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“I’ll be down when I put on my lipstick”

These are the words Little Edie yells to the hoards of police and other authorities about to break in her door and take over her house. “I’ll be down when I put on my lipstick.” What wonderful nerve.

I watched the premiere of HBO’s Grey Gardens propped up comfortably in bed ala Big Edie style. I really enjoyed the HBO version with it’s many flashbacks to give us clues as to how the 2 women could have fallen into such horrible states of despair both inside and outside of their heads.

I thought it was beautifully done, this way too intertwined mother daughter strange love story. I wanted to cry a the first glimpse of how Grey Gardens once looked. It was so sad. But the clutter was more inside the head and heart, I believe and not in the house.

Through it all they had amazing style and flare that could not be denied. Staunch Women. Oh yes. Staunch Indeed.

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