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Money Can’t Buy You Class

Well that’s for sure as this year’s season of the Not So Real Housewives of the NYC has proved. But don’t take it from me just listen to Countess Luanne, at least I think that’s Luanne in this video (it’s a little hard to tell). And the late 70’s early 80’s talkie sing is a Wow.

Will you all be watching the season finale tonight? I will and the Andy after. Go team Bethanny. Yes, I’m 40 and on a team. Sooo not mature. Don’t judge. Please.




  • Ina in Alaska

    Oh yes I will not miss it. This season I liked different NYC wives. Last year I enjoyed Jill but this year she was a nut case and very immature with her Bethany feud.

    Luanne = no class. And that man she dated a few shows ago: YUCK!

    I am enjoying Ramona, Bethany, Alex and Kelly. I like Sonja. But overall, from the viewpoint of an ex-NJ and now-Alaskan, their issues are so ridiculous!!

    Now, regarding the RHNJ- hopefully this will be the last season for Danielle. She is a major mess! xoxox