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    Don’t Let His Good Looks Fool Ya!

    So Jack got the ultimate beauty treatment this weekend going from drab to fab with one haircut.

    So to celebrate he decided to be really bad and while the DH and I were out at bowling he somehow jumped his little butt up on the counter and pulled all the BBQ down eating chicken, ribs, & sausage. Pretty much ALL our dinner. Thanks, Jack, but that look won’t work, it’s the naughty chair for you!

    Jack groom c

    Jack groom b




    Happy New Week!


    All the best,


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    Fear is a four letter word

    What’s Jack up to? Well it’s been another exciting weekend with the Jackster. I tell you all that dog keeps us hoping. It seems no food is out of bounds as he somehow got to the peppers on the counter. So we’ll see how those go through his system. This should be interesting. And then on Saturday night I had a shock when going to the bathroom I flip on the light and find Jack for some reason just chilling in my bathtub! First of all gave me such a fright. Second of all, Ewww! Yeah me and Jack are having issues about right now.

    On another not Jack dog therapy related note I’ve got to get in serious writing gear. I’m getting way deep in the dear twins college search mode and about to get busy with guidance and the application process soon but I have to be careful not to let it totally derail my planned writing schedule. I know me, and the stress of the college process could easily override the urgency of the writing process and one totally needs the other if you know what I mean. But honestly the whole thing is enough to paralyze me with fear.

    Fear. What a terrible four letter word.



    I hope you have a fearless week this week.



    Image: The Scream by Evard Munch for more on Munch see Artsy.net here

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    No Sleeping In… It’s Monday Ya Know

    What’s Jack up to? Well I had plans to sleep in on this day off Monday for everyone in the house. But Sir Jack wasn’t having any of  that.  Bounding into the bedroom bright and early, his annoying little nails scratching on the wood floor and when that didn’t work he went to pushing for all his might against the bed. Groan.  I’d say he feels bad for waking me and the DH up, but with this look, somehow I don’t think so.

    Stay cool and I hope you got to sleep in today.



    P.S. A big, I mean HUGE, happy  birthday to my littlest brother, Semaj. There is a 19 year age difference between us and he’s way cooler than me so he’s probably not even reading ye’ old blog but I wanted to say a shout out to him and tell him how much I love him and he’ll always be my baby brother no matter how big he gets. This Hess truck goes out to him today.

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    Moody Blues

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been in a world and I do mean a world of trouble this weekend.  It’s like he knows we’re super busy so he’s reverted back to puppy pre-toddler stage and has been going, yes ,that kind of going all over my house. Just yesterday he whimpered at the DH and when he took a minute too long to jump up to take him out, Jack turn around in a huff and promptly peed of his foot. Bad dog, Jack.


    Thanks so much for all your kind words on the DD’s dance recital. She did a wonderful job. I was really so proud of her. Here are a few not quite clear (sorry) shots but they portray the itense mood of the night.


    Speaking of intense moods… It’s spring break here so I’ve got busy week with the teen twins at home.  Hmmm…



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    Winter in Paris

    What’s Jack up to? Oh that Jack is trying my last nerve. Yesterday after a workout with my new Shape Up sneakers I decided to reward myself with a nice bath before continuing with my chores and getting ready for the Dear Twins to come home. Well, I ran my bubble bath, closed the door just about all the way, and went about doing some things when I looked and saw Jack acting squirrely. Tossing and flipping like he was trying to dry himself. Well… sigh… that little stinker had jumped into my bath before I could. Can you believe it? I fixed him and a chased him down and gave him a bath for real. Don’t know what’s more work. One little dog or 16 year old twins.

    Yeah, I know, it’s the Teen Twins (but Jack is close). They returned home last night tired and happy to see us (Jack the most). Paris was a love, love, love even in the winter (they had a bit of snow). I’m so happy they are back safe and sound. What a joy for us to send them on this trip and to have them return to us.

    I will report more soon. Enjoy your day.

    Painting of Paris in the Winter by Antoine Blanchard


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    My Space- Check It Out

    What’s Jack up to? Mr. Jack has been just feeling hot lately. Being snippy and peppy. His most fun this week? Driving me crazy by getting into the trash whenever he can. We have one of those step-on cans that has a slow close lid that doesn’t just slam shut so it won’t take off a finger or make a ton of noise. Well, Jack is very aware of this and and just lays in wait for a person to throw away some food and then walk away while the lid is still closing so he can make his move. Yeah, Life with Jack is never dull.

    So what’s up with me? Well, my exciting news is I was featured over at one of my absolute favorite blogs yesterday The Musings of Ondo Lady! I’ve been a fan of Ronke and her cool British style since I first learned of the blog world and was honored when she interviewed me for one of her My Space pieces. Please stop by here and check it out. Thanks.

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    Oh Jack!

    What’s Jack up to? Jack has been such a trip lately. Sending us all on wild Jack chases.

    Running out of our yard to a neighbor’s yard on the street behind us just when we think he’s being good and proper. Not.

    Then it was the other day when I was ready to give him a bath and he decided to send me running in a circle after him. Well, I put a stop to that once I got in enough exercise to get winded. Plaeaze. Jack ended up hiding under the bed for an hour and me, well, I do have patience sometimes. I did finally get my man, um, dog as you can see here.

    Now here he is nice and fluffy and on his leash but still not too happy with me. Check out the evil eye. Humph! I’m not moved…much.


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    What’s Jack up to? That sneaky little Jack did a diet revolt and swiped my ham and cheese sandwich yesterday when my back was turned. Guess we know how he’s feeling about his food restriction.

    Hope your Wednesday is just Peachy!


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    Jack’s Easter

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is recuperating from his exciting Easter celebrations. What a day he had!

    While we were at church I had the foresight to move the plate of chocolates off the kitchen table but left the hard boiled eggs surely they were safe. Not.

    We get home a few hours later to terrible eggy smell. Jack had climbed on the table took a couple of eggs and, I kid you not, peeled them, and ate the eggs. He left the peelings on the couch. What is with that dog? I swear to you, one of the eggs he ate was the one I made for him that said “Good Dog” and had his little drawing. Jokes on me!

    Then on the way down to Harlem and Nana’s house “she just had to have him over for Easter.” He would not sit on my lap. Whining and crying. Would not stop. I wondered why.
    My DH said let him go.
    What? Why?
    Just let him go.

    Spoiled dog. This is why I can’t do a thing with him.
    Note. When he’s with me, he’s much more well behaved (sort of). I do not condone this bad behavior at all.

    At Nana’s he ate anything and everything. Knocked over suspicious drinks and lapped them up. Did the dog come home drunk off daiquiris? I don’t know. Just crazy. Well, Jack had quite a time.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I could gripe like crazy about all the mishaps with mine but why? I’ll save it for a rainy day. Or not.


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    Hello Lover 2- Fashion Amendment

    What’s Jack up to? Jack, the little Devil, has been a such sneak. Yesterday I watched, like in slow motion, as he ever so coolly lifted up on his hind legs and took a piece of chicken right off the edge of the DD’s plate and ran with it. I was just far enough away to not be able to catch him and he knew it. Grrr… Jack.

    So this is how my mind works. It’s the wacky little things that make me crazy. I was looking back on my blog and something about my Hello Lover post was just not right. I screwed up, but how? So I did some research and realized the top image is not a Birkin bag it’s a Kelly bag. Of course, I knew. Don’t ask me how I messed that up.

    See the straight edge flap and the one handle. That’s a Kelly. The Lover I’d cheat on my 1st Lover with or the other way around which ever $12,000 bag came first. Yeah right. Delusional much? So just to get it straight…

    This is a Kelly:

    This is a Birkin:

    Both are swoon worthy.

    Whew. Glad I got that fixed. Just in case The Hermes people are reading or someone needs a fashion editor on the fly.

    Now to my first love, the man I’d marry… Come to Mama!

    Boy this recession/depression has me dreaming big time. But I gotta go. Off to Target and Walmart for some reality shopping. Catch you all later.