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Me Time

What’s Jack up to? Jack’s chilling after a fine weekend and being Just Jack. After a pretty dreary Saturday the sun came out on Sunday and Jack out in nice long walk with his buddy Bentley then just chilled and chilled some more. Oh the life.

I had an odd weekend. Not odd really, but odd for me. Got to steal a little time for myself which is so very necessary to my sanity every once in a while.

I found myself alone (well not quite, there were 2 other in need of peace moms there) in the movies. I was doing a little mom therapy and seeing Whip It which I just loved and highly recommend. A total girl power movie with tons of coolness and a rocking soundtrack. It also has the added bonus of being sweet as pie.

Then I ended up on the West Side going to celebrate a friends B-day. Man there are lots of much younger peeps out having loads of fun at all hours. I’d almost forgotten that world. But still I adore NYC at night. It’s so in my blood, so home.

How was your weekend? Did you get in any U time?