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Seriously, Friday?

Oh no, it can’t be. This week has gone by in a blur of concrete, pavement and vague glimpses of people I know as I passed them running from one task to another. Last night I did get to have some enjoyment with some friends from around the way to celebrate the DH’s birthday. That was nice. And gave me and excuse to get out of the jeans that I think I have been wearing since Monday when I was surprised by the contractors a the crack of dawn ready to work on the stairs. It was that type of week.

Today my DH and I are a bit haggard a lot like this Picasso couple from 1904. Together, but holding each other up. Still in love, but just hanging on to life, so tired.

Whew, barley made it through the week. So much to do and still another busy day to go. I’m hoping we can steal a few relaxing moments in between the chaos of the weekend just to smile and enjoy each other.

Thanks so much for all his birthday wishes he was so touched and had a great birthday. You all helped make it even more special.

What are your plans? I hope it includes some relaxing.