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To Tempt Me

Thanks so much for all the comments on the DD’s dance yesterday and my little Jackster problem. I have to say we’re all still in recuperations mode here during Spring Break. It was a long dreary rainy day yesterday and more rain in in the forecast. I know that during this break my favorite here will be viewed. But will anyone stand up with me?

More clips to come during the week on this lazy spring break. What do you always turn to during a do nothing day?



  • Tina Steele Lindsey

    OK, don’t get me started on Mr. Darcy. I adore both versions of the movie, this one my fave, but the cinematography of the second is wonderful as well. Colin Firth did an amazing performance.

  • Maria

    Love, love, love Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth in this version. My husband groans at the mere sight of a clip, “No, we aren’t watching that thing again. It lasts forver.”

    No, it really doesn’t last long enough.

  • sula

    oh that is a perfect movie for a rainy day. mr. darcy. le sigh.

    when i have time on my hands, i like to cook. baking bread is my new hobby. nothing makes the house smell quite as nice. 🙂

  • Joyce

    I will keep this movie in mind for the rain we are supose to have latter this week,but for now it has been sunny.
    Hey Kwana, do you know how I can show my little PVE butterfly here? xo

  • kwana

    My DH is with yours Maria.

    Ina and Joyce I’m posting this tomorrow in case you don’t see it. Here is word from Jax on getting your Avatar pic up:
    As far as avatars: You and Ina should go to and register for free without setting up a blog. They give you that option. Once you’re in there, you should fill the profile with the gravatar. It should be easier when you login on the avatar front. 🙂

    I hope this helps.