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    BEA Afterburn

    So as I write this Book Expo BEA12 little mini wrap I’m sitting with a heating pad wrapped around my neck. I tell you nothing can prepare you for a day of walking up and down the length and width of the Javits center with your purse slung across your body and then being offered advanced reading copies of books, glorious, books! For a confirmed bookie like me it’s just too hard to pass them up hence the heating pad today.


    Check out my haul!


    I also had a couple of celebrity spottings while there for my quickie day. The very first book I got when I hit the floor was arguably (?) the most controversial cookbook ever from Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, Fabulicious! Her peeps were handing out her book and she was signing and taking pics as she had with the previous book the year before. The funny thing is I was just on twitter the night before having a RHONJ talk and she came up. So when I got up to her I told her I had been twitter chatting about her and told some people that I thought she was not like you see on TV in person and I found to be warm and lovely. Well, she turns to me (IMO very sincerely) and says, “Really you said that about me and you met me last year? Thank you. Thank you so much for that. “ Then she puts out her hand to shake mine. It was sweet. Now, I know it’s all still a hot mess over in Bravo Jersey but, Tre was once again ok with me. Sidebar: I really need to learn to pose better. Ugh.


    My next great sighting was with the fantastic bestselling romance author, Brenda Jackson who was signing at the Harlequin booth. When she asked who should she sign her book to I told her, my mother, since my mother will probably steal it anyway so why should I fight at anymore? She laughed and another woman laughed behind me at my funny story. I then heard this woman say to her, “Can I take a picture with you to put it on my Facebook page?” I sort of knew the voice so turned around. It was Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court! I think she was at BEA signing her book on marriage. But how much do I love that she’s a romance fan too? Hmm wonder if she’ll read my book when it comes out in September? Well, me not being shy, asked to get a pic of the two of them and if I could post it here. Aren’t they cute?


    All in all I had the best time! I also scored an ARC of 50 Shames of Earl Gray the 50 Shades parody by Fanny Merkin aka Andrew Shaffer. I was so lucky to get this book because Andrew’s line, as in all things 50, was off the chain crazy.  Makes me think I’ve got to get on that 60 Shades of Jack calendar as previewed on my Pinterest. LOL.

    And I got to hang with Katiebabs and Stacy (Love Love Stacy for being all organized and a pre-plannerly, yay for friends like these). Then made a new bud in, Marnie so score there.


    All in all a great day, minus the shoulder pain, of course.  Time to get reading.







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    And Just When I Was Getting Bored…

    The Real Housewives of NJ premiered last night with a whole lotta hot mess to snap me out of my TV coma.

    Oh my, did you watch? I never thought Teresa could come out looking good but to me she’s a princess compared to that sister in law of hers, Melissa and her sister Lysa. What trouble those two are and that brother Joe, oy!

    I commend Teresa for walking away from the fight but as for her husband Juicy Joe, how could he walk away after his wife was called garbage? This is going to be some Klassy season. Yikes.



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    And then there was Phea

    It’s been way too long but let’s go for it. Are you watching The Not So Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills? I know I have not been posting about them but if you follow me on twitter you know I’m watching though watching twice a week is a bit much for me. Most of my enthusiasm is reserved for the Hot Mess of ATL. Beverly is fun but so much money that I can only afford to laugh from a vary far afar.

    I have to say after last season’s theatrics, I’m back in love with my girl NeNe. I’m feeling so bad for all she’s going through this season with down in the basement hubs, Greg and that son of hers. What a mess and now the baby news of his and to top it off she has the new guy Peter trying to be all Simon like and become and extra housewife on her back. It’s so not working.

    But my love to hate fave is Phaedra. Have you ever? Phaedra with her inconvenient baby (or Brabry as Dwight says) and hottie “clean”  hubby.  She is all kinds of good TV there. What a pick. Mmm Mmmm Good. Now let’s do another awkward photo shoot Apollo shall we?

    So are you watching?



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    The Counseling w/ Marley Gibson

    Today I’m happy to once again have my friend, Marley Gibson here on ye old blog to talk about her newest book in her Ghost Huntress Series: THE COUNSELING

    Hi Marley I’m so happy to have you back on the blog to talk about another installment of your popular YA series Ghost Huntress. Tell us about it.

    What makes this world so exciting for you?

    I love Kendall’s world because I am master of all I survey…bwah ha ha ha!! Seriously…I like creating this setting with her friends, parents, etc., because we all know that how and where we grow up in our formative years really shapes us forever as a person. I wanted Kendall to be surrounded by support and love even though she’s going through a really touch time with her psychic awakening and all it has brought into her life. Besides, growing up int he South, I feel I know how to make a Southern town come alive with its quirky characters, oddities, and traditions

    Where do you get your ideas? I know you sometimes go on ghost hunts something I’d never do. I’d be way too scared. I believe there are ghosts among us I just don’t what to have any sit downs if you know what I mean.

    I get ideas from a variety of places – 1) mostly my warped imagination that likes to question and “what if” everything around me, 2) my even more warped dreams which are enhanced by the stomach medication I take at night with the side effect “vivid dreams, 3) listening in on other people’s conversations all the time, 4) things that happen to me or friends on ghost hunting adventures. I like to try and work in the realism of actual ghost hunts into the stories and often times, I will put in EVPs or details about things that we encounter at an allegedly haunted location. Come on, Kwana…go ghost hunting with me!

    Not me Mar! I’m totally afraid of Ghosts!! So what’s next for you?

    Well…GHOST HUNTRESS book 5, THE DISCOVERY comes out in May 2011. This will pick up where THE COUNSELING left off. I’m hoping that my amazing publisher will want more books in the series. In the meantime, I have several projects I’m working on, including the final edits on CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, which is the sequel to my CHRISTMAS MIRACLES that came out last year. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT will be out in October 2011. Other than that, just keeping busy with promotion, blogging, doing conferences and signings and traveling all over the US in my RV.

    Thanks so much Marley. It’s always fun to have you here.  See you on the road!

    Folks you can find more ghostly fun with Marley by going over to Books, Boys, Buzz and win prizes here all this week – http://yawriters.blogspot.com/and at Marley’s website at http://marleygibson.com/2010/08/28/awesome-giveaway-for-ghost-huntress-the-counseling/ – for contest, giveaway and prize package running through September 15th.



    Who watched the not so Real Housewives of NJ Reunion show? WOW Whee what a hot mess. Poor Andy. I hope he got a bonus for getting knocked around like that. My mouth was hanging open.

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    I said I wouldn’t do it…

    And I did… Sigh. I just couldn’t quit you Not So Real Housewives and now I’m in DC.

    What I’m I doing there when I said I would not go because of them…


    And now they are even in a tiff with her..Huh?


    Nutty you watch and see..

    Makes my life seem almost sane. Hmmm….Maybe that’s why I watch.

    Happy Friday,



    P.S. Don’t forget about my other home Becoming True Me to see what I’m up to over there. Just click here or My feet over to your right.

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    Paris Taught Me That

    Deep Breath… In. Out. In. Out. Whew. For some reason I feel like I need to catch my breath as I type this.  Though there is nothing all that exciting to report life seems a bit whirlwind and go go go. Or maybe it’s just time that’s going too fast and I feel like I’m running to catch up. Either way it’s already July 15 and that is quite shocking to me. But the good thing about it being July 15 is that the new Droid X is out today and I can finally see it in the non-flesh and get that (cut to me holding my fingers about an inch apart) much closer to ending my new phone torture. Whee!!

    Then I can be like Danielle from the New Jersey Housewives and pretend to talk on the phone to $iss people off. “Paris Hilton Taught me that.”  Ya know.



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    Money Can’t Buy You Class

    Well that’s for sure as this year’s season of the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC has proved. But don’t take it from me just listen to Countess Luanne, at least I think that’s Luanne in this video (it’s a little hard to tell). And the late 70’s early 80’s talkie sing is a Wow.

    Will you all be watching the season finale tonight? I will and the Andy after. Go team Bethanny. Yes, I’m 40 and on a team. Sooo not mature. Don’t judge. Please.



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    BEA Day and no Table Flipping

    What’s Jack up to? Jack, like me, is trying to get over this heat. I mean come on 92 in New York in May. It’s just not cute people. Not cute at all.

    Yesterday was such a fun and tiring day. It was BEA Day! That’s Book Expo America at the Javits Center which is way over in the boonies of 11th avenue of Manhattan where you are essentially captive, have to have overpriced food and drinks, breathe recycled air and walk miles in a big glass cube.

    But I was saved for the ride down from Freshchester by the kindness of a friend. Thanks so much Ellen. I’ll travel with you anytime!


    Once there I met up with my PIC Megan and I got to meet new friend author Victoria Janssen.


    We also hung with the great and all book knowing Stacy.


    And there was Chris and her friend Tina from Germany. Why didn’t I get a pic? Very sad. Good to see you Chris!

    And then Diana. Hooray! So happy to get Ascendant the much anticipated follow up to Rampant.

    I was, as usual, without restraint and have come home with too many books, but lots I’m happy to say are young adult that the Dear Twins can enjoy too. But I also got alot at the fab Harlequin booth from Brenda Jackson and Gwynne Forster and Rochelle Alers. At RWA I got to see Cathy Maxwell again who is just so nice and was wonderful on the romance panel.

    No spotting of the Duchess Fergie for me. I think her event was ticketed so I missed that crowd but see from the news it was some event.

    I was just about heading out the door vowing, “no more books!” when I saw a huge line and had to ask who it was. Well, my super blog friends it was none other than Teresa from The Real Housewives of New Jersey! And she was signing her book Skinny Italian! You know I wasn’t leaving without that book and meeting the famous table flipping Teresa.

     Let me just say her line was so long but she was gracious and had a smile for each person and signed every book. Then when I went and asked for an additional book for my super fan and knit friend Eileen she was only too happy to give me another one for her. So sweet and the book is beautiful.


    Great way to end the day!



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    For Reals?

    Are you kidding me? Friday already? Seriously I feel like I just woke up from the non-break Spring break on Thursday. This is a problem.

    Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with agent, Donald Maass. Now before all you writers out there go and get all jealous and what not…don’t. He was only on my iPod. I downloaded his Fire In Fiction workshop from last year’s RWA conference. ‘Cause I do want to have fire in my fiction. Here Fire is good. Let me say the workshop was great. I took pages and pages of notes and had quite a few aha moments about my story and characters which is a total win.

    That said, I still love this video I found on youtube about The Writing Process. So me after comments from my lovely critique partners.




    Here is my tweet from last night’s Real Housewives of NY:

    “This was the nuttiest #rhony ev-ah. Jill has been taken over by the pod people aka The Countess.”

    Did you watch? What do you think?