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    May Day

    Happy May Day! The whole idea of it being May 1st already has me dumbstruck. This year is going way too fast for my liking. Wayyy. I’d like to spin that record back and add a month please. Maybe by an extra hour or two a day. But that would only give me, like, 2 1/2 days or an extra long weekend. Hardly time to clean my closets. Unless, I spun it for the whole year? Hmm…. but now we’re getting into way too much math for this time of the day and I don’t feel like calculating. Oh well.
    That said in honor of May Day let’s welcome Spring with this pretty shot taken
    in front of my DD’s dance school yesterday.

    In stark contrast I’m hoping to get a moment with this guy over the weekend. Grrrrr!
    What are your plans?


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    Don’t Forget To Look Up

    So I’m just leaving Verizon to deal with my Blackberry Storm fail and after being totally aggravated because of having quite a tiff with a very rude manager. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my WANTED poster is not now posted there. Oh well. He wasn’t nice and I told him so in my nicest possible way. I also explained that there were other very lovely employees there and maybe they should be managers and not him. I was heated. This will not end here. But back to the story… I get a new phone, my pics are lost, I leave mad as all get out and go rushing to pick up my DD and her friend from her important dance audition (fingers crossed for both of them) and I’m about to stomp into the studio when I look up.

    Wow! Sometimes all you have to do is look up to change your mood entirely. This is the start of a good season to do so. Lucky me, I happened to have my camera in my bag and look this pic.

    Reminder: Tonight is the premiere of Grey Gardens on HBO. I can’t wait to watch. Here’s a clip from the orig to remind you. I think Drew Barrymore will and Jessica Lange will do fine jobs playing Little and Big Edie. I can’t wait to see.

    Enjoy your weekend! Maybe plant a little something in your Grey Garden.


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    Seriously, Friday?

    Oh no, it can’t be. This week has gone by in a blur of concrete, pavement and vague glimpses of people I know as I passed them running from one task to another. Last night I did get to have some enjoyment with some friends from around the way to celebrate the DH’s birthday. That was nice. And gave me and excuse to get out of the jeans that I think I have been wearing since Monday when I was surprised by the contractors a the crack of dawn ready to work on the stairs. It was that type of week.

    Today my DH and I are a bit haggard a lot like this Picasso couple from 1904. Together, but holding each other up. Still in love, but just hanging on to life, so tired.

    Whew, barley made it through the week. So much to do and still another busy day to go. I’m hoping we can steal a few relaxing moments in between the chaos of the weekend just to smile and enjoy each other.

    Thanks so much for all his birthday wishes he was so touched and had a great birthday. You all helped make it even more special.

    What are your plans? I hope it includes some relaxing.

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    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is wearing himself out with the construction guys around this week. He doesn’t know what to do. One minute he’s barking like crazy the next he’s flopped dead on the couch. Me? I’m worn out too.

    The Spring Break week was full of unfortunate events. Well, it started with me still out of sorts with my crazy backlash where I was in much better shape but not tip-top from my back going out. Then things just went wacky and all sorts of stuff kept happening.
    The DH took his car for a check ending up needing breaks. Big money and in the shop they crashed his bumper. Who does that?
    Then… I got a flat tire. On Good Friday coming from church.
    Then… My DD’s last fish died right after speaking not so nicely about the fish. Hmmm….
    Then…the worst happened. Blackberry fail! I’m sitting in church, my phone on silent. I look in my bag for a pen and my phone is lit up and going crazy. Huh? I get out of church and ¾ of my pictures are erased. Including my screensaver. My favorite pic of my Twins. I was devastated. I wanted to throw the phone out on the highway. Verizon is no help. Says the phone is bad and will give me a new one. It is no consolation. The memory is gone. A bee is in my bonnet and I can’t let it go. I feel there must be some way to bring them back. Nothing is ever just gone. Blackberry how can you fail me?

    So…the Spring break week ended to go right into this. I woke up Monday morning exhausted after Easter and wishing I could sleep in but Dear Teen Twins had to get off to school and the DH off to work. Honestly, I had planned to go back for a nap. I thought the contractor was going to give me a call to discuss the final stair plans. Um…no.

    The kids are gone and my DH is just out the door. I’m settled to write a blog post I was too exhausted to write the night before when Jack starts to bark like mad. I get out of bed look out the window and there are 2 trucks, 6 guys and my contractor (yeah, this could be the start of a great story but this is me) And I’m still in my nightgown (not a nice one) with hair sticking up like Woody Woodpecker. Oh Crap.

    Help me Jack! I look He’s just barking and no help with finding clean clothes.
    Quick grab ye old jeans and sweater from the top of the hamper pile, pull on boots smooth hair and go for it. Smile. You’re on! The week begins.

    On an up note they are doing a fine job on my stairs. Contractors are great and adorable with thick Irish brogues. (yeah sounds like a book again.)

    And soon my stairs will no longer be a danger. Pics to come.
    Thanks for letting me gripe today. I needed to get all that out.
    Let’s hope things are looking up.


    Wait! They are looking up! On this tax day I want to say Happy Birthday to Ceska!! One of my nearest, dearest and oldest friends. “Yeah girl, you are older than me. I’m holding onto these couple of months.”

    Ceska and I have been friends since we were maybe 10 or so on the play ground. I even held her hand in the delivery room with her first child one New Year’s Eve night (the hand was never the same!) She’s always had my back and sadly has the memory of an elephant. Darn. That’s not so good. LOL.
    So even though it’s tax day. It’s never a sad day for me because it’s my crazy girl’s birthday. I’ll always think of us as roller skating disco diva’s in the 80’s.
    Love ya Ces!

    P.S. The Last Unfortunate Event, this post was supposed to post hours ago but I put the time in wrong. PM instead of AM. Sigh. Am I under a cloud?

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    Caution-Woman at Rest

    Hello Friday.

    There are a million things that I could be doing today and it would bore you all to list them all here. I may do one, two, possibly three. No, not three.

    But today is the last day before the week off spring break which is sure to be a very busy time in my house with me playing, Julie the Cruise director to my family. No matter how many times I tell them that is not my title or role.

    So today I’m going to take some time for myself to think, meditate, write, and rest. Block out a little Kwana time. Sometimes you have to steal it where you can.

    photo taken at Kykuit Rockerfeller estate

    I hope you have a good day.


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    Let There Be Light…. please.

    Hello Tuesday. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments on Jack’s Obamicon yesterday. I hope you all had a nice President’s Day holiday.

    I got to spend a few hours alone with the DH while the Dear Teen Twins went their own ways. Sadly, it was not bliss, as on Saturday night, in the “now what else can go wrong?” category, our electricity went out in the kitchen and dining room. No, I don’t know why there is an ancient plug upstairs in the DD’s room that controls my kitchen’s power. Ask them.
    No, the electrician does not work on Sunday or a holiday. And no, I do not want to pay extra for an emergency worker that I don’t know and who does not know my old 1940’s house.

    And Yes, all I thought when I first saw it was “aww pretty,” smart huh?

    illustration by pve design

    Cut to me on Sunday throwing out bags and bags of now spoiled food. Sigh. And No, I didn’t remember there was a carton of Chocolate ice cream back there in the freezer. Eww.
    Today, I hope Mr. Electric comes by and doesn’t break the bank or a wall. All this in time for vacation week with the kids. Grrrr… way to keep it stress free.

    In another funny but really not so funny moment, cut to me again, in the neurologist office as she tells me how I’ll feel so much better and less stressed if I got in more exercise. It works for her getting it done at 5am before her children are up. Yeah, like turning over works for me at that hour. Where do these pod people come from?

    In the “keeping it light” category. Remember way back when how I was going to try and stay positive? Snort. The new Vogue comes out today with First Lady Michelle Obama. I can’t wait to get a look see! I know she will at least look calmer and way more put together than I feel today. Love her style.



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    Spin Cycle

    What’s Jack up to? Lovely Jack is trying my last nerve. Getting into the trash and making all sorts of messes. Jack you are working it.

    Ever have one of those times when it seems like the easiest tasks are incredibly hard? Where you feel like no matter what you do you’re just spinning your wheels?

    Right now I’m in what I’d call a Spin Cycle and it’s driving me a bit batty. I’m not quite sure how to handle it. I do know from my DD’s ballet classes that when you have to do pirouettes the teachers advise you, in order not to get dizzy, to pick a focal point so that with each turn you always come back to that point. That’s what I’ll try and do.

    Pick a focal point and try not to spin out of control. Ahh… motherhood is bliss.

    Oh, Happy Monday!



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    Just Fine!

    What’s Jack Up to? Right now Jack is whining at the basement door. Should I take that as a hint he’s is no longer interested in watching the Yankee game with the DS and wants to hang with me? Can I get a moments rest? No. Oh well. That’s life. BTW I’m way sad over the ending of Yankee stadium. Part of my childhood is now gone. Big tear.

    At the end of last week with all the market turmoil, constant political crap and the Dear Teens sometimes making me want to pull my hair out I was feeling deep in a cynical rut. Which is honestly is not a far from my norm. Not to mention I didn’t totally agree with who got out Aufed on Project Runway and Top Model last week. UGH!
    But after church on Sunday I walked out feeling just fine. Shoot, God didn’t promise a life without trials, right.

    So during my many errands I rolled down the windows popped MJB (Mary J Blige) in the cd player and hit the gas. Hard.

    Do me a favor, try and not stress too much this week. It’s all going to be just fine. Do what you gotta do and Crank it up!

    And Happy Birthday to Ma! What can I say? Much Love. K.


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    What Jack up to? He’s chilling this morning after a busy weekend filled with tons of exercise. For some reason he felt the need to walk me more than me walk him. It was all good though. I can sure use the exercise. Thanks Jack.

    After the stressful week last week I felt the need for a little mom therapy so I took Saturday afternoon off for a little me time.

    I had the pleasure of heading to the Rye library for a reading and book signing with Melissa Walker author of the teen Violet On The Runway series and my blog friend. She was speaking with spokesmodel Selena Breed about writing, modeling and the fashion industry.

    It was such a great talk and the girls were on the edge of their seats listening to every word as Melissa read from her book. I was thrilled to finally meet Melissa in person. Holla Melissa!

    Then to continue the mom-therapy I went to the nearest multiplex to see what was playing and lucked out with Tyler Perry’s latest The Family The Preys just starting. With it being the opening weekend the movie was packed so me and my overpriced box of Goobers had to sit in the second row but it was so worth it. In my opinion this is Tyler Perry’s best movie yet.

    Starring Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates I was blown away by this movie. There is no Medea, no slapstick, none of the usual lines that you can just plug in and anticipate coming up even before the actors deliver them. Tyler steps out and gets serious. Plus you can’t go wrong with Sanaa Lathan and Robin Givens sparing.

    I tell you that Tyler really knows how to make me feel like a writer slug. He’s written and produced I don’t know how many plays and movies, is a millionaire I don’t know how many times over and guess what he just turned the ripe old age of 39 this weekend. Happy Birthday Tyler! Get to work, Kwana. You’ve got some catching up to do.

    What’s on tap for your week? Me, I plan on making it a better week than the last one.


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    How my garden grows

    What’s Jack up to? Right now he’s ignoring me as I’m calling him and I’m sure he’s getting into something that he’s definitely not supposed to. I should be very afraid and I am.

    It’s finally Friday for a week that I thought would never end. Not that it’s the end. The weekend will be just and busy and filled with stress and the week. But onto better things. After my sad gardening post I wanted to post some good gardening news. We did actually see some fruits from our labors this year. I’m sure next year will be better. Lessons have been learned.

    Tomatoes on the vine


    Very Strange cucumber that I’m afraid to try

    A nice ripe tomato

    Have a wonderful weekend!