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Moody Blues

What’s Jack up to? Jack has been in a world and I do mean a world of trouble this weekend.  It’s like he knows we’re super busy so he’s reverted back to puppy pre-toddler stage and has been going, yes ,that kind of going all over my house. Just yesterday he whimpered at the DH and when he took a minute too long to jump up to take him out, Jack turn around in a huff and promptly peed of his foot. Bad dog, Jack.


Thanks so much for all your kind words on the DD’s dance recital. She did a wonderful job. I was really so proud of her. Here are a few not quite clear (sorry) shots but they portray the itense mood of the night.


Speaking of intense moods… It’s spring break here so I’ve got busy week with the teen twins at home.  Hmmm…




  • Maria Geraci

    I adore wathcing dance. It’s my favorite artistic medium (besides writing of course).

    Jack sounds a bit like my Truffles. She thinks she rules the house. And sometimes she does!

  • Ina in Alaska

    Oh that Jack! Jeter is the same here. We have the doggy door but he needs to be kennelled or male wrapped when I am away because he is very stubborn and will mark in the house when I leave. I hate to do it but it is necessary. I already have to have the entire upstairs recarpeted due to one of my late dogs. Oh, life with dogs….. and teens! Beautiful pictures of the recital! Loved them! Enjoy Spring Break! At least your snow is melting or gone.. xoxo

  • Joyce

    Oh Kwana thank you so much for sharing the photos! Very cool. Your DD is beautiful!
    Jack, Jack don’t you know you will get more treats if you try to not to push the buttons?

    When Kelly was younger and would have accidents in the house most of the time it came out to be an infection. Not sure if this is the case just a thought…
    A trainer we had for our terrier pups, would teach us to either tie the leash to our belt buckle when busy and able to do, or give them a “settle” rug and with leash tied to a 10 lb weight this is(this so came in handy and just a bit of training with Kelly she always pushed the envelope-smile) when we were home and busy and unable to keep an eye on them. Don’t know if any of these helpful hints that worked for us could help you and the free spirit Jack. OK I need to walk away so I can smile and not egg Jack on. I so love his personality. He is a hoot. Have good spring break my friend. xo

  • Debra

    I love your dance photos! I see a couple of those nicely framed! Jack… hmmm-Pickle sometimes has a little accident too! She always feels badly after. In my case, I have usually ignored her just a bit too long! Enjoy your week-be sure to take some time for yourself!!!

  • deidra

    That dance looks beautiful! We saw Cirque de Soleil this weekend and it was fantastic, but it looks as if I’d have been just as happy to watch your daughter!

  • sula

    If she ever decides she’s interested in looking at BFA Dance programs, let me know. I work in the admissions dept of a university that has one. 🙂