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    May Day

    Happy May Day! The whole idea of it being May 1st already has me dumbstruck. This year is going way too fast for my liking. Wayyy. I’d like to spin that record back and add a month please. Maybe by an extra hour or two a day. But that would only give me, like, 2 1/2 days or an extra long weekend. Hardly time to clean my closets. Unless, I spun it for the whole year? Hmm…. but now we’re getting into way too much math for this time of the day and I don’t feel like calculating. Oh well.
    That said in honor of May Day let’s welcome Spring with this pretty shot taken
    in front of my DD’s dance school yesterday.

    In stark contrast I’m hoping to get a moment with this guy over the weekend. Grrrrr!
    What are your plans?


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    My Obsession- Hello Lover again.

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s raring to go today. Ready to start the week full of his usual energy and optimism. I hope I can keep up?

    I think I have problem. As a matter of fact I know I have a problem. How can a woman be in a theater watching a film with the swoon worthy Clive Owen and be distracted by a handbag? And yet, I was.

    The DH and I went to see Duplicity on Friday night. It was a fun night out. I was excited to see Julia and Clive together on the screen. I had my doubts about seeing Clive in such a well lit role. Something I had shared earlier with the PIC. You see I like Clive in nice and dark roles but he worked it out for me.

    The movie had it points that had me saying huh? But happily that was worked out nicely too. But back to the main point of today’s post, my problem. This night should have been all about the film and Clive, but there I was very early on in the story totally smitten when confronted with an old love. The Marc Jacobs Blake Shoulder Bag. Julia’s character carries it in the film. I turn to my DH and whispered to him. “I love that bag. Marc Jacobs. 995.” He growls and I can almost feel his eyes roll. I swear if there was AA for bag obsessives he would have me there weekly. It’s a good thing I can’t afford these loves.

    Watch the trailer and see it in motion.

    Check out the movie and see Clive in action!

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    Oh Honey!

    I made it to the gym yesterday so, yay me. Too bad I got a stitch in my side about 5 minutes into my run. UGH!! With the stitch and the fact that a skinny chickadee hopped up on each of the dreadmills on both sides of me, burning at triple my shuffling pace, I so wanted to trip them up and go home. But I didn’t. I’m such a freakin’ lady.
    No, I slogged my way through, stitch and all.
    Yay me again!

    And check this out. See I told you Anderson takes his Real Housewives of Atlanta verrrry seriously.

    Oh Honey! (listen closely)


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    Anderson Inspired

    What’s Jack up to? Jack’s hibernating under my bed right now and won’t come out without the promise of a treat. He so stubborn. Just calling doesn’t work. I don’t like Blackmail Jack.
    Right after saying I wasn’t inspired, I got a much needed smile and burst of energy from Anderson Cooper. I’m sure most of you know that I have been just a tad bit into this year’s presidential race. The final debate is tonight up against the finale of Project Runway. Can you believe that? What’s a girl to do? I’m actually taping PR because I’m even more into politics right now then pop culture. Eek! I must be sick.

    But marrying my tv love and politics fix, Anderson Cooper was filling in for Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday and if I didn’t think I could love Mr. Cooper any more he dropped a bomb on me and professed his love of Prince, even going so far as to steal a guitar pick from a hotel room also hanging out with Dave Chapelle and then here’s the best… are you ready? He watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta!

    Anderson, call me. The DVR is all set up and the Prosecco will be chilled.