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    To The Extreme

    So the DH says I’m a little kooky but with two kids going off to college and the pressure mounting, I’m feeling the heat. So after watching the new TLC show Extreme Couponing I’m calling my new file system Stylishly Frugal.

    Besides I’m sure The Dh will rein me in right before I cross over into Crazy Town and start hoarding mustard. Now TP? Hey, he won’t be able to stop me there. That stuff goes fast! LOL.

    Ok that IS a lot of toilet paper even for my family!



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    Leave Em Hanging

    What’s Jack up to? Jack and I can’t get over the sudden warm weather. Um, there’s a season, it’s called Spring. Can we try that first? I mean wasn’t it just a few weeks ago and we were waist deep in snow? Jack and I hung on the front porch for quite a while until the beaming sun ran us inside but Jack did have fun guarding the house from the other side of the window.

     As for me the big upside of the warm weather was doing laundry early and getting  hung outside to dry. There’s nothing like sun dried laundry. One of the little joys of a nice warm day.


    Not a joy of laundry though? Folding and putting away. Yeah my life is sooo glamorous. How about yours?




    P.S. Thanks to Random.org The winner of the 2 Kids and a Dog giveaway is Christine! Congrats Christine. Please send me an email  at kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com with your mailing information to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone for playing.

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    And Featuring…

    What’s Jack up to? Nothing much besides being the Just Jackster lately and having quite a time with that. He had fun helping the DD with a photography project for school what got him plenty of bribe treats in order to keep still (which he never did do) so WIN for him.

    Happy Monday and Happy Columbus Day!
    This is probably one of the latest Julie and Julia posts ever but here goes. Many of you know that Julie and Julia was my last book group book and I was quite excited to read this book and even more excited to see the movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

    Well, I guess too excited because I did an off reversal thing that I really thought would work. I saw the movie before reading the book and as it happens, I LOVED the movie, maybe a little too much.

    The problem with that was the movie, for me, was adapted so differently from the book that it made the book hard to separate and enjoy and I think if I had read the book first, I would have enjoyed it more. Or if I read the book maybe a year prior and then read Julia’s MY LIFE IN FRANCE and had those to go on I would have had a different experience.
    That said, this is not really what this post is about. This post is about the other little star of the movie. You all know how I can get swayed by a good accessory. Don’t let a fine handbag cross the screen. Clive Owen can be bare chested and I will barely notice. Well, that fine accessory moment in Julie and Julia was the Le Creuset dutch oven moment. I instantly turned to the DH and whispered, half breathless, “look my pot”. He just sighed knowing the trouble ahead.

    I had been coveting one of these pots for years but just could not justify the purchase of one in my own mind even a discounted one (on sale) and I really didn’t want another brand. You know how it goes. Real or Canal Street knock off? I go for real every time.
    Well this weekend after countless trips to Home Goods and TJ Maxx the DH had had it with me and the anniversary had not quite worn off so I now have my very own pretty yellow dutch oven. (sorry it’s dark in the pics)

    The first meal: braised ox tail stew with onions, peppers and potatoes. A fave of the DH.

    I also got this great casserole and one-pot book for myself to go with it. Who knew I’d be so happy over a pot?

    Could I be sorta domesticated? Kinda?
    Um… Nah. I’m not getting crazy here.


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    Domestic Space Goddess

    What’s Jack up to? Jack is chilling as I write this. Wish I had time to chill like dear Jack. That’s okay. He’ll chill for me.

    I’m a woman being hurled though space and time with lots to say and not enough time to say it. It’s been all work, work, work and none of it fun.

    All this domestic stuff had me dreaming of pirates taking me away. No, not those kind but the sexy romantic sweep me away in tight breeches kind thank you very much.

    I mean, hey if I’m swabbing the deck there might as well be a nice treasure at the end of the deal. Sigh.

    Hey and did you all watch Part 1 of the Real Housewives of the NYC hot mess reunion special? I love it when the words come back to. They always do. Hello Camera! Ramona and her wildness. Kelly and the tears. There was so much Hot Messery that they need a part 2 next week.

    And then I couldn’t even go to bed because they put The Hot Messes of New Jersey on right after. What?! Teresa is going for a French chateau look in her marble, granite and onyx house and paying only in cash. I’m saying no more.

    Oh, Bravo how I love and hate you at the same time.


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    The Best Laid Plans

    I started out with the best of intentions, really, I did!

    Somewhere around 12:30 it all seemed to go downhill.

    Once I got all my junk off my way too cluttered dresser and onto my bed I made the mistake of dumping the bins from the floor that had been filled with other random piles of junk (from said dresser) onto the bed too.

    That’s when I realized my bin/pile method was not working and I needed a slim drawer system also a new jewelry system for all my baubles in random mini bins. Ugh!

    This suddenly called for a run to the store.
    4 stores and hours later I was left with nothing but the same messy pile on the bed and nothing but disappointment. So sad.

    Don’t you hate it when a plan doesn’t come together?

    Oh well, the joys of domestic life. Guess I’ll try again today…maybe.


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    Tackle It Tuesday

    I’ve been dying to post this photo and link it do 5minutes for mom for their Tackle it Tuesday projects and now Tuesday comes and I almost forget it. Bleh.
    It’s my linen/toiletry closet that should have been declared a disaster area about 9 months ago. It finally got to be too much when every time I opened it a tube of something would fallout and clonk me in the head.

    So I put on my big girl panties and cleared everything out of the closet. Here it is at stage 2.

    Then onto stage 3 after throwing out a huge trash bag of junk that was expired and perhaps deadly. Yay me! Project Tackled! Ah the simple joys of life…



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    Thank God it’s Friday?

    What’s Jack up to? I suspect he’s still miffed at me for sneaking him off to the vet yesterday. Sorry, Jack, but it the shots are required by law, I think?

    I can’t belive Friday has come so fast. For me it was too fast.
    One of the things on my to-do list this week was to carve out a more concrete space for myself. I have no real office space in my house. I tried the basement, but it felt like a dungeon to me and I ended up right back upstairs on my bed with piles upon piles by my bedside and the DH telling me it was a fire hazard.

    But this week I got these two slim shelves and hung my dry-erase idea board in the breakfast nook off the kitchen claiming it for myself. Cute huh?

    How soon before there are piles and piles all around? Gee, I hope not too soon.

    For other cool looks at work spaces head on over to my friend pve design’s blog. All week she’s been showing desk vignettes giving us peeks into other’s worlds. It’s fun.

    In honor of my new/old space and for some inspiration here’s one of my favorite clips from Pride and Prejudice. Oh, Mr. Darcy how I love thee!
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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    What’s Jack up to? He’s particularly frisky this morning. I think he’s over rainy days and short walks. Too bad he’s talking his frustrations out on Wolfie, his stuffed dog. Poor Wolfie shouldn’t be thrown around like that, Jack.

    I read the Other Boleyn Girl when it came out years ago. There was some buzz going around about the book and always one to be in on the buzz I picked it up. Now never have been one for the based on a true story fiction thing I wasn’t all that excited.

    That is until I started reading. I was hooked right from the first chapter. Pilippa Gregory wrote in such a smooth lyrical way that my mind was instantly taken away and I thought I was reading one of my favorite historical romances. For months I couldn’t stop recommending it to anyone who would listen.

    So how excited was I when I heard there was a movie coming out of the book? I’ve been salivating to see it since it came out what over a week or 2 ago! Every time I’d read another blog review I’d get a little mad that I had yet to see it.

    Well yesterday I found myself with a choice. I’d just come from the doctors ( again ) and I could:
    (a) clean the bathroom or
    (b) do some laundry or
    (c) open my newest manuscript and stare at the computer screen or
    (d) sneak away and see the 1:30 showing of The Other Boleyn Girl.

    D it was! A no brainer. I was in great need of an escape and for me there is no escape greater then the movies. I consider it therapy or Momapry.

    When I got to the theater 5 minutes before the show there was another woman going in. Petite with a blond page boy, turtleneck sweater and dark jeans. Clearly, another mom escaping. In the theater it was me, one older man, the blond mom and a mom/ grand ma combo. That’s it. 5 of us escaping life together for 2 hours.
    I really enjoyed the movie. Not one to quibble with historical inaccuracies I instantly suspended belief and let myself go on the rustic countryside and rich jeweled-toned costumes that literally had me drooling. They were delicious. I know the film has had mixed reviews but for me it was the perfect end to a pretty hectic week. And cheaper than a therapy session.

    So what’s your way to escape and put your cares aside.?Come on share. Consider it Momapry!


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    What’s Jack up to? Today he’s going nuts over the electrician who’s come to hang the new chandelier. Stop jumping on the man, Jack! He’s here to do a job not play with you. Sorry Mister.

    What makes a house a home? And why to man and women usually have such different ideas about it. After much prodding and finally me just going for it, I finally got a new chandelier. I love it. It’s simple enough to satisfy the DH who likes all things minimal and just ornate enough to make me feel like I’ve been decorating. It’s a far cry from the blue (yes,blue) and white pendant light that was there before.

    I’ve been putting quite a few little touches on the house this week. Hanging an old painting that I had in storage for years (jury is still out on it) and putting up a cool iron cross that I found for a steal (the DH jury is still out on that one).

    I’m happy though. We’ve been in our little cottage for 2 years now. It was time. There’s just something to little touches that change a house into a home.

    Now, onto the next project! Sorry DH.


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    Welcome to 1950

    I have to say a domestic goddess, I’m not. (See earlier post. The dust bunnies under my furniture even has, Jack sneezing).

    But this weekend I did something that was so domestic it made me smile and almost put on an apron.
    I got a crock-pot, well, a slow cooker since it’s not from Rival, but from Hamilton Beach. But I digress. I’d been thinking of buying one for quite a while. For he past year, I’d see them in Sears, or Tar-jay and stop, stare a bit then walk on by. “Come on, am I really gonna use that or is it going to be tossed in the ‘never will’ bin like my had-to-have-it basting set?”
    But recently a neighbor and knitting buddy of mine was telling me all about the wonders of a slow cooker. She said I just had to have one. She uses hers all the time. I was shocked. She’s an artist, from Australia, with a super cool haircut. Soooo not the Crock-pot type.
    Then got my new issue of Real Simple and once again I was assaulted with the virtues of the Crock-pot. That was it. A sign.

    On Saturday the DH and I were in Kmart and found ourselves (well, I found myself and called him over) in front of the slow cookers.
    I said: I had to get one.
    He looked at me and smirked.
    I said: what’s that for?
    He rolled his eyes. Obviously he was thinking of the basting set.
    I just shook my head, choose one and asked him to carry it to the check out, through clenched teeth.
    One look and my expression and the DH knew I would not be moved. He picked up the pot and went to check out.

    On Sunday, after searching the web for recipes and an afternoon trip to the grocery I came home make what I hoped would be life changing rosemary chicken with, potatoes, peas and onions. An hour later I realized why it’s called a slow cooker. The chicken was still pink and the DH was volunteering to go out for Chinese. Sigh.
    I scowled and he went back to the Giants game.
    After much hand wringing, stress knitting and 4 hours. It was done!

    I made plates for everyone and hovered as the DH and DS took their first bites (the DD was spared because she’d ate out earlier).

    Success! Seconds all around. The chicken was tender and moist and the potatoes cooked perfectly.

    Easy one pot cooking.
    And guess what’s for dinner tonight? Sorry DD. It’s a pretty big pot.

    Welcome to 1950, Kwana!