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    You Must Allow Me To Tell You…

    So on Good Friday I had the great fortune of having a bunny hopping on by house and putting a little gift in my mailbox. Imagine my surprise when I found this lovely package from my friend Patricia of PVE Design!

    What a lovely scarf from Brookish on Etsy and  featuring one of my favorite speeches from Pride and Prejudice! How many times have I swooned over Darcy as he said these words? Too many to count that’s how many.

    And can we discuss Patricia’s cute little bunny sketch. How sweet is that? Head on over to Patricia’s blog to see more work from this fabulous artist. Thank you so much Patricia! I know I will wear it until I wear it out.


    But before you go, do you have a favorite romantic quote that you’d like to share? If so please do in the comments. Oh and don’t be and April Fool! Keep an eye out and have a great one!



    All the best,


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    Capital Capital

    The rain has continued and is now seeping into my basement. Instead of me weeping I will continue with my feeble attempts at mental escape from yesterday and offer this lovely clip. See you tomorrow for more.




    Word from Jax on comment profile pics for Ina and Joyce and others:
    As far as avatars: www.wordpress.com and register for free without setting up a blog. They give you that option. Once you’re in there, you should fill the profile with the gravatar. It should be easier when you login on the avatar front. 🙂

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    To Tempt Me

    Thanks so much for all the comments on the DD’s dance yesterday and my little Jackster problem. I have to say we’re all still in recuperations mode here during Spring Break. It was a long dreary rainy day yesterday and more rain in in the forecast. I know that during this break my favorite here will be viewed. But will anyone stand up with me?

    More clips to come during the week on this lazy spring break. What do you always turn to during a do nothing day?


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    Vex Therapy

    Yesterday was particularly vexing starting with stress and ending with a migraine. But I refuse to completely buckle under life’s woes. Honestly, I don’t have that luxury. I mean who really has room for a fainting couch anyway?

    So I decided to end the day by popping old faithful, Pride and Prejudice into the DVD player. A little Jane Austen with lovely Colin Firth is always good for the soul.

    But check out this wonderful tribute video that out found dedicated to Mr. Collins played so well by David Bamber one of the best characters evah!

    How do you deal when things get vexing?


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    Thank God it’s Friday?

    What’s Jack up to? I suspect he’s still miffed at me for sneaking him off to the vet yesterday. Sorry, Jack, but it the shots are required by law, I think?

    I can’t belive Friday has come so fast. For me it was too fast.
    One of the things on my to-do list this week was to carve out a more concrete space for myself. I have no real office space in my house. I tried the basement, but it felt like a dungeon to me and I ended up right back upstairs on my bed with piles upon piles by my bedside and the DH telling me it was a fire hazard.

    But this week I got these two slim shelves and hung my dry-erase idea board in the breakfast nook off the kitchen claiming it for myself. Cute huh?

    How soon before there are piles and piles all around? Gee, I hope not too soon.

    For other cool looks at work spaces head on over to my friend pve design’s blog. All week she’s been showing desk vignettes giving us peeks into other’s worlds. It’s fun.

    In honor of my new/old space and for some inspiration here’s one of my favorite clips from Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy how I love thee!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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    Flu Shot

    I’m still a bit out of sorts, but I think I’m on an upturn. Hooray! Not being able to read and make any sense of the words, I pulled out this sock that I seem to have been knitting for a year. Sigh…
    But, finally I’m turning the heel! I don’t think there is anything else in the world like turning the heel to make me feel so smart and so dumb at the same time. Always in the middle I swear I’m doing it wrong. I’m never confidant in what I’ve done until I’m halfway back down the foot. Wish me luck on my journey.

    Besides my knitting, I turned to my old standby of Pride and Prejudice to lift my spirits. Now I know it’s on PBS tonight, but I was in dire need of an afternoon fix. Is there anything better on a snowy winter’s day? I think not.