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Leave Em Hanging

What’s Jack up to? Jack and I can’t get over the sudden warm weather. Um, there’s a season, it’s called Spring. Can we try that first? I mean wasn’t it just a few weeks ago and we were waist deep in snow? Jack and I hung on the front porch for quite a while until the beaming sun ran us inside but Jack did have fun guarding the house from the other side of the window.

 As for me the big upside of the warm weather was doing laundry early and getting  hung outside to dry. There’s nothing like sun dried laundry. One of the little joys of a nice warm day.


Not a joy of laundry though? Folding and putting away. Yeah my life is sooo glamorous. How about yours?




P.S. Thanks to The winner of the 2 Kids and a Dog giveaway is Christine! Congrats Christine. Please send me an email  at kwanawrites (at) yahoo (dot) com with your mailing information to claim your prizes. Thanks to everyone for playing.


  • Ina in Alaska

    Your laundry post reminded me of an incident a few years ago at my mom’s house in Brielle NJ. I had hung my beach towel on her outdoor line and was retrieving it to take to the beach (Manasquan) when the biggest, scariest, ugliest thing with long legs and wings the size of my hand flew out at me FROM THE LINE. I screamed, dropped the towel and never hung anything from the line ever again. I think it was hidden in the bag with the clothespins. EEK!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    I like the drying outside idea except when the pollen is flying and my allergies take over. And your life is glamorous! You are a laundry goddess and diva momma.

  • Debra

    I love your clothes line image. I’m with you on the putting things away. I don’t mind doing the laundry and folding it-but it’s putting it all away. My DH says it’s becuase I have to line up everything to perfection… he’s probably right.
    Yesterday’s weather was like summer here in Maine-for you too I guess. Today it’s cloudy and much cooler.

  • pve

    I love having freshly laundered clothes so I really cannot complain about the laundry- but it can be never-ending. At the grocery today, a woman I know commented on feeding my teen boys to which I replied, Never-ending bottomless pits, in a good way. (sort of like the laundry basket I reckon!) 🙂

  • Christine

    How cool that I won your 2 Kids and a Dog giveaway. What a fun family! Thank you!!! 😀

    I think we’ll be getting our spring back tomorrow, Kwana. These last couple of days were way too hot for April. Or for me. LOL.

  • Colleen

    That photo is really beautiful! I get the laundry thing – I am a little obsessive compulsive about the laundry, but putting it away? Not so much! Lots of piles…

  • kwana

    Congrats again Christine!

    Ina scary story.

    I’m glad you all like the pic. Not mine though googled laundry on the line.

  • Joyce

    Lucky you! I love the memories of fresh sheets being hung out to dry growing up. In our neck of the woods peeps don’t do this anymore- I wish they did i would be the first. xo