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Don’t Forget To Look Up

So I’m just leaving Verizon to deal with my Blackberry Storm fail and after being totally aggravated because of having quite a tiff with a very rude manager. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my WANTED poster is not now posted there. Oh well. He wasn’t nice and I told him so in my nicest possible way. I also explained that there were other very lovely employees there and maybe they should be managers and not him. I was heated. This will not end here. But back to the story… I get a new phone, my pics are lost, I leave mad as all get out and go rushing to pick up my DD and her friend from her important dance audition (fingers crossed for both of them) and I’m about to stomp into the studio when I look up.

Wow! Sometimes all you have to do is look up to change your mood entirely. This is the start of a good season to do so. Lucky me, I happened to have my camera in my bag and look this pic.

Reminder: Tonight is the premiere of Grey Gardens on HBO. I can’t wait to watch. Here’s a clip from the orig to remind you. I think Drew Barrymore will and Jessica Lange will do fine jobs playing Little and Big Edie. I can’t wait to see.

Enjoy your weekend! Maybe plant a little something in your Grey Garden.