture session. As it stands the tree is not up and I have not even made a Sears appointment and don’t know if I will. Sigh.

    I’m in a bit of a fog. Perfect time for me to show you this picture in my Now Panic And Freak Out tee shirt because I think it fits the situation. Well, it fits me on just about any given day really. I found it over here at Threadless and fell for it as soon as I saw it.

    I’ve always wanted a Keep Calm and Carry On Sign for the house. Maybe that will be soon. Annechovie has some lovely ones. Go over to her place and check them out here. I’m sorry I missed the sale folks but still check them out. All her work is fantastic.

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    Ear Worm

    What’s Jack up to? Poor Jackie boy. Well, Jack’s feeling down and that’s got me down. See he’s gone and gotten himself an ear infection. So he’s mopey and a bit whiny. I should have known something was up when he wasn’t getting into his usual trouble. I did know there was a big problem when I package showed up on my door and there was no wild barking.

    So it’s the big ear drop fight for us. Wish me luck. Poos Jack had to understand it’s for the best.

    A dog really is in a way like having another child. This takes me back to my twin toddler days and dueling ear infections. Wow. And I thought those days were done. I guess never.
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    Feeling Squirrelly

    What’s Jack up to? As I write this he’s asleep under my bed paying no attention to the Yankees about to win game 2 and tie it up. Go Yankees!!
    Today I’m feeling squirrelly. We’ve been fighting with squirrels for most of the summer getting into our gutters keeping us up at night and now we think we hear them in the attic crawl space which we have never been in. Quite scary.
    So we have to have a guy come and venture into spaces where Lord knows what lives. Wish us luck.

    Sigh. Never a dull moment around here. Have a Happy Friday!

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    No Idle Hands

    What’s Jack up to? Jack never lets things get dull around here. The poor thing has gotten a bit of a rash. I know probably TMI, but there it is. It’s all over his belly and even his back and made me itchy so I took him to the vet and come to find out it’s doggy acne. WHAT!? Some strange thing they can pick up from who knows where. So it’s pills for Jack that he doesn’t want but I have to get down him for about 21 days. So, um… there.

    As for me today, I’ll be trying to get some writing done. So very necessary. A few loads of laundry. Also very necessary. Then there is knitting group today. Not a necessity, but for mental heath, yeah, I think so.

    So no Idle Hands for me today.

    How about you?

    pic from my knitting group last week

    Oh and thanks to all who voted for Valorie aka Visual Vamp in the Apartment Therapy contest. She has made it through 2 rounds and is still in. You can vote for her again here to keep her going strong. Thanks!



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    Me Time

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s chilling after a fine weekend and being Just Jack. After a pretty dreary Saturday the sun came out on Sunday and Jack out in nice long walk with his buddy Bentley then just chilled and chilled some more. Oh the life.

    I had an odd weekend. Not odd really, but odd for me. Got to steal a little time for myself which is so very necessary to my sanity every once in a while.

    I found myself alone (well not quite, there were 2 other in need of peace moms there) in the movies. I was doing a little mom therapy and seeing Whip It which I just loved and highly recommend. A total girl power movie with tons of coolness and a rocking soundtrack. It also has the added bonus of being sweet as pie.

    Then I ended up on the West Side going to celebrate a friends B-day. Man there are lots of much younger peeps out having loads of fun at all hours. I’d almost forgotten that world. But still I adore NYC at night. It’s so in my blood, so home.

    How was your weekend? Did you get in any U time?


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    What’s Jack up to? Right now Jack’s chilling on the couch. You know, in his usual spot. Nothing new there. I’m happy for that.

    Things are a crazy right now over in Kwana land and I’m feeling the need for a break at the end of this very intense and non-rest filled summer. You know me, I try to keep it real, well as real as I can on a public blog, but in reality there is quite a thick filter on this here blog. Come on, I wouldn’t want to scare polite company away with the constant stream in my head.

    But as I was saying. I’m feeling the need for a break this week. I’ll have a few pics and videos up. Feel free to comment if you like I’ll be checking in on the Crackberry, And please enjoy these last days of summer. Share them with those you love.

    Right now while every fiber of my being is saying NO, I’m going to do the opposite and say YES. Or at least try really hard. I know there is still so much more that’s required of me. I hope today that you too have a spirit of YES in whatever you do.



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    Pins and Needles

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is being Jack just amped up a notch with the kids on high level with it being the end of the school year. So he’s extra snappy since they are snapping at him. All this is making for a snippy snappy house. Eeeee.

    I have to say like Jack I’m a little on pins a needles. Trying to get used to it being the end of the school year and still on worry alert as I wait to see how the school year will end. This has the mind racing with plans for the summer and how that will all wash out. Which then brings me into the Fall. Yep, that’s me. Summer hasn’t started and I’m already into the Fall.

    I really must work on living in the moment but I’ve never been a particularly good at that. I’m always five steps ahead in my mind with all the scenarios that go with it.

    I admire those that don’t do this. Those that can turn a problem over in their mind ponder it then let it go even if it’s not resolved or can’t be. I know there is a secret to peace somewhere in there. But you have to be able to do it authentically and until then… I’ll be on pins and needles.


    Madame Bovary: “Emma”John Archibald Austen (British, Kent 1886 – 1948 Kent)Black ink over graphite; sheet: 4 3/8 x 4 3/8 in. (11.1 x 11.1 cm)
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    Getting Testy

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s had a fun weekend. A little sun a lot of rain, but he did his best to stay feisty through it all. So very Jack.
    This week starts a strange and stressful 2 weeks at my house of testing and finals for my twins. So there is no real set school schedule. The kids will be just going in for their tests and whatever extra test prep that they can be coaxed into and they both can surely use.

    I’ll be on the edge of my seat hoping they do as well as possible to pull it all out for the end of the year. There will be some days on and some off for them and around it all I’ll be on call for, well, whatever. Very stressful for any mom. Time to put on my roller skates and try and not get too testy myself.

    What’s on tap for your week?

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    Oh No! It’s My Birthday

    And it’s a big one. 4-0.

    I will not go into it graciously or smiling. I’ll admit here it’s hitting me. Hard. All the what ifs, why nots, coulda woulda shouldas, plus the extra pounds are messing with my mind.

    I’m normally a bit melancholy on holidays and birthdays, but put on the brave face and count my blessings. And I’m sure I’ll be doing that again on this one. But I’ll also be saying under my breath, “oh crap, it’s my freakin 40th birthday. Now what?”

    If only I could be half as gracious as Eddy from Ab Fab here. When you have time watch and enjoy. No, make some time. You’ll thank me.

    Tomorrow I’ll be coming on strong. Forty Fabulous and all that mess. Right?


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    Vex Therapy

    Yesterday was particularly vexing starting with stress and ending with a migraine. But I refuse to completely buckle under life’s woes. Honestly, I don’t have that luxury. I mean who really has room for a fainting couch anyway?

    So I decided to end the day by popping old faithful, Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player. A little Jane Austen with lovely Colin Firth is always good for the soul.

    But check out this wonderful tribute video that out found dedicated to Mr. Collins played so well by David Bamber one of the best characters evah!

    How do you deal when things get vexing?