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Oh No! It’s My Birthday

And it’s a big one. 4-0.

I will not go into it graciously or smiling. I’ll admit here it’s hitting me. Hard. All the what ifs, why nots, coulda woulda shouldas, plus the extra pounds are messing with my mind.

I’m normally a bit melancholy on holidays and birthdays, but put on the brave face and count my blessings. And I’m sure I’ll be doing that again on this one. But I’ll also be saying under my breath, “oh crap, it’s my freakin 40th birthday. Now what?”

If only I could be half as gracious as Eddy from Ab Fab here. When you have time watch and enjoy. No, make some time. You’ll thank me.

Tomorrow I’ll be coming on strong. Forty Fabulous and all that mess. Right?