Reality tv

I said I wouldn’t do it…

And I did… Sigh. I just couldn’t quit you Not So Real Housewives and now I’m in DC.

What I’m I doing there when I said I would not go because of them…


And now they are even in a tiff with her..Huh?


Nutty you watch and see..

Makes my life seem almost sane. Hmmm….Maybe that’s why I watch.

Happy Friday,



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  • Kathy

    Oh my I haven’t watched it! We are like crack addicts with TV again. Its been a long 2 years without American TV we have unpacked boxes watching TLC cake boss, say yes to the dress, DC cupcakes the list goes on! I’m sure soon I’ll be hooked on the Housewives shows they look like a hot mess! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Ina in Alaska

    Ron and I watched Episode 1 last night. He commented, “we are hooked on Bravo TV”. This is a 65 year old lawyer speaking! anyway, Michaela and her husband are DISGUSTING and phony to boot….and Cat (Kat?) is not high on my list either. Go Whoopie! Those White House party crashers belong in jail. These DC women are total bitches. Except I like the realtor and maybe Mary. will wait and see.

    I liked the season finale of Bethenny Getting Married. The last scene was sweet. I noted during her baby shower that Jill and Kelly did not attend….

  • Chudney DeFreitas-Thomas

    I watched part of this and then wondered why I did. Honestly all the name dropping and picture showing turned me off. Let me just say The Michaele or whatever her name is and the entire audience would have known if Whoopie actually hit her. What some people will do for publicity. Will not be watching anymore of this.

  • annechovie

    I saw part of the first episode…more mindless tension and drama, but heck, it’s entertaining when you’re too tired to do or watch anything productive or stimulating. LOL xx

  • ArchitectDesign

    I watch the view faithfully everyday and just LOVE Whoops – especially when she put this byotch in her place! I won’t be watching the housewives but I WILL be watching the view and hope they keep commenting on it!