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For Reals?

Are you kidding me? Friday already? Seriously I feel like I just woke up from the non-break Spring break on Thursday. This is a problem.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with agent, Donald Maass. Now before all you writers out there go and get all jealous and what not…don’t. He was only on my iPod. I downloaded his Fire In Fiction workshop from last year’s RWA conference. ‘Cause I do want to have fire in my fiction. Here Fire is good. Let me say the workshop was great. I took pages and pages of notes and had quite a few aha moments about my story and characters which is a total win.

That said, I still love this video I found on youtube about The Writing Process. So me after comments from my lovely critique partners.




Here is my tweet from last night’s Real Housewives of NY:

“This was the nuttiest #rhony ev-ah. Jill has been taken over by the pod people aka The Countess.”

Did you watch? What do you think?


  • deidra

    Wow! This week flew by for me, too. Lots of projects at work (my real work that pays me money) and lots of projects around my house (fun work that pays me satisfaction). And here we are staring down the weekend. I’m catching up on my blog reading and loved your Wordless Wednesday post. I just had to stop and stare and breathe.

    Kwana, have a fantastic weekend!

  • Ina in Alaska

    I think the cast members of the Real HW series should change every 2 years. The fighting seems to escalate with each season.. Tired of it. And this year I like cast members that I did not like last year! And what is with Luann driving back and forth all the time from way out in the Hamptons? Wasn’t her settlement large enough to afford her an apt in NYC or… heavens…. Brooklyn????

  • Maria

    I think they’re told to do all of this fighting/creating drama on Real Housewives. I still can’t believe my favorite Atlanta Housewife was cut before the last season because she didn’t get caught up in all of the drama.

  • Colleen

    For real – I am SO glad it is Friday – feel like I would not make another day. In fact, dozed off for a few minutes watching RHONYC. I am so disappointed in Jill – and to think I used to think that she was the “normal” one. You are absolutely right, it must be the pod people… Wishing you a good weekend!

  • Lynette

    The only housewife show I still try to watch is the Atlanta one. And I agree that they should change every two years or so.

    I’m going to have to break out my 2009 conference CD’s. I can’t believe I haven’t listened to any of them yet!