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BEA Afterburn

So as I write this Book Expo BEA12 little mini wrap I’m sitting with a heating pad wrapped around my neck. I tell you nothing can prepare you for a day of walking up and down the length and width of the Javits center with your purse slung across your body and then being offered advanced reading copies of books, glorious, books! For a confirmed bookie like me it’s just too hard to pass them up hence the heating pad today.


Check out my haul!


I also had a couple of celebrity spottings while there for my quickie day. The very first book I got when I hit the floor was arguably (?) the most controversial cookbook ever from Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, Fabulicious! Her peeps were handing out her book and she was signing and taking pics as she had with the previous book the year before. The funny thing is I was just on twitter the night before having a RHONJ talk and she came up. So when I got up to her I told her I had been twitter chatting about her and told some people that I thought she was not like you see on TV in person and I found to be warm and lovely. Well, she turns to me (IMO very sincerely) and says, “Really you said that about me and you met me last year? Thank you. Thank you so much for that. “ Then she puts out her hand to shake mine. It was sweet. Now, I know it’s all still a hot mess over in Bravo Jersey but, Tre was once again ok with me. Sidebar: I really need to learn to pose better. Ugh.


My next great sighting was with the fantastic bestselling romance author, Brenda Jackson who was signing at the Harlequin booth. When she asked who should she sign her book to I told her, my mother, since my mother will probably steal it anyway so why should I fight at anymore? She laughed and another woman laughed behind me at my funny story. I then heard this woman say to her, “Can I take a picture with you to put it on my Facebook page?” I sort of knew the voice so turned around. It was Judge Lynn Toler from Divorce Court! I think she was at BEA signing her book on marriage. But how much do I love that she’s a romance fan too? Hmm wonder if she’ll read my book when it comes out in September? Well, me not being shy, asked to get a pic of the two of them and if I could post it here. Aren’t they cute?


All in all I had the best time! I also scored an ARC of 50 Shames of Earl Gray the 50 Shades parody by Fanny Merkin aka Andrew Shaffer. I was so lucky to get this book because Andrew’s line, as in all things 50, was off the chain crazy.  Makes me think I’ve got to get on that 60 Shades of Jack calendar as previewed on my Pinterest. LOL.

And I got to hang with Katiebabs and Stacy (Love Love Stacy for being all organized and a pre-plannerly, yay for friends like these). Then made a new bud in, Marnie so score there.


All in all a great day, minus the shoulder pain, of course.  Time to get reading.