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    What’s Jack up to? He’s particularly frisky this morning. I think he’s over rainy days and short walks. Too bad he’s talking his frustrations out on Wolfie, his stuffed dog. Poor Wolfie shouldn’t be thrown around like that, Jack.

    I read the Other Boleyn Girl when it came out years ago. There was some buzz going around about the book and always one to be in on the buzz I picked it up. Now never have been one for the based on a true story fiction thing I wasn’t all that excited.

    That is until I started reading. I was hooked right from the first chapter. Pilippa Gregory wrote in such a smooth lyrical way that my mind was instantly taken away and I thought I was reading one of my favorite historical romances. For months I couldn’t stop recommending it to anyone who would listen.

    So how excited was I when I heard there was a movie coming out of the book? I’ve been salivating to see it since it came out what over a week or 2 ago! Every time I’d read another blog review I’d get a little mad that I had yet to see it.

    Well yesterday I found myself with a choice. I’d just come from the doctors ( again ) and I could:
    (a) clean the bathroom or
    (b) do some laundry or
    (c) open my newest manuscript and stare at the computer screen or
    (d) sneak away and see the 1:30 showing of The Other Boleyn Girl.

    D it was! A no brainer. I was in great need of an escape and for me there is no escape greater then the movies. I consider it therapy or Momapry.

    When I got to the theater 5 minutes before the show there was another woman going in. Petite with a blond page boy, turtleneck sweater and dark jeans. Clearly, another mom escaping. In the theater it was me, one older man, the blond mom and a mom/ grand ma combo. That’s it. 5 of us escaping life together for 2 hours.
    I really enjoyed the movie. Not one to quibble with historical inaccuracies I instantly suspended belief and let myself go on the rustic countryside and rich jeweled-toned costumes that literally had me drooling. They were delicious. I know the film has had mixed reviews but for me it was the perfect end to a pretty hectic week. And cheaper than a therapy session.

    So what’s your way to escape and put your cares aside.?Come on share. Consider it Momapry!